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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WoW Mounts- The "Know it All" Site....Did I mention it's FREE?

Earlier this week, I posted on a great website for WoW Pets, and now I am hitting up the only spot you need to go to for your mounting needs.

Similar to Warcraft Pets, Warcraft Mounts has a great search function that will allow you multiple ways to find the mount you are looking for....Ally? Got it. Horde? Yup. Requirements? Yup. Multiple Riders? Got that function too. BoE? BoP? Accound Bound? That too. Very simple to use....

Once again, extremely similar to Warcraft Pets, there is a slot for "new" mounts.

The latest and greatest are 4.1, and of course, upon clicking on them, it will tell you the source location as well as any notes (if you don't feel there is enough information there, you can always hit up WoWhead, and remember, READ THE COMMENTS as there are [sometimes] some great tips there). 

Now if you are farming them, you might want to venture over to a previous post on the addon NPC Scan (especially for Posedius). For those that have not used it, the addon is great, you get all kinds of noise when a rare drops in "eyesight", a pic of the mob (to help you find it), the name of the mob, and instant "mark". If you don't have it, and you actually leave Stormwind or Org, this is a must have. Pics? Okay...

Well, now you have a few more sites that you can add to your favorites lists. Holler out if there is a specific "howda, whereda" that you are having questions about.

You might have noticed that the last few posts are a bit shorter than most. I am once again trying to squeeze the fluff outta them, and be more consise and to the point. Better? Worse? Let me know in comments!

Remember, you don't need blogs to get your information. There are an absolute ton of websites that are out there, you just need to look. Or, just keep tabs here, and sooner or later, I will show you the goods. =)


Khalior said... Reply To This Comment

I'm a fan of quick and consise posts! Warcraft Pets and Warcraft Mounts are awesome resources for info and keeping a tab on your own lists - if you are a collector such as myself. Next post: WoW Tabards ? =P

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


Thanks for the "vote"! Believe it or not, I have a Tabards post in the queue already! Hahaha!

Although I like to think that all my readers are goldmakers, and I usually cater to them, it seems that there are a ton of folks out there that actually "play" the game, and not just the AH, so I am spreading my wings here and there for them as well!

Michael said... Reply To This Comment

One of the things we goldmakers like to do with our gold, however, is collect stuff! So these kinds of posts still apply to us! :)

Keep it coming!

Mogul said... Reply To This Comment

Great post Alto - been looking for a distictive mount for my new main.
: )

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