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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Question Answered- Book of Glyph Mastery and 4.2.0

No fluff, no buff, all stuff in this post. Short and sweet. There is one upcoming change to the scribes out there that I am focusing on here, and I want to make sure ya'll are in the loop if you haven't heard about it yet....and if you did, well, I am gonna burn it into your head so you remember!

Last night, I had an invite on Skype from one of the fine folks that grabbed up my AH Gold Guide. Core had a question, and after answering, I thought I better hit on it in case there are others out there wondering the same thing. "Ask Alto" is one of the bonuses/perks that come with purchasing the guide- In other words, you ask, I answer. That's customer service there! =)

Core asked about what he should do with his Books of Glyph Mastery since the change is coming where the books are no longer needed. Well, kinda....

The "learned" glyphs will still be taught with the Books, but they are being added into what is estimated to be a daily research "quest", whether it's Northrend Research or a new one all together. Whatever is decided, we are left with a conundrum here....

Part of my answer to Core was a question: Would you rather pay for a book (no cooldown) or do dailies? There are near 50+ glyphs that can be taught by the Book of Glyph Mastery, and when they go to dailies, well.....that's quite a few dailies to get all of them (and they are some of the most "profitable" glyphs out there---for the most part). I think most folks would do a mix of the two to get these glyphs, so there is still a or "want" for the no-cooldown option (notice I didn't mention "need"?).

What am I gonna do? Not a damn thing different than what I am currently doing. No change. I will still flip them, as there are always folks that have more gold than time.

In case you were wondering where and why this is being talked about, here's a little insight: A question Blizzard posted on a Ask the Dev's:

Will you provide a way to speed up the acquiring of glyphs usually acquired through research and glyph books? Glyph books (Book of Glyph Mastery) are hard to come by now that people spend so little time in WotLK content. Furlqt (NA/ANZ), 에르네스트린덴만 (KR), Kånê (EU-ES) 

    Yes. We will be changing the discovery spells so they can teach all possible glyphs, and the books will simply provide a no-cooldown method to do the same thing.

Buy NowNow I didn't want this to turn into a "buy my guide" post, but might as well toss in a plug for it....You can read more about it by going here or clicking the link at the top of the page. Feel safe and all kinds of secure using this. Basically, the only way you can't pay for the guide is with in game gold. Credit Card, Paypal, WU, Discover, even your debit card or ATM works. And of course, if you do have any questions after purchase, you can always holler anytime and get front row service. VIP if you will. =)


Cold said... Reply To This Comment

This change could possibly increase the demand for the books as there may be an influx of new scribes since with this change, the barrier to entry is much less costly with the eventual ability to discover all the book glyphs through a much cheaper option.

One thing that kept potential glyph market competition away and helped you stave off competitors for an extra bit, was the overall unavailability to obtain all of the recipes without paying the crazy prices for the books.

That wall will be removed and more players may try to creep into the glyph markets. Once they see how much higher priced those nice glyphs are that are learned from the research, there greed could kick in and lead them to the auction house seeking the books to learn more high dollar glyphs faster.

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