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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Banwave to Pyrox Bots - How this Affects Us AH'ers

I log in this morning to do my daily ritual, and what do I notice? Very little Elementium Ore. No Obsidium Ore. What's the deal? Is someone stockpiling? Was there a banwave of bots again? Yesterday, I pondered why there was more than just a quick 4 hour server downtime, then maintenance, server restart, and another download. 

Obsidium Ore in AH- Nothing there?!

As per my normal ritual, I had about an hour to play this morning. And due to seeing this new niche market pop, I hopped on my herbie and went to Hyjal. Want to know what I got?

An hour in Hyjal gave me 244 Obsidium Ore, 218 Cinderbloom, 86 Volatile Earth, a few uncommon gems, and 124 Volatile Life: Total farm at current prices? Hold onto your hats..... 3480GPH. Even with the recent Whiptail "goof" from Blizz, I didn't even hit 3K. And now without bots taking MY nodes? Wow. I was surprised when I opened my bags to that one. But I didn't mention the best part, which brings my hour farm to almost 5K? The rare mob Blazewing, found along my farming route in Mt. Hyjal. Blazewings Furious Kilt.

At this time, I am on skype hollering at a few buds, Xander of Xander's Gold Mine, and Adam of Exploit my Server, and we start chatting a bit about it. So I start checking around after Adam mentioned word of a  banwave happening....

The forums for Pyrox pop up on my google search. After checking the website forums, I noticed a few things...

Not just a small ban, but a huge banwave had just occurred (20K accounts and counting- I didn't think there were that many out there....I figured a few, but 20K? Damn....). Now it seems that the folks using this got hit a bit ago with their Archeology program, but now it looks as if there are abosolutely no-one running on my server one bit. Now is this good or bad? It's nice to hop on my farming toon a bit ago and actually see nodes....Everywhere.....

Now to how this will affect us all. With mats drying up, look forward to higher prices on both ore and herbs, with the "snowball" affect happening as well. Anything prospectable or millable you will see prices rise as well. Now it's only a matter of time before they [the bots] are running again, so be weary on investing too much, from what I have seen before there is only a week or two before the "rubberband affect" happens, and the prices snap back to somewhat normal. I know I am holding my mats for a day before posting, and watch the price rise....the only issue now is to play the economy right, and make the most dough we can, right? Keep an eye out, as it might take a few days to show huge differences, but when it happens, hop on the bandwagon while you can....

Do you folks see a insane peak in prices of gathering mats? Or the total amount available drop considerably?


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Absolutely fascinating. My server seemed to have some bans handed out, but it appears that botters have already moved back in and set up shop.

I just did a quick analysis over on my blog of what I'm seeing on my server. Feel free to check it out!


Stede said... Reply To This Comment

125 stacks of obsidium were posted at 52g last night on my server - the Pirox ban mainly seems to have hit all those guys who viewed Archy as the new fishing with better loot - and decided to bot to the title.

I honestly don't think any gold/herb/ore farming bots used pirox - at least not the Archy module. Archy is a waste of GPH, and gold bots tend to focus on ore & herbs, only. I don't think this ban affected them much, but maybe they got spooked. Or, maybe the big players on your AH got spooked, Alto, and bought up all the cheap ore because they thought it was coming to an end.

Either way - those are damned impressive numbers from farming. I wish I hadn't dropped my gathering professions - what toon do you use the farm?

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


My TuJ looks very similar. I lost 4 "friends" off my list when I logged on, and after searching, I now only have "two suspects" on my comments, I had 5 there had to have been a ban of some sorts for gathering bots....


My idea of cheap ore is 60g. I rarely ever see it dip below that, if it does, every bit is snatched up by yours truly. I just use a DK for my herbs/ore, and with zero competition, I was banking. Just wish I had a few more hours to continue.

I have a very small location I hit for my obsid/cinder route, and at the current 4.5min timer, I can rock very well if I am the only one in the area. =)

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Sadly, doesn't seem the same on my realm.

Apparently some bigger names were banned for using arch bots and such, but ore prices are still as they have been for a week or two.

Faid said... Reply To This Comment

Last night I'd noticed the exact opposite. Elementium had been creeping as low as 40g/stack lately with about 40 stacks available at the low prices at any given time. Last night there were literally 400 stacks under 37g each. Needless to say, my prospecting finger hurts.

I hopped over to the AH after reading this and found it's continued.See for yourself!

Also, that's a damn nice resto druid skirt; I think most sites list it as BiS-preraid. I paid 1500g for mine I think; my friend says he sold one for 3k.

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