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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Absolute Best "How To" Guide for TSM- Tradeskill Master!

After all the issues that I have seen with this add-on, and all the folks I have helped, all the blogs I have read, all the time I invested figuring out the ins and outs with every little issue....and did I mention I was in the middle (three hours into it) of writing an "Alto's "How To" TSM Guide"?

Well, I open my TSM folder that I downloaded from, and what to my wondering eyes do appear? A minuture sleigh and eight tiny reindeer.....errr. wait. not really. Well, I will just show you:

Yeah. Not the "Unofficial" Guide to TSM, but the "Official" one. You gotta be kidding me! How I did not notice this is beyond me. I regrettably tossed my little 3 hours of work "how to" into the recycle bin....never to be brought up least I hope to not hear about it again....

Have you ever had a "kick yourself in the ass" moment? What was it? I am sure it wasn't wasting 3 friggin hours on a project, to only have the "MAN" make a guide already? Not even a "peasant", but the "king of TSM", the one that wrote the friggin program, have the "OFFICIAL GUIDE"? I am getting a migrane....

So, if you are having issues or just plain out haven't tried this amazing addon due to all the problems and questions you had setting it up, now you have it. The absolute only guide you will ever need to look at again.

Like I mentioned....what have you done lately that deserves a boot in the ass? Or am I the only one that feels the pain?


Vince said... Reply To This Comment

Hahahaha, oh man, I had no idea that existed either! All of us working our asses of making guides, when it was right there all along!

Thanks for the heads up, Alto, I'm going to check that out right now.

Brent said... Reply To This Comment

Your the first to mention this. Odd I never looked either.

Drayden said... Reply To This Comment

Ya know, I saw that, but never gave it a second thought. Too many years of help files being less than helpful. What is it they say about when you assume something?

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

first time TSM being loaded, there was a warning something like "though addons should be making life easier, dude, read our guide in that folder or this is gonna be a pain."

Well that time I already saw several TSM gold blog posts out there so I really didn't care about the guide. Now that you've specifically brought that out maybe I should go take a look sometime.


Ed said... Reply To This Comment

I still refuse to read the instructions to my DSLR camera! LOL, good find, Alto!

Sinshroud said... Reply To This Comment

Men don't read instructions - I thought everyone knew that :P

My GF always laughs at me at how stubborn I can be about instructions and even once she took out the manual for my watch before she gave it to me, because she knew it would end up in the rubbish bin along with all the wrapping paper etc if she didn't :P

cente said... Reply To This Comment

Hello sir
Sorry to comment on an older post, but this is Cente from TSM here. That guide was created as a very rough how-to from when we first let the addon fly. Since then we have really appreciated all the popularity and have loved all the homebrew tutorials we've seen. Open that PDF up- you will see how old it is. If you believe you have some concepts that previous blogs haven't touched, please feel free to go nuts with it. We also heard that you're going to be working on Markco's book and would like to wish you good luck! We're still trying to get hold of a copy ourselves (poor college students, ugh) so we'll never see what you do, but we have no doubt that you will do well :-)

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


Holy shit! God, I have so much to say to you. I hate TSM. I love TSM. Ok, that's about it....At first, I was so damn confused setting it up I gave up (hate). Then I had some help, and now I know it better than some of my friends, as god knows I have spent a ton of time on getting it working for me (love it now).

I can't find contact info for you, gimme a holler at , as I have a few questions for ya! Thanks bruddah!

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