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Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Blue Gems" and the upcoming 4.1.0

In the JMTC meeting last night, there was a normal question that has came up basically every week for the last month. What do I do with all my Rare Cata Uncuts?

Well, I popped out an answer, but it has a few things behind it....

Patch notes are showing that:

"Crafted epic armor is having gem sockets added"

Now we know that crafted epics are i359's. We know that depending on which, we will see "un-socketed" gear from the very moment that we can log in on Tuesday. What does that mean for us? Yeah, you get the picture... Get your cut gems ready now. Not on Monday night, not on Tuesday afternoon, get em cut now, and get ready to drop them in the AH asap after the reset.

There will be an insane flood to the auction house for gems and gear (for those that don't watch notes) for folks wanting to get their ilvl up for the ZA and ZG randoms. Blizz states that there is a i346 "requirement" to get in....

Speaking of armor, there is also a little change to PvP that they mention as well....and it's not pretty. For those that are pounding out PvP leatherworking and blacksmithing goods, that might change really quick. With the mention of "Honor Points being doubled in 4.1.0", the market will slow to a trickle, but not completely dry up. Still keep em posted, but keep your eye out for market fluctuations.

More to come the next few days....I have a busy weekend with Easter and all, so posts will be very sporadic the next few days. Worst case, have a great holiday, and don't eat too many Cadbury's....and make sure to find all those eggs (or better yet, hide plastic ones!).

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Geste said... Reply To This Comment

Well shoot, I have been making some ok gold with selling the leather and bs pvp gear. Hopefully, this change will convince my main competitors to leave the market so I can keep what is left of it.

Vayaz said... Reply To This Comment

I don't think people will stop buying the crafted PvP gear. They are buying it because it's "good" and "quick" (as in "instantaneous"), something that doesn't change when honor gains are doubled.

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