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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Did you Forget Something? Dust off those Unused Professions!

JMTC has their carnival tomorrow, and here is my "entry" post.  If you haven't already, I want you go over and check it out, as there are quite a few bloggers now with a ton of information. Now for my post, here is how you should start taking on specializing and diversifying the AH on your server. Ready? Set? Go!

Pic from Jack Nadels:
Use What You Have
To Get What You Want

How good are you on the AH? Have you hit 10K, 50K, 500K, a Million? Whichever spot you are at, you mos def need to use what you have to get there. Think about that a second.....

Use what you have. Now this is gonna be completely common sense, but hear me out, as this basic necessity may have passed you by. Use what you have.....

If you are stuck at X amount of gold and wondering why, I can give you one answer (but do you really want to hear it again?) "USE WHAT YOU HAVE". I mean really use it. If you have a toon, and your have Jewelcrafting and Leatherworking (just a for instance here, it can be anything, keep reading...), and you only cut gems and post, what is happening with your other craft? Nothing? Collecting dust? Get the Pledge out and dust that off!

You have professions for a reason, be it to craft goods for yourself or your guild, add to your "buffs" from the profs, but most of you reading this will have a profession for making gold. So why aren't you using it to post your AH? Because you don't want to hit your next 100K mark. That is the only answer you can give. I won't believe anything else.

"Well Alto, it's only 420"

So go burn one. Wait, what? Really, you need to utilize that prof to make you gold. There is probably a reason you stopped leveling. Raiding, got bored, ran outta cash, etc. Whatever excuse you had, you stopped. Pick it back up. If you stopped leveling it, my guess is you also have random mats in your bank near that level too. Use them. Check TuJ or wowhead to see what is available at that level. In leatherworking, there are quite a few niche markets, not all sell daily, but often enough to make a profit. See where I am going with this? Good. Now get it done.

"Alto, I stopped at 515 because I ran out of materials, and the cost was too high"

I am gonna guess that was a few months ago now. The mats have dropped considerably since then, and you need to recheck the AH again. Get up to "cap", and then get some epix recipies (I am still using the leatherworking as an example, but this works with most "crafting" profs other than scribes- as Cata added very little to that prof glyph wise). You spent time leveling that to get to the 515, go that little bit further, because now is the time to make your $$, before 4.1 and a bit after that they will still be selling too (for the ilvl requirements for the heroic 5 mans).

"Bah. There's too much competition"

I have to call bullshit on that one. I really, really, hate that. Too much competition to me means "I am too lazy to look at the different areas". I can personally guarantee there is a niche market somewhere in each profession. Glyphs? "I get undercut". Ok, I believe you. But I bet there are glyphs that aren't even up in the AH right now. It might be a level 25 glyph that sold for 12g last post, but if there isn't one there, it won't sell, amirite? I am. Check. Spend your time, and it will payoff. Guaranteed. Oh, you are a Jewelcrafter? "The gems are worthless, all of them". I call bullshit again...Ok, so you must have every single cut available, along with every "crafted" necklace, ring, etc. And you have checked each one of them at the AH. I bet there are at least 5 "cut" gems that aren't even on your AH. And the crafteds? Yeah, probably half of them aren't on their either....

"Well, to tell you the truth, I was looking at changing profs to XXXXX, because I am bored of it, and haven't used tailoring in a while"

Look above at that answer. Have you checked EVERY possible craft? Are you posting EVERY possible craft? Once again, I see so many folks that don't utilize what they can, or should be, posting daily. You aren't on everyday? Post 24 or 48 hours.....

"God Alto, you know how much AH fees I will lose on 48 hour posts?"

Yeah, I do. But you know how much profit you are losing? You are gonna risk a 10g AH fee if it doesn't sell against a 2-4K profit? Once again, that is one of the worst excuses I have heard. You know Johnny, if you keep saying this stuff, I am gonna have to kick you outta class, I don't think you are even reading what I am talking about....

So in order to specialize and diversify, you need to first see what you can do, what markets (or niches) you have available in your AH, and what time you are willing to spend to find what you are looking for. If you have more money than time, or are just stuck, you can always go to my coaching program and I can assist you in finding what you have been searching

Now log into your toon and start crafting and posting. Then after you sell some, come back and holler. Chanks!


Nev said... Reply To This Comment

I love these 'rant' style posts you do - makes me smile while kicking my butt into gear! lol

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Well written, but have you ever tried to find niche markets on extremely high population servers?

Servers where there are already 5+ Designs for each of the new JC cuts on the market for less than 3k each because the cut gems themselves are sub 100g.

I've done scans on my server, have been for a while, and whilst I can get some sales through well timed posts and overnight dominance, once you get past 9am until Midnight, there is simply no point in posting unless you are online and prepared to relist countless times.

I've only seen one non-listed Glyph in the last month which I instantly posted and almost as quickly got undercut.

How would you prevail in these conditions? I get by in some small niche markets, but i'm not alone in them so profits are somewhat diluted by the listing fees.

As much as I enjoy reading your own and a lot of other people's blogs, I don't think any of them are written from a high pop PvP server because there is such a huge disparity between the markets constantly in the limelight.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


Thanks! I do my best!


Yes, I have. Although my main is on a Medium population, I recently coached someone on a high pop (my second on high population btw), and the markets are slightly more volatile, you just have to search a bit more...

You mention the new gems designs, and right now, that market is flooded, that isn't a niche I would hit on. Are you pvp server? Are you pve? Gems have a different market (although slightly) on each. The same "main" cuts will sell, but I was talking about checking each one to see what isn't posted, and take that market (as there won't be each one posted at all times).

On the glyphs, you will get undercut. I post for 48 hours (only a 1s fee) every glyph I have (and no, I don't post every single glyph- maybe 50-60% of the available ones), and with the profit margin, one sale covers more than enough of the AH listing fees involved (I am not an AH camper). After a day (24 hours), I will repost (a second "round") while keeping the original 48 hour round in. So I do double up (and also undercut myself) on them. I will get undercut quite a bit, but things sell, and next thing you know I am on top again.

Back to the high population server, one of the folks I coached hit 150K from 5K in around two weeks (and that is from me looking for an hour to find the right markets- so it can be done). So even though I come from one that isn't, my posts still apply to them (I try to list situations that will apply to them on each post through the "johnny" questions).

You just have to do a bit more homework and spend a bit more time to find yours. Reread the post again. Really read the Competition part. This seems to fit in with your comment very well.

Vayaz said... Reply To This Comment

That style is somewhat unique, and I suppose I like it.

As for the niche markets: There are always several smaller things that are overlooked by the masses.
Therefore I recommend performing a thorough check of all your professions in order to find those items that add up.

It's a nice and foolproof way of earning a bit extra money without much of a hassle.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I'm on a PvP server personally, were it not for my being on an EU server I'd probably take you up on coaching just to see if you could spot anything major I missed!

The only market I'm not involved directly in at the moment is Blacksmithing (a work in progress!).

As I write this, i've just scanned 0 Agile cuts on the market, so i'll see if I can't capitalise on that tonight as it's the first time I've seen a clean market for them since the cut came out!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

and there we have the market on my server. 500g > 250g > 120g inside 30 minutes. Can people really be THAT clueless do you think?

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

I believe it mang. The good thing is that those folks are the ones that are "in and out" of the market, they won't last, they are just getting pissed...

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