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Friday, April 29, 2011

Talking Trash- Solo Farming ZG in 4.1.0

Jeez. Alto's at it again. Bringing up soloing. But no biggie, we aren't talking ZG bosses, we are talking non elite mobs...level 85's.

Before I get into the gunk, I do want to mention you might want to take your Jewelcrafter there, if for nothing but the "rare" quest that drops. It is not a BiS by all means, but it does have some decent stats if you need to fill a slot. It is Bind on Pickup, but free gold and a free (kinda) trinket isn't a bad deal. A few Elementium Bars (5), a few Obsidium Bars (5) and Demonseye (2). Although it's still sitting in my bags, I figured I would hit on it for ya'll. 

Ok, ready for some information? Now depending on how lucky you are, and how much Blizz and the RNG loves you, I have heard you can get 3 EPIX per run of trash, but I received one with two runs (just shy of an hour). What I did was run around the "circle" of ZG (don't forget to reset the instance for 5 man heroic before entering). 

If you see the map I posted, follow the outskirts of the circle. The mobs you are looking for are:

*EDIT - April 29th, 8:33pm - As of hotfix posted at Blizz, the gurubashi's no longer drop epic loot, however there is still word that the needlers are producing them.... =)

Like I mentioned above, the mobs are non elite, and they are "yellow" (other than the Venomtip, you can aggro them). The are usually in packs of two or more for the Guru's, and the Needlers are soloists (although they do hang out near each other). 

I did this on a i347 rogue, so no biggie for most classes, other than the stealth that I used. The best way that I got to the area is when you first enter the instance, take a sharp left, and follow the "rock ledge". You might aggro the fishies there, but keep going, as they cant follow you (they are fish after all). With a little bit of stealth (or a pot if you dont have the ability) you can get to where the mobs are (starting at about 11 o'clock on the map above). 

Now just farm to your heart's content, when you kill the mobs, go back to the front, do a "soft" reset to get the "trash" back, and farm again. 

I am not going to cover my GpH, as it will be completely different depending on how many drops you get, and what the going price is on your server, but if you are more of a "solo" player, it is a fun thing to do, and you just might get a few drops. Happy Farming!


Shannara said... Reply To This Comment

Some US (all EU) servers have been hotfixed to prevent any epic drops since this was discovered yesterday.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


No, the hotfix was the "unlimited spawns" on the second floor of the chefs house (I didn't cover that part due to that...). That was the only hotfix, not on the other mobs, there is still the same droprate.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Let me explain a little further. The mobs that were hotfixed are still there, although they drop no loot. I was able to pickpocket them, but upon the smash and grab, there is nothing that they are "carrying".

The mobs listed above are still there, and still have loot. The hotfix was due to folks just sitting on the steps and forever farming them as they spawn.

Hope that explains and clears up any issues...

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Im seeing that this might have been hot fixed as of this morning on the reset. Just cleared every neutral mob and no epic drops, just alota greens

Khalior said... Reply To This Comment

Just a quick note about the JC Panther...
All of the 5 figurines are Cataclysm world drops for JCs that have 475 skill.
They don't necessarily drop from ZG exclusively.

Link to someone linking the 5 figurines in Wowhead:

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


I haven't had a chance to check on this today, but will test this later on if possible...


Gotcha. I was unaware and failed to check the droprates/locations, I assumed it was partial to ZG. Bad Alto! Bad Alto!

Vince said... Reply To This Comment

Oooh, neat idea! I'm gonna check it out on my rogue. Stuff like this is always fun to do.

Vince said... Reply To This Comment

Still works. Just got a Spirit Caller cloak off of one of the bugs.

Vince said... Reply To This Comment

Sorry to comment spam (forgot to add this in the last one), but I highly doubt farming for these will be possible without some form of stealth. So hooray for the return of stealth farming!

Vince said... Reply To This Comment

And one more comment! Just noticed this on the notes for the 28th/29th hotfixes:

"Gurubashi Villagers and Gurubashi Refugees no longer drop epic loot."

Doesn't say anything about the bugs, and since that's where I got my epic yesterday (29th), I'd say they're still fair game. Might still be worth it, since it shouldn't take long to clear them out, reset, and repeat.

Cyril - Azuremyst said... Reply To This Comment

What am i doing wrong? I go left, across the stones at the end of the waterfall, but the patrol aggros me everytime.

Admitedly I'm using invis potions or invis field ;)

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

I have only done this on my rogue, but you are correct. I would take the rock ledge (aggro one of the fishies), and hover along the wall with the patrols, let them slide by, then continue on my way through.

I can work on tossing a video up on it later tonight, it might help ya out a bit!

Cyril - Azuremyst said... Reply To This Comment

That would be great! :) I seem to have problems with any other gold making technique than flipping low to medum on the AH.. i'm cursed!! ;)

Rama said... Reply To This Comment

I made six runs thru there in a evening and got nothing but vendor loot and a few greens. Has this finally been fixed so that the bugs no longer drop Epics?

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Yeah, in the comments above, the "humanoids" have been nerfed, but last I heard there is a 1% drop on the Florawings. Although small, six runs should produce one....maybe just bad luck? Blizzard RNG?

Hope that helps Rama!

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