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Friday, April 8, 2011

Blazejewels the New Epic Gems?

Firelands....Blazejewels....whadda you think? Similarity?

*Edit- Bankok Bill posted about 30 minutes ago hitting a similar topic, go check it out here.

As you all know, I am full of speculation. I feel to be a successful AH'er, you need to have that risk/reward in you. Now this doesn't really pertain to gold making per se, it's just a epic that has been introduced (albeit a while ago, in 4.0.1). Due to Blizz adding and subtracting items within the PTR's, and through the unreliable data-mining, there is still possibilities with seeing what they are messing with.

There was alot of hubub yesterday about the Obsidium Shuffle, and the vendor price for uncut Cata "green" gems getting demolished to a measly 75s. Now I think that Stede over at Venture LLT has a great point (and Cold from Cold's Gold Factory hit on it in Twitter) that we are just seeing that, data-mined schtuff. Could it be legit? Maybe. Maybe not. But what we have to see is that Blizzard has thought about it, and it may become a reality.

Either way, we as AH PvP'ers, need to focus on both sides of the coin. We need to be prepared to be profitable for either equation to hit....

Ok, I got off topic with the epix gems....There are two that are on The Brilliant Blazejewel and the Delicate Blazejewel. Both are Unique, meaning that you can only have one. Usually, on going off the past experience, we know that they are either a "drop" or a "crafted" item. Be it from a "bag" (see the new Call to Arms change- or think cooking/fishing reward bag) or be it from a jewelcrafter, we really don't know....but once again, we still need to keep this in the back of our mind. Right?

Don't forget to come to the JMTC meeting tonight for one on one questions and answers!


Squid said... Reply To This Comment

Unique makes them really odd, if those are the new epics that's going to really make Gemming a pain in the ass...

That alone really makes me question them being crafted, they have to be some sort of special drop.

The Lost Meeple said... Reply To This Comment

They're most likely from the new/added fishing/cooking dailies

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Agreed, I think these are rewards from the fishing daily / Call to Arms, just like we saw in Wrath, first the epic gems showed up there as a reward and then the real JC Epics were added in the next content patch. Back in Wrath the fishing reward version was Unique too.

Stede said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for the love, Alto!

My take on this - you remember Nighmare's Tear? Yeah, +10 to all stats... Those were unique-equipped gems, as well. But, they weren't particularly efficient - they were epic quality and meant to be good for something, but in the end, they kind of weren't.

I imagine that Blizzard was trying to think of a Cataclysm equivalent and quickly realized that +20 to all stats isn't very helpful to most classes, and will be obsolete the same day it's introduced. Enter Blazejewels.

+50 to a primary stat is actually useful, and worth replacing a current gem with - at least until we get epics. Anyway - that's my take.

Glyn said... Reply To This Comment

Unique equipped epic gems we could get from two different sources in the past, so far i know.

Fishing dailies and quests. Do you remember our good old friend "Griftah" from TBC?^^ In a quest we got "Charmed Amani Jewel" a blue stamina epic from him.

The other quest from the sunwell plateau i remember we could decide between two different red epcis: "Delicate Crimson Spinel" and "Brilliant Crimson Spinel".

Zul'Aman is coming in the next patch. Perhaps Griftah has a revival ;-)

I think we get the epics from the new fishing dailies or from a quest. No call to arms, no crafted ones.

Imraith Dos Santos said... Reply To This Comment

Sounds like the Cata version of the Stormjewel to me.

sally said... Reply To This Comment

Yeah I think this is comparable to the StormJewel. Which iirc came out a patch prior to the epic gems arriving.

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