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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Darkmoon Faire Nerfed? Whadda Deal?

Last night, I received a Skype:

"Not sure about the turnins for the Greater Darkmoon Prize, but I turned in four of them, and I am just getting greens, nothing good, only a couple gold each. Should I keep going?"

me: "Well, it's always a gamble, but you might want to turn the rest in, the numbers should go in your favor...or just sell off the Dense Grinding Stones in the AH, lemme check on it and get back to you."

*a few minutes pass, I check on for any new info on them (I know you can't rely on them for 100% accuracy, but....well.....sometimes that's all we got)

me: "I am not seeing anything different from last month, so I would take the gamble if it was me, actually, I have a few I am turning in tomorrow"

"Nothing but greens. That's ten of them turned in. At least they are still profit"

Ugh. Did something happen between last month and this month? Did blizz change up the RNG? I normally figure that every 10 turnins, I get one "blue" or at least one schematic/recipe/formula.....(before you say that wowhead says those are 3%, once again, I don't feel that is accurate, at least in my experience)

Time passes, I crash, and upon waking up, my droid has a few Twitter messages on it, one of which mentioning the same situation, different person....

"This blows man, I didn't get shit out of any of them bags gonna see if I can maybe get more cheap stone today after work se why happens"

Dammit. Two folks having issues...Now I am wondering WTF? I have 164 Dense Grinding Stones in stock (enough for 20 turnins, or 10 Greater Darkmoon Prizes) I fly to Burning Steppes, take a quick flight, and I am at the faire...

When I mentioned to these folks a few days back about prepping for the faire, was I wrong? Obviously, yes....kinda.... I know both situations they didn't pay shit for the stones, one paid up to 5g per stack of the stones, investing a few hundred gold, so thats 1.25g per Dense Grinding, 10g per turnin, 20g per Greater Darkmoon Prize, and they only got 5-6g back? Fuck. That's a loss there....14g loss on each, actually....but they only got greens? Nothing good? How many did they go through? Well, the other cat got his for around 2g per stack, so that drops quite a bit, 50s per, so 4g each turnin, 8g per prize, still losing two gold each time.....they musta nerfed it....Alto gave bad advice? Did I word it wrong to them? I have ALWAYS made out profitable.

Until this time. After my turnins, I vendored up a measly 42g. So on that note, lemme figure numbers again.....

42g - 10 "random" greens level 52-57 (not even worth taking the time to link them...)
160 Dense Grinding Stones turned in
640 Dense Stones to start before crafting to Dense

So that leaves a break even cost for the Dense Stones at 6.5 silver each. 1.3g per stack. Now keep in mind that is basically a worst case scenario. And it truely is worst case. Before you go into saying "It's RNG, you need to turn in more quantity to have a better, more accurate number". Uhm. I hate to tell you, but I am personally not investing more time or money in this anymore, unless I can find them in the AH at the price listed above.....

So for my whole point of this post: RNG is just that, random. I do however believe that Blizz has changed some type of droprate on the more "rare" items from the bags, not sure why, they have been around since Vanilla. Or three seperate folks, on three seperate servers just have the worst possible luck....EVER!?

Well, I was still able to catch the little "buggar" Flik and get my Wood Frog Box, so I will profit in and around 100g on that one (you can see a previous post here). At least that one will cover any losses....

Have you turned any in today? Have you received nothing in return? Or did you get something? Speak out, I am really interested in how others have made out.


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I've only turned in 1 greater prize and 3 minor so far today, but already received one set of plans. The plan sold within a few hours of listing it. As you said either they got really, really unlucky, or i got very, very lucky ^^

Nev said... Reply To This Comment

I've been slow to jump on this but for the first time ever, I actually got organised enough to look for the dense stones - been buying at 1g per stack or less, just to dip my toes in, so to speak so when I get around to converting them & handing in, I'll let you know how it goes :)

Vayaz said... Reply To This Comment

For me, everything has turned out normal. This means that I didn't get anything of value.

Since I never get anything of value, I can't really tell whether they changed something or not.

I'm usually buying the stones at 3s each or below, so I suppose there is still profit to be made. If it just didn't take an eternity to craft them...

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I turned in around 45 greater prizes, got 7 plans worth between 10-50g and 2 rare items -- Uther's Strength and Mugthol's Helm. Both rares have already sold for upwards of 150g.


Cold said... Reply To This Comment

I only got 8 Greater Prizes, but I got a Blue Weapon. Seems normal.

Vince said... Reply To This Comment

I believe I got ~1.2k tokens (maybe more? I forget), picked up 20 of the lesser prizes, got a Blue bow and greens from those (obviously). Used the rest for the Greater Prize, got a formula for +9 spirit to boot/bracers/gloves (again, I forget, but seems pretty worthless to me), the pattern for mithril spurs, and an absurd amount of greens. So I sent them all to my bank alt, set up a TSM "group" for them, and posted them all at 20g each. Already sold a few, so I'm hoping to make back what I've spent on the stones by just selling the greens. I'll continue to throw money at this for the hell of it, and hopefully walk away with a rare formula, so we'll see. I haven't every done this before, so I can't speak to whether it's been nerf'd or not, but I wasn't really expecting to get a lot of *rare* patterns anyway.

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

About 20 greater prizes. Got nothing but a green in each.

Blackdemon said... Reply To This Comment

I stocked up enough dense grinding stones for about 16 greater prizes. I didn't record exactly what I got, but there were 3 recipes (including schematic: lifelike mechanical toad + 2 semi rare BS recipes), 1 blue and around 12 greens. Given the cost of the dense stone it's still worth the gamble in my mind, especially if the worst case scenario is breaking even.

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

I got 0 blues and no recipes of note with 40 Greater prizes. I've been buying everything below 1g a stack, but ill still turn a slight profit.

Desolate said... Reply To This Comment

This has not been nurfed, I had 172 stacks of Dense stone this weekend and handed in countless times trying to get the mechanical toad pattern for myself.

I had the following

3x schematics sniper scope 1 learned i havent sold these yet

3x Greater stoneshield potion patterns. 1 sold for 75g

2x Mechanical toad patterns 1 i learned 1 i sold for 3.8k

1 x mithril spurs pattern sold for 300g

Countless greens, the weapons i disenchanted for essance's which sell for 12g each on my server and they have sold quickly. And about 3 blues only one of real noteworthy was a shield sold for 200g in about 10 mins of putting it up

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Desolate and PurplePaladin,

Did you cats buy a lotto ticket too? That seems like the RNG was on your sides. I have heard alot of folks get smashed this last faire, but it's nice to see that some people made out!

Desolate said... Reply To This Comment

ah i didnt mention ive been doing it for the past 3 months. First time i had maybe 100 stacks of dense stone and got a handfull of blue. 2nd time i just had greens. But all 3 times ive made over 3k more than ive put into it.

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