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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Help! I Need Somebody, Help! Not Just Anybody! Using Auctionator

Eh Beet-ulz (you might have to read that again...say it out loud if you have to)

I think they said it best with that set of lyrics. Time and time again, whether it is answering emails, "PM's" on Twitter, or chatting on Skype or on Friday's meetings in JMTC, I get asked quite a few questions. I always do my best to answer them. I have done many posts on reader's questions that just cannot be answered in a quick response, so I dedicate a post to them.

I enjoy helping folks. I enjoy finding niche markets for people, I enjoy seeing that when I advise someone to do something it works.

Last night, I was answering a few questions here and there (like most nights I am on) and I tossed some information out:

After the new xpac release, the Cata Herbs in my AH were sparse. Not that there wasn't any available, but the prices were just too high for my "normal" purchasing needs. When I invest, I prefer to [at least] double my investment or I don't feel it's worth my time. So I needed to look a bit further into my AH to see what I can do. My glyph supplies were running low, and I wasn't sure which route to take.

Using Auctionator, I typed in "Glyph of" and tapped search. After 50+ pages, I started seeing that there were multiple options to purchase them for slivers, and restock and resell them by "resetting" the price. I know I have talked about this before, so you should be on the same page. If not, just do a quick search on this page to find the post.

Now fast forward to last night. In Skype, I was chatting it up and explaining my process on "flipping" items in the AH. How I do it, what I look for, and how to buy/resell them. Then I mentioned to him to use the "Glyph of" search. We talked it over, and advised him as we went along. Glyph of XXXX (a healing totem I believe), a few listed as 20s, a few at 40s, and a few around a gold. Total investment was less than 5g. I had him relist for 125g, even though the "normal" price for the glyph was around 30ish gold.

We went through a few more, and I had him buy out a few different situations (back to the "you can give a man a fish when he's hungry, or you can teach him to fish so he is never hungry again"). Another Glyph had a few gold of buyouts, then it went to 6g, 7g, and so on. We bought out to the 6g, and listed at 10% under (setting up the Auctionator for 10% undercut versus the "preset" 5%).

Around 30 minutes later, he hollered out "holy s#$%! Alto, you were right! I just sold a glyph or 125g!". That is the feeling I look for. Hearing that just made me realize once again why I do what I do. I have a blog to inform. I have a blog to help. But behind all that, I guess my main vice is greed. I enjoy giving advice and getting that feedback of a job well done. When I help someone, I get a feeling of pride. It's my drug. I actually get a high from it. No, not that hazy, gotta eat cheesy puffs high, not that "seeing sounds and hearing colors" high, but a boost of adrenaline (I am not a doctor, I am sure there is a name for it....maybe that's my addiction?).

Back to the title of my post, Help! I need Somebody! I need to feed my addiction....

I am once again gonna toss this out there. Are you stuck making gold? Are you at a stall point? Have I done a post that you are completely confused how to pull off? Holler. Send me an email with a question, and in the subject line write blogpost. I will either respond to you in email or you will see your answer posted. This isn't a "I have this, this, and this, and I don't know what to do", that is more for my coaching program. I am looking for a specific issue you have, and I will help you get through it.

So help me help you. =) Thanks again!


XanderEragon said... Reply To This Comment

Lol Alto love your posts :D its nice when i help to get the post going :D

Thanks Again Bro
Job Well Done

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

I have kind of a generic question but do you have any tips for getting a reliable farmer or two? I get sick of getting gluts of mats and then having to wait weeks to see any at that price.

Also quick tip may not work for all but I have made a GRIP of dough selling Embersilk bags selling for 350-375 on my server on average and the mats cost is maybe 250, and for me I only buy cloth at 2g or less each, and use dust from my obsidium shuffle because dust prices on my server are usually terrible. so take a look its easy to make those bags and I moved like 14 of them today.

Toki - Trollbane

PS love the blog - constantly poor too 88k and tons of boes for the guildies.

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