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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

48hr Auctions for the Win?!

Hey folks!

As you already know, I have been hit and miss lately on my posting schedule. Alto's summer schedule will be a few posts a week, but don't worry, they are still coming, I am not going anywhere.

But work. And golfing. And playing with my daughter. And drawing. And family. And...well, you get the picture. WoW takes a backseat. Which brings me to this post:

Auction posting times. You might have some bloggers swear up and down with 12 hour. Or 24 hour. Then you get me. Telling you to not block out 48 hour postings. I know you are thinking right now..."Why would I post <insert hella  AH fee item here> for 48? The undercutting wars is just a waste, and I don't get sales". Well, you are definitely correct there. However the majority of other items (and yes, even gems) I post on a strict 48 hour schedule (and yes, TSM is set for 48. Yeah, Glyphs. I said it...).

Now another question pops into your head...."That's mos def server dependent Alto". Yeah, not so much. It goes back to one of my #1 AH rules...."IF IT'S IN YOUR BAGS, YOU AREN'T SELLING". So if you know you won't be logged in for a day or two, get them buggers up on a 48. Who cares that it costs a bit more gold, you will have more sales. More sales= More gold in your pocket. Do you know anyone that is "rich" that doesn't spend money to make money? Didn't think so.....

Since gems have basically one of the highest "fees" that you have to deal with (as most others are just silvers- once again, the higher the vendor value, the higher the AH posting "fee")- due to the overall mass of sales, reposting, etc, it's still viable if you absolutely have to. Now if you are a log in daily type, and don't mind cowering infront of the AH, by all means, 24 hour should work fine. But for the rest of you (us), this is the way to roll.

Still have doubts? After not even logging in for two days:

*In case you are wondering, no decks, no epix, mainly glyphs (13K), cards (8K), and "flipping" under 80 items (blues and purps) were what sold (a few pets and a few gems were on the list too, but not significant sales).

So let's make a deal. If you want to be legit in your AH sales, and you have limited playtime, make sure that you pay that little extra and go with the 48's. You won't be disappointed.... =)


Darraxus said... Reply To This Comment

I posted my gems for 48 hours when I had to go out of town for a week. Nearly all of them sold. I usually do 12 hours on gems because I have the opportunity to check again before the 12 is up. I post pretty much everything else at 48 hours. I like to set it and forget it unless it is a high volume market that needs constant restocking.

Liam said... Reply To This Comment

My general rule is to post for 12hours standard, if i know im going to be able to relist that is.

Just posting for 24h or 48h when I dont want to spend time relisting or am unable to
xoxo anaalius

Azz said... Reply To This Comment

Most of my auctions are for 48 hours, regardless of my plans on checking back. My theory is similar to Alto's...if it is not in the AH, it is not going to sell. If it is in the AH and gets undercut and doesn't sell, it costs me the deposit (and maybe a sell at a lower price), but it also gives me information on the current market for that item, so I can adjust my price, if necessary, and relist. Items that I somtimes post on less than 48 hours are cut gems. The market seems to be tougher here, especially for cut uncommon cata gems. This may be to people still sitting on a ton of ore from pre 4.1 (same as me).

My two cents....


Cold said... Reply To This Comment

I like to post for 48 hours as a standard, just because I have so many markets to post in. Even posting gems for 48 hours if the price is nice. If its a real low price, I tend to just hold onto them until the price bounces up. That will be so much easier with Patch 4.2 and the stacking gems. I did a recent post about posting JC Daily Gems for longer durations where I mention the 5 Nibbler Nos! in a row, that the 48 hour posts made a ton of sales in the overnight market, since most tend to post for 12 or 24 hours assuming it won't sell when the daily changes.

Nice post man.

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