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Friday, March 4, 2011

What? No TuJ? Help for the EU folks out there!

I want to thank you all for your emails, and for those I haven't replied to, I will be posting your questions within the next few weeks. For those that were too scared to email, don't hesitate, you still can. Don't let that frustration build up, let it out. Holler.

Alright, the title kinda covers the situation here. No, not that situation (I know for all you Jersey Shores'ians out there...), this situation:

Hey Alto,

Been a reader for a while now and really like your content. So I am finially am asking a question. I need help. I play on EU XXXXX, and you seem to talk quite alot about the undermine journal. We get snooked (sorry, I had to change that due to the term used, but since I was on a Jersey Shore kick, well, I used another character) <<fast forward>> I am wondering what you use when you aren't checking them (i.e undermine) or what you can "advice" me to do.

Thanks for your help, XXXXXX

Well, if you can't tell, this person wanted to remain anonymous, but I have an answer to what ails them, and here you go!

First off, I want you to get to the AH. For this example, I am gonna use which Enchanting formula to pick. Go into your buy tab of Auctionator, and I want you to make a shopping list. Just random, but lets name this Pauly D. No? Too much? Ok. Let's call it Enchanting. Deal? Okie Dokie. Now the "quicker" sellers that I have seen are obviously the weapon enchants, so I added Enchant Weapon and Enchant 2H Weapon. If you feel the need, you can use all of them: bracers, chest, bla, bla, bla. K? ok. Next...

I scroll down the page to see what there is little competition on....

"Alto, don't you realize if there is one that is zero it won't show up?"

Dammit, I was trying to talk, and you cut in. Well, I guess that's what I get for having multiple personalities...Anyways, here's your answer. Look at the picture above. See how there is one that says "none available"? It's because I have done this scan before. The addon remembers. So after a few times of doing this, you will see what isn't there...feel me? But now, I am wanting you to focus on what is, and what there is one of. Example inc:

Believe it or not, this one still sells. Fiery Enchant. There is only one in the AH (actually my AH toon has it listed- but I started with three, so two sold in the last day). I then open my Enchant tab (and use the search at the top there looking for fiery so it pulls up and I don't have to search through them manually) and find fiery to see the mats cost. 4 Small Radiant Shard and 1 Essence of Fire. Add up the mats quick, and I am looking at 30g to make one. Listing at 150g, that's an eazy peazy 120g profit per. This took me less than a minute to search checking through the whole list might take you 5 min to decide which to craft and sell.

"Alto, how do I know if it's gonna sell? How do I know how long to post?"

Well, I gotsta tell you that looking at things this way will not tell you if it will sell. You either need to go off experience, or you need to guess (I am sure someone in comments can say the site to go to....). As for the how long to post? I post a couple (2 or 3) at 48hrs (cheap AH fees) and then I will check back the next day and repost (not cancel the original auction) for another 48. And just cycle them like that. Question answered? Hope so...

So there you go XXXX, I hope that explains my process. Fairly simple, doesn't take any time, and it's a buy and sell right off the AH. Buy, craft, sell, get mail. Done.

Does that cover what you are looking for? Oh yeah, I just realized that you probably don't even know what Jersey Shore is over there, don't worry, you aren't missing much....except maybe JWow, but I am sure you have Maxim.

To my readers:

Did I miss something? You do it a bit different? Even the US folks probably use some version of this, as I do not check the TuJ daily when I post. I do it this way to make my decisions on what to craft. I use TuJ when I go into new markets to "feel out" the competition. Anyways, holler below, if for anything, because you want to. Thanks. =)

*Edit- Thanks to Anonymous below, they mentioned that Russia was not on the map above, so here you go!



XanderEragon said... Reply To This Comment

ALto lmao jersey shore great way to change it up and yea lol nice post im gonna try that out


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Hello, Alto!
Why there is no Russia on your map? It's "eu"-region and at least such countries as Ukraine counts as "ru". Are you hate bears, vodka and... what the 3d stereotype?:D

P.S. Sorry for my english, it's not my native language=\

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Добавлено ПОС только для Вас!

Я люблю водку, я хочу у нас были сильнее с течением в Штатах!

И я думаю, третий стереотип должны быть ваши красивые невесты почтового перевода. Извините, если это плохой русский, как я использовал Google Translator чтобы преобразовать его в Россию! Спасибо за чтение!

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