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Monday, March 21, 2011

Best. Post. Ever.

After seeing these bracers linked in Org last night, my first thought upon seeing it was to post on Blizzards' knack with naming certain things in game. Here's a little list of the top contenders:

  For those that are worried about dropping the soap, this one is a must have.....

I guess these are the first Dr. Scholl's made available to WoW.

 Now this isn't an item, but I had to add it anyways.....

I can't speak about this's a rule.

 Mine looks sad. I need a hotfix Blizz, stat!

I take it the "fixed" version is an epic.....

"Caution: The surgeon general of WoW warns that viewing this belt is equal to 29 orgasms."  Well, it's kind of a quote....

I take it that his father was drunk when he named his baby wyvern, and with a name like that, did you expect anything better in life for the little guy?

I really hope you got a great visual with this one....

You are still thinking about the skid marks, huh? Hahaha. I had a bit of fun on this post, I hope that you all enjoyed it! What ones have you seen that I missed? Or do you have a better caption? Holler. Show me your funny. =)


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2 from lakeshire:
no longer available :(

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Old Crappy McWeakSauce for president!

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