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Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Treasure Potion Trash Dash" Entry for PW:G

Flux over at PowerWord:Gold decided to toss a contest out to all the folks that wanted to take a challenge. Always loving a contest, I rocked one of my favorite farming spots....Ascendant's Rise in Hyjal.

Now this contest gave me interest.... Nothing about goldmaking, nothing about your AH, it's all about two things. One, you need to use a Potion of Treasure Finding. Two, you have to vendor everything (well, at least get the vendor pricing) for all that you get from mobs. 

So I broke down and did it. I used my rogue, but.....I didn't pickpocket on this run, although I originally thought about it, but due to the "return" on time, I decided not to.....For once, I actually farmed non-stop, no rest, no smoke breaks, no beer breaks. Not even a drink. Non-stop farming. And I was pleasantly surprised with the results.....

First off, I never picked this many Tiny Treasure Chests in an hour (21). Never. The rest of the drops seemed around normal. One thing.....In the midst of the hour, I never had to reset my slice and dice. Not once. Non-stop.....

The numbers to the right is just the loot dropped. Not factoring in any Tiny Treasure Loot, as that pic is below. Vendoring everything that dropped, I cleared just over 221g.

Remember, this does not count the gold looted from the mobs (which ended up at 147.5g in case you were wondering- and no blue or epix dropped, just greenies).

Here is the loot from the Tiny Treasure Chests that I picked up:

So to Flux and fellow contestants, my total for the entry is: 296g10s58c

In case you are wondering where, what route, or if my drops are correct, or worse case just want to see Alto running around killing mobs at 8X speed, take the next 8 minutes to see 60 minutes of farming...."Speedy Gonzales Style"


iiimjiiim said... Reply To This Comment

That is a pretty epic Dash Alto. I'm anxious to see if it can be beaten. Bravo!

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks flux,

I hope that I keep the title for at least a few hours...

Rzarazor said... Reply To This Comment

As soon as I farm my spot tonight after raids, you're done for :)

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Video proof or it didn't happen! =)

Good luck to you Rzarazor!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I sure hope you got more than 80 silver for all that Embersilk. Anyways... your prices are wrong :-).

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


It's a vendor run....obviously I didn't sell them to the vendor, it's vendor value so it's the same "value" for everyone. Check the link to PW:G for the rules.

Shamaenei said... Reply To This Comment


Can you also post the total market value of the treasure chest items? That gives you an idea of what you make.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


You can crunch those off your server for an estimate if you are wondering. This post was meant for a challenge that Flux tossed out. I am just on a phone otherwise I would crunch em.

I have posted before on my drops (prices are server dependent- and these were a while ago):
Alto’s Goldish Advice- 4.0.6 Chest Droprates

Alto’s Goldish Advice- Friday Farmings

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