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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Once again, Alto's Updating the AH - EU Servers

Just finished up the updated version of my Auction House/Coaching guide for all you EU players. And for the next 12 hours, I am giving a special discount to you folks (you will see the new price in the "add to cart" checkout page).

Now if you aren't one to buy guides, I understand. I was the same way. I thought that I could learn the AH myself. I did. Although I have been playing the AH for around 7 years and still learning....figure that one. 7 years, 16 bucks a month, over 1300 bucks? Really? Wow. Didn't realize that one....anyways, don't wait that long. Use my experience and things I have learned to your advantage for less than it costs to play one month of WoW......If you are struggling, and you want a great guide at a great price, look no further.

If you aren't a buyer, no biggie, my blog is and always will be free and full of great info for your AH needs, and just pass over this post. I won't hate you, it's all good! =) Back to the guide.....

The guide is now sitting near 32 pages of consise, confined information that will help you "fighting or friending" your AH competition. Those that have purchased my guide have had nothing but great accolades for it's information. Ready to hear a few?
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Just saying thanks for making a gold guide to the caliber that you had made yours. Normally I'm not one to buy guides for WoW but reading your blog made me realize you were pretty legit when it comes to gold making

“Id also like to update you that i have gone from 30k to 66k since buying your guide, and actually made 10k in one morning and have alot of stuff currently in movement so estimate that i have about 150k (based on my servers prices) of goods left to sell, trade, craft and diversify into more and more gold :D
Billy C.


Since I made the guide almost two months ago, I have already sent out two updates, and am sending out the third as we speak. For those that have already purchased the guide, be sure to check your email for a fresh, updated version (due to it coming from "ejunkie", it might get tossed in your spam, so make sure to check there!)

One of the biggest parts of the update is covering the new screens that are used in the "EU" Undermine- WoWTrader.

This added near six pages of explanations as well as examples of what you are looking at and what you need to know. 

Now I want you all to be comfortable with your purchase, so if you have any issues, any at all, you need to email me asap. I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.

And of course, you have top priority in getting answers. Those that have bought my guide or my coaching know that customer service is #1, and I am here to help. In fact, one of my very first coaching "players" is still updating me with how he is doing on a consistent basis, and I love hearing the good news!

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