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Monday, March 7, 2011

Excerpt from a Random Conversation This Evening....

 *Once again, please don't read if you are easily offended....

So earlier this evening, I was on Skype chatting with another blogger, Xander of Xander's Goldmine, and we were talking about server's economies and how they differ. I mentioned that one of the things that are the same no matter what server you are on is the demand. If you play WoW, the demand across the servers is very comparable (not 100%), but similar. It's the supply that differs, and thus the price fluctuates. Sound about right? I thought you would agree...except that guy in the back, he never agrees with me anyways...

So the conversation bounces around a bit, just random gold chat, then we start talking about blog posts. I follow up with this:

[6:57:15 PM] Altos Goldish Advice: i dont want my blog to come across as a "my dick is bigger than yours" style, i want it to be more like the ads..."listen to me and your dick will get bigger"....

I got a pretty good laugh out of it, but maybe it's like the old saying "A skunk can't smell his own scent", i.e. Maybe that was only funny in my book....lemme guess though, you probably have re-read it already....and laughed again....

On a side note, if you haven't entered yet, you have till midnight tonight to enter my Loot Card contest I posted a few days back. I will be announcing the winners tomorrow morning, same gold time, same gold channel. Ok, not really, but around 9ish a.m. Central time.

Almost 2K page views and only 11 entries? I don't get it....What, you don't like stuff for free?


Lorini said... Reply To This Comment

There's no way demand can be equal across servers because server populations differ. Demand cannot be bigger than the number of people on the server. So low pop servers will have less demand and high pop servers will have more demand.

What you are talking about is the need for a particular item is equal across servers. In other words, gems are needed on all servers, flasks are used on all servers etc. But other than identifying what you should be selling it doesn't help much in actually making money. Yes, everyone raiding needs flasks. But if the competition for flasks is intense, it doesn't make much sense to sell flasks because it is highly likely that you'll be selling close to the cost of the mats. What you have to do is find a place (or a time!) that there really is more demand than supply. Selling flasks on Tuesday night can be more profitable because most guilds raid on Tuesday nights. Selling cloth on the weekends will result in lower profits because more casuals are playing and selling.

Selling on low pop servers is hard because while there aren't that many buyers, there are a lot more knowledge sources for add-ons and websites, creating more sellers. I've never sold on high pop servers so maybe it's difficult there too.

At any rate, just wanted to comment on your 'demand is equal across servers' statement.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

"demand across the servers is very comparable (not 100%), but similar" words

We are all playing the same game. People, no matter what server, need things. So there is only X amount of "possible" markets (items do not change across servers, we all have the same available, no matter if it's low, med, or high population).

"demand across the servers is very comparable (not 100%), but similar".

Lemme guess. On your server, you have an AH? Ok. You also have Jewelcrafting, Tailoring? You have Eastern Kingdoms? Kalimdor? Tol' Barad? You have Ore nodes and Herb "bushes"?
What a coincidence, so do I!

Your currency is gold, silver, copper? WOW! Mine too!

If you can't see the point I am getting at, let TuJ do it for you. Look at your server, then look at another one. Pick an item, something that has quantity, lets go with volatile life. The sales will be similar in nature (for the most part, compare the "sales" chart), the prices will vary slightly, but they are still there...

Basically what I am saying is exactly what I said.

"demand across the servers is very comparable (not 100%), but similar"

You must agree, because your points you mentioned are the same on every server. Great comment for discussion. I thank you for that.

Jason said... Reply To This Comment

Your blog is a wealth of information and I've been using it to increase the size of my dick. Thanks Altos!

Red said... Reply To This Comment

I pose this question, Is it harder or easier to make gold on a high pop server? I am on a high pop server and it seems every item that is craftable, the materials are worth more raw than crafted. So ya I can sell many more items at a lower profit but more work. Apparently there are ALLOT of people who read these gold blogs because I notice whenever something is mentioned the market becomes flooded for that item.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

No problem Jason. Who needs a little blue pill when you have Alto around?


I am gonna have to say it's even across the board, as long as you know your market. I have helped many folks in the last month in my Coaching Program (and countless others in email questions, skype, etc) and they come from all walks of servers. New, low pop (less than a year old), med, and high pop: you name it, you can find the markets. Once you have the basics of what to look for, what processes to use, it's "easier", but I would never say "easy".

As for your issue, it seems that supply is heavier than demand. There are a few things you can do to solve that issue. You might check your sellers and see if they just maxxed a prof, and are dumping their wares (check armory for their achievements- hit 525 last week? yeah, dumping...) If they are in the markets, give it a week or so, and they will run out of stock, they already know the same thing you do. To buy mats for them on the AH makes it unprofitable. Now if your competition is smart, they are "misleading" the market. i.e buying out mats to "level" the prices of craftables to push folks like you out of the market.

See where I am going with this? Check your competition, see who they are, what they do, what they are selling, and go from there. I would talk about the "monopoly" Walmart has on the market the same way. The only reason they are as big and as profitable as they are now is partially due to the same example. They learned from their competitors to gain an edge. That is what any true AH PvP'er can do....

Hope I answered your question, I know my answer was a little winded, but I had a helluva long day...

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