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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Season 10- Making Gold Now!

Hey folks!

Good news and bad news for the PvP folks out there. Did you turn in your Conquest points for the i365 gear? If so, you just got "punked" as Azuriel would say. They covered a great post on the changes, take a few moments and click over to read it: OT- Welcome to the C Team.

With that aside, are you once again clammoring (is that even a word?) to get your enchants, leg armor, gems and the like posted and ready for sale? Most folks haven't stopped selling them, in fact, I know for a fact that a few people must have run out by now, as the sales on everything "enchant" has been amazing (as expected).

But now, with all the PvP'ers grabbing up new gear(s), there is that much more of a need for us to sell off our stock. I do want you to remember that although you are selling a ton of mats/stock, YOU STILL NEED TO RESTOCK.

Reinvest all that coin that you are making, and continue to bank. If you don't, someone else will. If your stock is running low anywhere, don't fret, sell till you have nothing. Ore prices will drop again, enchanting mats will hit their pricepoint (due to all the D/E'ing folks that just sell mats and don't enchant themselves). You may see a "creeping" of enchant mats though, once again, don't fret. They will subside and you will be snatching them up at normal prices, just be patient....

Now this post may seem somewhat generic, but if you slacked on posting lately since the patch, get your guns back up and show your face in the Auction House and getcha sum sales!


Martz said... Reply To This Comment

Now I don't know if this is just how my AH is on Tuesday's or not but our back down to pre-4.2 prices if not LESS than they were. Now with the gold I have, I've been buying and re-selling but yet people are still posting Hypnotic Dust for 2.50g/per. Either they are gold farmers or incredibly stupid. Scrolls are the same way. We'll see what happens though.

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