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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jewelcrafting Daily- Did You Forget About It Too?

God. I missed another day of posting. Sometimes RL gets way to busy with my WoW life. But hey, the tooltip on the login screen says to get outside of Azeroth once in a while, right? And we are supposed to listen right? Hahaha.

As the title states, my JC daily has dropped from a "mos def, everyday" to more like a "huh? oh yeah, the daily....I will get to it before I log off". Is the same thing happening to you? Since this little daily "moved" into the building she used to whore herself outside of, I have done one daily in the last week. As I have not logged into Alliance, I am not sure of their situation, but if you are Horde, you know exactly what and where I am going....You probably aren't doing them either, am I right?

The issue we run into now is we are losing gold. An absolute ton of it. Why you ask? We aren't getting Illustrious Jewelcrafter's Tokens, so we are not getting the stockpile for epic gem cuts when they come out. And that is a HUGE loss.

In WoW and in RL, we all make mistakes. What we hopefully pull off is learning from them. I am making a statement with learning from this. What I am going to do is log off AT THE JC DAILY. Not near the AH, not in the bank, not infront of the mailbox, right next to Marith Lazuria like I am her own personal stalker. Eww. That really sounds creepy....

So this is a really short post, but a very important one. Don't forget them dailies, as they are a great investment and will have a HUGE return in the future. Playas play on!


Azz said... Reply To This Comment

If nothing else, I try to do the JC daily every day. I do this for two reasons. One, the obvious, is to get the token. The other is to see is the daily requires cut gems, that I can post the uncut versions in the AH for higher prices. My daily routine used to start with my bank toons emptying mail, now it is doing the JC daily. One thing about the daily, is that I HATE the Elemental goo quest. Yes, it is very easy, and you have a chance to find Volatile Earth, but I think it is a waste of my time. I would rather cut 3x gems and move on. If I want to pick up some V Earth, I just head to the AH.

My two cents.....

Thomas said... Reply To This Comment

The Alliance quest giver is still in the same place she's always been. Took me a while to figure out what you were talking about. On this one... advantage... alliance.

Sandaria said... Reply To This Comment

I too have been neglecting my JC dailies.. I am ally so nothing has changed there. But for some reason I have been putting them off all together. I blame the new za/zg 5 mans and the changes to valor (at least for me). I feel one of the biggest culprits is the fact that so many guilds are at max level therefore are putting off dailies all together :-( Wish this was the case for my guild lol! Ty for the reminder :-)

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

I have a question: How many tokens do you suggest is a safe amount to "stock pile"?

I get to around 10-15 and then my guildies ask for more blue cuts. I dip to around 4-5 and then start over again.

Just curious as to your answer!

<3 Your Friendly Neighborhood Fuubaar

Nev said... Reply To This Comment

I'm Alliance too but I park my JC/scribe alt at the mailbox nearest the JC lady - less time loading initially & I can grab the quest before I get to the bank! If it's a gem daily, I grab the relevant gems before heading to the AH to cancel/repost.

I also have the guild tabard for extra guild rep on her so even though I'm not out questing or dungeoning on her, her guild rep is still climbing, albeit very slowly :)

Vince said... Reply To This Comment

I think I've only missed 2-3 days since Cata's launch. Got about 66 tokens stocked up so far, which is probably already more than I really need.

Drayden said... Reply To This Comment

Every day. For sure. Except Goo day. I don't leave SW.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


At the "I am Guessing" 5 tokens per cut, and with the "I am guessing" six colors with at least 5 cuts for each, 150 is safe to get most/all of them.

Best bet is stockpile all that you can till that point.

Skorpsy said... Reply To This Comment

Meh I was doing them religiously for a while. Forever it seems, but I refuse to do the elemental jizz ones and sometimes on my server it is goo 2 or 3 days in a row.

I think I have about 147 (close nuff for me!) spread over my two jcer's. yay i meet your safe to slack requirements...almost.

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