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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stockpiling for 4.2 - - - - Through Questing?

So with a decent sized storm hitting us right now, tornado sirens going off, DirecTV glitching (as usual) and everything watched on Netflix that was worth watching (Free for All is hilarious btw), I decided to search a bit on 4.2. What I came across from a Blue Post was intriguing to say the least....

Hopefully you can see that, if not, you can check the forums here for the actual post....c'mon back when you are done reading it....

Did you see the same thing that I did?

you'll need be level 85 and already completed enough quests in Mount Hyjal to have reclaimed the Regrowth area

So what Blizz announced, or not really announced, is that you need to complete quests to even get into Firelands? Sounds vaguely familiar....Ok, let's get a bit further into what is out there...Patch 4.2 Preview, a Blizz video (below), and a bunch of comments everywhere. But frankly, I am basically as lost now as I was an hour ago when I started writing this post....

So I read through them, and cannot find anything on current quests needed other than "Reclaiming the Regrowth" quest and a spattering of Mark of the World Tree currency for dailies completed....

So with all the info out there, what conclusion did you come to? Are you on your way back to Mount Hyjal to complete every single quest there? Or this "reclaim" quest that isn't there yet?....dun, dun, dun.....or is it?


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

This is not good gold advice, but it is good food advice. On a stormy day you should be eating Lou Malnati's instead of Giovanni's pizza, the buttered crust makes all the difference.

Blackdemon said... Reply To This Comment

There is the existing quest chain to reclaim the area around Malorne's Sanctuary. I can't remember exactly, but I think it's about halfway through the current Mount Hyjal quests.
( - Aessina's Miracle)
This results in a rephasing of that area from burnt trees to new saplings and it being called the Regrowth.
I assumed this was the point you needed to reach for the Firelands quests, so my alts are currently working their way through the first part of Hyjal in case this is necessary.

Scott said... Reply To This Comment

I've done all the Hyjal quests on both my main and number 1 (yeah, Star Trek lingo, it means second from top really :-p). So bring it on, I'm ready -.-

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Lou Malnati's? Never heard of it....Giovanni's tops most around this area, and I have about an hour drive to get me some.

Thanks Mike! I really appreciate it, I didn't go crazy questing in Hyjal, but now I have to!

Glad to hear Scott- Bring it on? Isn't it Beam me Up?

Jaedia said... Reply To This Comment

Makes sense that you would have to finish all of the Hyjal quests. Thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

This is the most accurate post about activating the Firelands vendors that I have seen in a gold forum. But what does it have to do with stockpiling?

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

@Jaedia: No. Read Mike's reply.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks biggus. It has to do with making sure you get the prereq's to get the dailies, which in turn get you the new recipies.

Hope that clears up a bit!

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