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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Addicted To Azeroth Podcast

Hey folks!

If you haven't heard our podcast yet, take a few minutes out and listen...I would love to say that we are talking about this, this, and this, and they are at this time, that time, and this time, but I would rather you just listen to it yourself. We are in the midst of getting on iTunes (for now you can just download from podbean), so if you are an "on the go" person and want to hear my retchid voice while you are driving to work, by all means, rock on!

You can listen directly at Podbeans Blog Page:

You can download from Podbean at:

You can grab the RSS feed off my blog or at:

We are looking to do a weekly'ish recording, so you are as up to date as possible with any new changes that hit us in your local Auction House. So feel free to holler for any questions you want answered in an upcoming episode, or as always, I can and will answer them here!

Thanks for listening, and hope to hear from ya'll soon!


CSG said... Reply To This Comment

Enjoyed the podcast! Are you planning on making it strictly about goldmaking or expanding into other areas of the game?

Also, thanks for the Twitter follow!

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