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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Future Profits of AH Gaming- Diablo III

Well folks, it has been announced. Within the Auction House of Diablo III, you will be able to buy and sell items with real world gold. Yup. Greenbacks. Or maybe better said Blizzard Cash.....

A recent blue post on the new series of Diablo games states that.....well, check it out yourself:

Here's a few excerpts that caught my eye:

Can players choose to get cash from currency-based auction house sales, instead of having the proceeds deposited into their account?
Yes, as an advanced feature, players will have the option of attaching an account with an approved third-party payment service to their account. Once this has been completed, proceeds from the sale of items in the currency-based auction house can be deposited into their third-party payment service account. “Cashing out” would then be handled through the third-party payment service. Note that this process will be subject to applicable fees charged by Blizzard and the third-party payment service. Also, any proceeds from the sale of items in the currency-based auction house that have been deposited into the account will not be transferrable to the third-party payment service account. Not all regions will support this advanced feature at launch. Region-specific details, as well as details regarding which third-party payment services will be supported and the fee that Blizzard will charge for the cash-out process, will all be provided at a later date.

Why would I want to pay real money to buy or sell in-game items?
Acquiring items has always been a core part of the Diablo series' appeal. With the previous Diablo games, many players have shown a great interest in buying, selling, or exchanging items for their characters using real-world currency, turning to potentially unsafe avenues to accomplish this goal. The currency-based version of the auction house provides players with an easy-to-use, Blizzard-sanctioned way to collect money for items obtained while playing Diablo III. In addition, it helps protect players from scams and disreputable third-party sites by providing a secure, in-game method to search for and purchase items posted by other players that are a perfect fit for their character and play style. 
The currency-based auction house is completely optional. Players who aren't interested in paying real money for items will still be able to rely on items they acquire through their own adventures, and they'll also be able to trade with friends and use the full-featured gold-based auction house.

What’s Blizzard’s cut?
As with other online auction sites and real-world auction houses, our fee structure will vary by region. However, we plan to collect a nominal fixed transaction fee for each item listed in the auction house. This fee consists of a fixed charge to list the item, which is assessed whether or not the item is successfully sold, and an additional fixed charge that is assessed only if the item is sold. The listing portion of the fee, which helps encourage sensible listing prices and discourage the mass posting of items that are very low quality or would be of little interest to other players, will be waived for a limited number of transactions per account. For players who opt to have the proceeds of their auction house sales go to their third-party payment service account instead of to their account, Blizzard will collect a separate “cash-out” fee. Specific details regarding these fees will be announced at a later date.

Can we buy gold from the currency-based auction house?
Players will be able to buy and sell gold through the currency-based auction house at whatever the current market price is, as established by the player community.

To read more on this, chickity check it out yourself: Diablo III- Auction House FAQ's.

Is this gonna kill the game before it has a chance to thrive? Are folks going to be camping the AH worse than in WoW? Or even more importantly, are you going to have to search out 500 Diablo "gold" blogs?

Or is it the death of blogs? No more WoW posts, Diablo III posts incoming?

Hmmm.....China prisons are gonna get pretty busy....along with every other gamer looking to make a few extra bucks.

What do ya'll think?


Cold said... Reply To This Comment

Wondering how profitable this will be. Will it be profitable for casual players or only the kids with lots of time on their hands? Lost your job? Unemployed? Log into Diablo 3 Today!

Ven said... Reply To This Comment

Man you beat me to this I was thinking in posting a post on this subject.

Greed is my only opinion, money is now all that bliz is seeing, why try to end RMT and all sorts of parallel business of the black market in games, if you can get profit instead. Don´t forgetting the AH cut and all sorts of cuts in all kinds of operations.

I predict noting good in this.

But this brings also other possibilities, like for example the actual possibility of making real money from a game.

Who knows if you became able to dominate the AH, you might actually make a living and plenty of money from a game.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I don't get why people are whining about Blizzard having money on their minds...? It's a damn company and not the Salvation Army!
I'm curious about the implementation and how tedious it may be without any addons, as those aren't supported as of now.


Backthief said... Reply To This Comment

I Will be installing Diablo 2 and get into Diablo 3 beta ASAP to get to understand the game again. I believe the way farming/crafting will work in Diablo will be 100% different from WoW, much more difficult (i mean, more "grindy"). Remember this is not a MMO, so we don´t know if we will be able to reach 1000 ou 10.000.000 people.

Will there be AH Specific region? More grind, since u will need high level charcaters in multiples servers/accounts.

Markco said... Reply To This Comment

Hey Alto, I already started a blog on this!!! Great article bud, here's my new blog if you want to check it out: Diablo Gold Guide.

I am predicting that all the problems players have in wow are going to be repeated in Diablo III.

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