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Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's all about 4.2- Inscription, Jewelcrafting, And.....

Hey folks!

4.2 is here, a "day late and a dollar short"; I was able to get on finally, and after a bit of a download, I did my usual post patch schtuffs. Updated Curse Client Addons (must have), Post/Repost, check the trainers, etc, etc. I thought I would share some of what is going on, and what you need to check on if you haven't already.

Inscription Trainer:

We have a few new items to craft (you might remember from a previous post of mine to get these asap) and hopefully you are tossing em up on the AH and already have sales.

Bloodthirsty Charm of Triumph
Bloodthirsty Eyeball of Dominance
Bloodthirsty Jawbone of Conquest

*If you didn't notice with these, they have prismatic sockets to get filled....more sales, right? =)

I hope that you also listened to me about the new Glyph of Unleashed Lightning and you had your Snowfall Ink and Ink of the Sea in your bags ready for your Northrend Research (if not, get it, because although there was premeditated thoughts on these, I have sold two so far):

Jewelcrafting Trainer:
Once again, I hope that you were prepared- We received a few craftables that burn up some of the Amberjewel and Ocean Sapphire that we have accumulated with shuffling (and Inferno Ruby-don't hate; although some servers are saying 200+ gold for uncuts, when you craft them into the signet or choker, you can get upwards of 4-500g for each for them):

Bloodthirsty Amberjewel Band
Bloodthirsty Ruby Signet
Bloodthirsty Sapphire Ring
Bloodthirsty Amberjewel Pendant
Bloodthirsty Ruby Choker
Bloodthirsty Sapphire Necklace

Now for some random SS since the patch, you might enjoy, and frankly, well, maybe they just don't get your goat. Either way, here they are....Oh, if you are wondering where the rest of the updates for 4.2 are, they are coming. Stay tuned. Same time (maybe), same channel (maybe).

TSM- Glad it was up and running- but there
are updates, make sure and download.

A few sales right when I logged in...
Blizzard buying extra keys from me



Lizzie said... Reply To This Comment

Great information on some of the new recipes for JC. I am crafting them right now.


Handera said... Reply To This Comment

I haven't been able to sell a damn thing from the new jc/inscription pvp pieces.:/ Everyone seems to be just farming honor instead for the higher ilvl vicious. Understandable.

Nigel said... Reply To This Comment

Well, I haven't even tried the new pvp items as there was still a week before the next season although I did throw up 2 from BS for 2k each (not sold yet). Gems however have taken a turn for the better in amount of items sold; so happy here. this next part is not exactly (ok, not at all) following the theme but i thought I would share. I accepted a quest the other night (rage against the flame i think..the one where you kill a few folks in the regrowth), didn't finish it that night and the next was offered again and I took it. Once I killed the 8? folks I was able to turn it in twice! So, if you're getting tired or running that 4th toon through the quests, perhaps this is a loophole to take advantage of. Not sure when it'll get fixed (prob as I write this).

Evlyxx said... Reply To This Comment

@Nigel Yeah I'm having the same issue. Made one of each of the JC PVP items and not a sniff /cry.

Have found that engineering pets, enchanting mats, gems (especially metas) and the new leg enchants are all selling ridiculously fast and for good profit.

Ore prices have risen 50% but the increase in gem prices and enchanting mats more than offset the rise so still a worthwhile purchase.

Meanwhile herb prices have dropped by 50% so have been stocking up and converting half to inks and making Darkmoon cards, even managed to get a full "of the Winds" set in my first 12 cards, which needless to say made me extremely happy!

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