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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

4.0.1 Jewelcrafting Recipe - Punisher's Band

What can I say that the title doesn't? Not much. Here's some screenies to tide you over....

Design: Punisher's Band

4.1.0 Punisher's Band

How did I miss a jewelcrafting recipe? Per my normal late night check of, what do I see but this nice little seems it will be available for the "probable" 5 Illustrious Jewelcrafter's Tokens. I wonder if the stats are worth the investment....

Now of course there has been chatter about Maelstrom Crystals, and how they are gonna tank on release of 4.1.0. Do you fall into that category? I don't. The prices aren't gonna fall to the floor. Heroics? I highly doubt that Blizz will just let us run, over and over, the new heroics. A cooldown of some sorts in definitely going to be locked in.

The PTR's just showed that the Crystals can be bought from a vendor upon release. For 3750 *Justice Points. Now it might just be me, but I don't forsee someone giving up a set of boots they can get 10-15K for so they can get a Maelstrom....but I could be wrong. Now these will give a bit more into the market, but I don't forsee them dropping from 2ish down to 500g or anything. At least not in the immediate future...

And for the new BoE mount? Wow. That is gonna be a gold sink. However I am really wondering if they can/will do that. A mount? That drops? That can be sold? I am still very hesitant on putting too much into that basket. I don't see it as a farmable drop, or even a rare drop, but more epicish, as in very, very low spawn rate. In any definition, I will be buying one when it hits the AH.

Thats really all I thinking about for 4.1.0, am I missing some theorycraft? Probably. But my brain isn't working too well this morning, it's still sleeping as I should be...

*Note to self. After re-reading this, I will do my best to post AFTER I take my "breakfast" adderall.


Foodie said... Reply To This Comment

Hey I thought this is some blog related to food, completely got deceived by the name of the blog.

Faid said... Reply To This Comment

Not sure why her link is any different, but if you mouse over Kaliope's link of the ring it actually has stats assigned, making it the only strength DPS ring for JCs to buy.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Hahahaha! Foodie....

Blog related to food? Ah. The recipe. Nah, sorry, it's a "virtual recipe". Deceived by Alto's Goldish Advice? Did you think I misspelled goulash or something? =)

Go to

Best. Recipies. Ever.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


Just checked your link, yeah, it looks like she covered it there....yesterday. I am such a bad blogger.

Kammler said... Reply To This Comment

I'm a bad blog reader I guess. I came here today for the buffet. Guess I missed it.

Yes, I say this ring will be worth the tokens. I think this ring will sell well but the new 359s coming out may depress future sales.

Maelstroms? I think you are spot on. Primordial Saronite held its value very well because the cost to get one competed with the value of the other items that the points could be used for. There may be some fluctuation but I don't expect the prices to come down a lot.

The long term question has to do with the chants that need multiple Maelstroms--I can't see the investment of 8k gold for a chant that will have to list for 10k or so--don't think they will sell at all.

Maelstrom chants will become a guild sponsored chant and not a gold seller's chant.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I think the Maelstrom Crystals are purchasable with Justice points, not Valor, which is a big distinction. That's what was stated in PTR patch notes, at least.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Yes maelstroms are indeed from justice points.
Regarding your idea of them adding a cooldown to the new heroics...
I totally disagree with your reasoning, but some of it is reasonable i guess.
However nothing indicating this has been mentioned anywhere, but clues to the opposite has been released.
Have a look at their explanations about the new weekly dungeon cap for example. It mentions running the new za dungeons several times the same day.

I would say they just add the new tier of dungeons to a seperate group in the lfg tool, so you either que for them or the old ones, like when you get in lvl range of tbc dungeons but can still que for classic ones.

They have never before added a cooldown besides the normal lockout from queing specific to the same heroic dungeon that you have already run once that day.

Granted, they have never added new tiers the same way they are doing this. But still, your argument for this is pretty thin.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

"But still, your argument for this is pretty thin."

This isn't the first and it won't be the last time that I hear that statement.

Either you feel what I am saying, or you don't. In this case, you obviously don't. It happens. I have not always been right, I have not always been wrong (although my guess is you would argue with that too).

Anyways, thanks for the anonymous comment!

Mishni said... Reply To This Comment

The usual daily heroic lockout will still be there, but it is circumvented by just queuing with the random Zul heroic button (the two new instances will be in their own tier and are queued separate from the original tier of heroics.

In this way these dungeons will be extremely farmable, and with this being the case I don't see a scenario where maelstrom prices don't plummet.

Random thought: Blizzard also stated they have itemized the place with quite a few hard to acquire slots, such as idols, wands, tank ranged weapons, etc. This sort of thing ends up being disenchant fodder sooner than the rest since they're rather niche -- just another source of free maelstroms.

tsuko@wasabi said... Reply To This Comment

little mistake in your title, you mean 4.1.0 ?

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