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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Juicy 4.2 PTR Profession Changes - Hallow's End and Brewfest Updates

MMO Champion just announced some new changes to 4.2 PTR:

A few major changes in Inscription, Jewelcrafting and Leatherworking. To read more, please refer to: PTR BUILD 14133




They are updating as I am posting this, so there might be more or less, give and take. As always, these are just datamined, so they are subject to change....


WoWHead has also added their two cents on the PTR:


Drayden said... Reply To This Comment

It never occurred to me that the PvP gear was BoP. Glad they decided to change that!

Cold said... Reply To This Comment

Damn It! I picked up the meta pattern when it was data-mined to be changing to +3% block because I saw that as a nice enough change to switch metas for warrior and pally tanks.

I also was thinking that the sales of the pyrium shield spikes would increase as they would be providing significantly more blocks. As 2% more blocks is far better than 2% more damage, as a single block provides the full spike damage and also plays into the triggering of both warrior and paladin talents & abilities.

Then they go and change it back. Grrrr. That'll teach me to buy the pattern before the change is official. At least I didn't precraft either the spikes or the meta-gems.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


You know as good as anyone that it's just data mined (I think you burned that into everyones heads). Pray to the Blizzard gods and they might fix it before it goes live!

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