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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Best WoW Guide Ever!

Yeah, I said it. Over the last few months, I have kept busy with my Coaching program. For those that are not aware of it, I have been for hire. Your own personal coaching session with Alto. Instead of just reading blogging information and pertaining it to your server, and hoping it works, you have had the opportiunity to go one on one with me and use my experience to assist you in your quest for gold.

After seeing 20+ different servers over this period, and having success on each of them finding new areas that most folks don't utilize, or markets people didn't even know were profitable on their server, I started noticing trends....

These trends seemed very similar, whether they were high population, medium, or low pop, the markets were there. The supply and demand was there. The sales were there.

Now, many success stories later, I have come to an overwhelming conclusion. I have found a process that works no matter which server you are on, no matter what gold amount you have, no matter how much time you can log on. I know it seems far fetched, but if you have the correct information in front of you, it's easy, it's legit, and best of all, it's legal.

The #1 secret? Using your brain. I will teach you in this guide everything from A to Z. My process start to finish. Not just what to do, but teaching you how to do it yourself so you will make gold not just now, but in the future as well.

Want to learn more? I know you have already decided to snatch up this guide, so you have a few options....You can use the link at the top of this page, under "Alto's Goldish Guide", use this link, or click on my "scrolling" billboard to get more info.

Pricing? I am not going to gouge you for this guide. For a few bucks more than what you pay per month to play the game, for a limited time offer through my site, you can get it for $20USD....soon, I will be putting this out to the masses and raising the price, but I want to have you guys and gals have the first opportunity to use this guide before I sell to your "competition".

Buy NowKinda like patch notes. If you aren't first, you are last. Jump on your chance. Here is a 100% secure link to purchase. Act now, before it's too late, and everyone on your server has this guide.


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Seems kinda steeep, markco's guide at one point was only like 30$ and that has had years of reputation built upon it on top of being a HUGE guide with a wealth of information....

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

I see where you are coming from. I am not giving you a huge guide, but a consise guide. This isn't outdated, this guide will show you what to do now, with the most recent information.

Yeah, I could have wrote a 100 page guide, telling everything that has already been told, but just like when I started this blog, there is information on gold making that isn't talked about. And that is what you will find here.

Once again, no fluff or filler, just great content that isn't about farming this or that, it's specific on using the AH to your advantage.

If that isn't your cup of tea, if you make gold trading goods in /2, well, this isn't your guide. If you use the AH and want to know how to, well, everything, this is it!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I can speak out for Alto, as I hired him through his coaching program. He knows his shit.

I have bought Markcos guide, and you are right, it does have alot of information there. I made gold from his guide, but I have made a ton since my coaching with Alto. Starting with 45K about a month and a half ago, I just cleared 300 this last week.

If Alto's Guide shows and explains what he taught me, then it's well worth the twenty that he is charging.

Thanks again Alto! Good luck with your guide! If there is anything I can do to help, let me know!


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Was just wondering if they guide used anything that would only work us (for example the undermine journal, as im an EU player and interested in buying it if its not US only based)

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


Although it does go in depth with reading the Undermine, it also shows how to use Auctionator and Auctioneer to see your server and how to decide/price your markets.

Shoot me an email if you have any further questions, I will be glad to answer them!

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