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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tome Of Polymorph: Turtle...Drops In Cata?

Wow. That didn't last long, did it? I just received an email from a reader that I needed to share with ya'll:


I just read your post on "the shampoo efffect". Well, I got something for you. I hope you aren't invested highly in the Tome of Polymorph Turtle, as they have been able to be fished out of Cata water for around a month now. I have not seen you or anyone else mention anything of this, so here is my contribution to your great blog. Don't go anywhere! You cannot, I said so!


Thanks Pinkie! Perfect timing.....

After verifying this at, I see that it is a viable issue that can affect all us "flippers". I do feel that the price will not drop crazy, as the droprate is still an issue, but the rarity of this item has completely been washed with this "new" [at least to me] information.

So if you have them in your bags stockpiling, you might want to check your server, post in the AH, or even /2 trade before you see an influx of them floating around, and you see the average price drop from the 1-2K you are used to seeing to half of that.

*By an influx, even though this is still a "rare" drop, there will be more than ZERO dropping like we have all thought and have been told with ZG dying off, and no Ghaz to drop this little nugget of gold. They markets won't be "flooded", but you will see more than you have been. Can you say "Savory Deviate Delight"? I don't think it will be that crazy, but from going from a "never gonna see it again" to a "dropping in Cata", that's a difference there.....something we need to keep an eye on.

Once again, wow. That post I did just a an hour ago has already been outdated.....

I will continue to do my best on keeping ya'll updated, so keep watching, and thanks again Pinkie for the news!


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Prices have already dropped like crazy. I believe this change was in 4.0.3 so it's been like this for a while. On my server, the price is currently ~250g (a far cry from when it used to be 5000g). Although this was a nice heads up to do some cross-faction trading.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

250g from 5K? I take it you have fishing bots on your server, huh?

Cold's Gold Factory said... Reply To This Comment

They are 400-500 gold on my server and not selling.

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

I fished up two while working on the Fish Feast Guild Achievement. One in Uldam and one in Twilight Highlands. Both from Pools of Fish. I watched the price on my PvP server fall to 200g. :(

Faid said... Reply To This Comment

I noticed several weeks ago there were three or four of these on our AH, all of them <500g. Looked it up, found out about the fishing. One thing I'd keep in mind, if you're hoping to flip at higher value, is that right now these may be "common" or plentiful because a lot of people are out fishing for their Seafood Magnifique. Once people have this in hand and stop making a push for it I imagine the amount of people fishing will greatly decrease and so, too, will the amount of these hitting the servers.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

hello . just a guest here from a google search. on Ner'zhul horde side, i bought one for 350g about a week ago. around beginning of Apr 2011. peace.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


This information is just a "bit" outdated...I would love to be able to go back and re write all my previous posts, but I just don't have enough time in a day... 350g is a great price, as they are running around 650g to 800g average on my server. =)

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