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Saturday, May 21, 2011

WoW Tabards? You want em? Look no Further!

Earlier last week, I posted on a few of my favorite sites to search for information on WoW Pets and WoW Mounts. One of the comments led me to this post you are reading now. WoW Tabards. There are a bunch out there, some used for looks, some used for Guild Reputation, or plain ol' reputation in dungeons.

Whatever your need, I am gonna cover some great sites to get you to where you need to go. First off, Wowwiki is a great source. Probably the #1 site for information on tabards. Well written, overall great info....

The next site is more for the "I want it now. I don't want to scroll through pages of info....reading? Bah. It's for the birds". WoWTabards is what you want, and what you need. A very easy search function on the main page:

Under the "Guide" page, you can see multiple options: Design Tools is the favorite here, so check it out!

One last point on WoW tabards is the search function...very simple (links below for the extremely lazy):
City Reputation
TCG- more on this below

Now I want to hit on TCG mounts (i.e Trading Cards), and if you can't find them on your Auction House, I would only go to one spot. The only issue? Real life money. But if you have IRL "gold", then rock TCG Loot. *Not an affiliate link...straight to the site.

Anything that comes outta a pack of cards, you can and will find it here.

Hope this helps all you tabard searchers, and if there is something that you are searching for that I haven't talked about, holler out! Odds are I got a place for you to go! Oh, and if the Rapture hits, well, you can still read me for 40 days, so keep posted!

And.....we just recorded another podcast, hit up A2A (Addicted 2 Azeroth) to listen to the ramblings of myself, Sinku, and Chris - a few folks also joined in this week, you might know them from their gold blogs, Gimp and Flux!


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