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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Overthinking Profits - Giving your AH a KiSS!

Hey folks! Back with a vengeance! Well, not really...

I was working on a post about the highs and lows of the Auction House when something hit me. What does it take to be successful in the Auction House game? Quick thinking, or better yet, NOT overthinking.

There is a saying out there that I learned from my boxing coach back in the day. KISS- Keep it Simple Stupid. It's one of life's great sayings. Now I can't give Roddy (Coach Rodriguez) all the credit, as I am sure he didn't invent the saying, but he sure as hell beat it into us during training.

Ever hear boxers "kiss"? Well, it's more like a "ssssss", but that's what most people hear. I hear a "kiss, kiss, kiss" when I see them shadowbox, or even fight in the ring. I really think more folks do this than just my Coach. Where are you going with this Alto?

Where I am going is when we would miss a round, get caught with a "counter" or swing "pitty pats", Roddy would make us spar for ten minutes straight (it doesn't sound tough, but try it sometime, it's a bitch!) and on every punch we would have to "kiss". Or hiss. Or sssss. Really, by the end of the 10 it was more like s.

I am sure you are bored by now, but that saying holds true, even more than you could ever know. Keep it Simple. Don't Overthink.

Let's relate this to WoW. I have been talking back and forth with one of my loyal readers over some time now. One of the issues that he had is running out of stock...Inferno Rubies. We all know they have been selling crazy, and unless you had a few rows stacked up in your AH, you are probably flush out of em (or running low). My advice?

Make it a habit to restock upon selling materials. Everyday that you are logged in, check your markets. One of the best ways to do this is through a "shopping list" (1) via Auctionator:

It's easy, just click the (2) "Search for all items" and you will get a quick birds eye view (3) of your mats (The screenie is mainly for my herbs/ore, but I think you get the picture).

Still not reformed on this process? Want another story? Okay.....

Let's go back to the Inferno Rubies. If you are running out of stock, what do you do? Just say fuck it and go without? Here's my thinking:

Pyrite Ore will give you one Inferno Ruby per stack and a half after prospecting (this is an average over nearly thousands of stacks). If Inferno Rubies are sitting at 150g, then, in all reality, a stack of Pyrite Ore has a floor price of 100g (if only factoring Inferno's), right? Everything else is profit. See what I did there? I have talked about this way of thinking many times in the past, and it's a great way to get on the goldmaking mindset. Isn't it?


Bobbins said... Reply To This Comment

Elementium ore gives an inferno every six stacks are you thinking of pyrite ore?

Martz said... Reply To This Comment

I never thought of the math like that. I normally sell mine 5 at a time but with about 3 of the 5 selling cuts I have for them as well. It's funny how I was JUST thinking about this last night when I bought about 200 stacks. So as long as I sell Raw/Cuts for price I bought the ore, I won't lose any money

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

What's worse than overthinking is underthinking. Prospecting Elementium Ore does not reward one Inferno Ruby per stack and a half, it rewards one superior quality gem per stack and a half. There are six possible colors of gems, so in reality, an Inferno Ruby is gotten once every nine stacks. If they are selling for 150g, the floor would really be 16g.

Fex said... Reply To This Comment

how do you get to 1 inferno ruby per 30 ore?

I'm getting about 1.1 rare gem and 4.6 uncommon gem per 20 ore's but they're all different in colour. Even counting transmutes, i'm still no where near 1 ruby per 30 ore's.

And thats based on well over 90.000 prospects of elementium ore, according to prospect me.

According to my calculations its closer to 1 ruby per 90 ore. As in 1 per 4.5 stack. So i'd like to get some insigth in how you arrived at those numbers

scottiegazelle said... Reply To This Comment

Only one note: with your base price for elemetium ore, you forgot to factor in the cost of heartblossom. Mine is running around 6-10g ea, so 18-30g, making the base price for elementium closer to 40g.

I tend to log out of my ah toon in front of the auction, so I log in, post whatever is in my bags, buy what I need, run to the mailbox, mail my new mats to my alts, grab whatever has expired, then relist.

I have a base price for my crafting mats that my snatchlist is on, so I tend to craft from it, buying more expensive mats only as needed (but rarely, since I usually have them in stock).

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Ummm. isn't the drop rate of Inferno Ruby from prospecting Elementium Ore about 4% PER PROSPECT(from wowwiki and persoanl experiences), which would equate to one Inferno Ruby every 25 prospect = 125 Ores(just over 6 Stacks)?

This would put the floor price of Elementium Ore to 24Gold per stack. This also assumes IR AH worth to be 150g. On our server IR sells for around 100g(so floor price of 16g!)and EO price hovers around 40g and only very occasionally get under 35g per stack. I have to work real hard to make greens, de, vendor, ah raw and cut gems to try to make a profit. :((

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Ya'll are correct. I am WAAAAY off. I deserve the tongue lashing. I wrote this post very early and went to work. Not an excuse by any means, but a huge error. Blah.

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