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Friday, June 10, 2011

EU Players- Deep Discount 65% off a Vanilla Account

Are you an EU player looking to add a second account? Or a refer a friend? Or have always wanted to cross-faction but never had a "trustworthy" bud to help you out?

Here's your chance (link to is here) but you only have 10 days for this savings:


Kuja said... Reply To This Comment

I've always bought my cd-keys from gold sellers. Costs about the same too :) At least vanilla and TBC keys

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

What do you have to benefit from advertising this? Your blog has deteriorated from a great gold making resource to a bunch of ads and gold guide scams. Sorry, but you've lost a reader.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


You trust them? I would be a bit worried....I hear they get "black cards" that are void if using on US. But you can't always believe what you hear...

SotaSkoldier said... Reply To This Comment

Hey Anonymous--having a second account is a staple point of many gold makers. Your incredible ignorance is what has driven you away from Alto's blog not his lack of content. Of all the Gold makers that are out there I would park Alto in the top five as far as content goes.

This crap were readers are bitching about a lack of content is getting sickening. We've got people who are literally STEALING posts from other bloggers and they are getting jack shit said on their comments. People like Alto who go out and do their homework and stumble upon stuff like this post get grilled for it being an advertisement? He's telling you to buy a second wow account because it helps for making gold.

The fact that its EU means nothing that is where my ignorance comment comes into play. Does it occur to you that he has a large body of EU readers? Im from USA and even I have the intelligence to realize that his posts aren't going to be directed at JUST USA players.

Anonymous--whoever you are. Please pull your head from your ass.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


Good riddance. I don't have a bunch of ads, you must just be seeing a day here, a day there. I promote my guide when I have an update, and approx 30% of my readers are EU, so I thought they should know.

That brings me to this post, when I noticed that Blizzard was offering a deal, I figured I would toss it out to my readers in case they were not aware of it.

So to end this, thanks for the comment, and enjoy your readings elsewhere. =)

Bobbins said... Reply To This Comment

To be a bit fair to anom before reading the post I thought it was selling an account set up in vanilla with lvl 85 characters.

The deal of £5 I believe I could make about 100,000gold off it in one month. I have traded cross faction before but its a big imposition on someone elses time. I got to admit its tempting with 4.2 coming up and to see how much I am actually disadvantaged by not trading cross faction.

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