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Friday, May 6, 2011

Not the PTR Already....4.2.0 Profession Changes

 So here's the latest and greatest information pertaining to the updated (although PTR info) professions. Wowhead has the goods if you want to get a bit farther into what you can make and what the current materials are. Just be aware that there will be changes, but this at least gives you a good start on what to stockpile (if you aren't already).

As you can see, Bloodthirsty is the "generic" name given to EVERY SINGLE ONE of the new designs (or revamped), and knowing Blizz, it will be special....suuuuure.

*Edit- Brian stated in comments that these are all available from the vendors using honor points. What is changing is that they will become craftable in 4.2.0 as well as go from a i352 to a i358 and drop the "gladiator" from the title.

Here is an example of the stats, and as you can see, they are currently sitting at i358, which probably won't move much, so we at least can figure something is in stone. As of right now, it seems that the mats are the near to the same as the current craftables....which in other words just means profit, profit, profit for those that make them.

Now some folks are already predicting that the recipies will only be drops from raids/etc in Firelands, but I am not a believer of this. These will be added to the trainers like every other "mass" set of gear that is out there. No reason for blizzard to drop blue recipies for a whole "tier" of gear in instances, so if you are the stockpiling type, and you have a "crafting" profession, getcha mats ready for when 4.2.0 goes live.

Thanks to HWoodlockheart on Twitter, as Kaliope has a similar post as seen on PTR- Kaliope, fix your RSS so I can add you to my blogroll! Jeez!


Brian said... Reply To This Comment

This post is amusing...ok, "Bloodthirsty" is the level of PVP gear that is currently blue (that you get using honor points). In the new tier, the current epic PVP set ("Vicious") will be purchasable with honor. So to allow people to make some entry level PVP gear for the new tier, they're making the existing Bloodthirsty set craftable.

It is still likely that actual epics that will be crafted will be learned via trading in items you get from raids (the ICC model).

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for the input Brian!

Although not a pvp'er for some time, it interested me about them being craftable. I was not aware of purchasing them (bad Alto), as if it doesn't make me gold, I don't really pay attention to it.

Glad I can amuse you brother! Hahaha!

Kathroman said... Reply To This Comment

If you actually look at the stats, the itemization between the two "bloodthirsty" versions is completely different. Also, the new crafted stuff doesn't have any sockets and they don't appear to offer set bonuses. These are actually just a direct upgrade of the "bloodied" gear. Same itemization, just a higher iLvl. They seem to just be shifting the current situation up a tier. IE - crafted gear -> honor point gear -> conquest point gear.

The other thing that is interesting is that the bloodied recipes don't show up on the professions for thought.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


Yumm...I love thought food. Sooo tasty. Gives me the hershey squirts though. Time for Immodium AD. Kinda like white castle sliders....

K Blythe said... Reply To This Comment

Hola :) You caught my eye with 4.2 PTR stuffs and I see that my RSS is broken? This is the first I've heard of it, perhaps you would elaborate on that?

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


Nope! It's all good. I resubmitted it yesterday and it's golden! For some reason (probably my side) you fell right off my blogroll (and about 10 others that I have noticed and since fixed).

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