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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Whip It, Whip It Real Good! The 4.0.6 Uldum Herbalism "Nobody" Spot

As a continuance to my 4.0.6 post yesterday, it's 3am now and it's so hard to stop farming, as I have been hitting 4K per hour..... I think we have another round of "Happy Herbing", just like the beginning of Cata.

I was so busy farming mobs for the enchant and design drops that I didn't even check for nerfs on anything else. As I was working on my non-stop updated post from yesterday, Faids blog popped up on my screen, she was basically in a frenzy of happiness about the southern Uldum farming spot she was raking in the herbs with.

If you read my post from last night, you would see that I tried there, and there was too much competition, so I took my herbie/orie to farm up some Heartblossom in Deepholm. Did pretty well, however I didn't time any GPH. I was also picking up Elementium and Obsidium as I saw them, and was smashing a few mobs here and there, so it would have been a drag to try to figure it all out.

After finially grabbing a bite to eat around 10ish, I took a bit of a break, dropped my meta down to 75K (I got a call that my bud got one on ally side for 25K, and he learned it instantly, so that means two on my server alone in 12 hours of the patch being released. Now I know there are a TON of folks farming it, so that would affect the drop, but come on Blizz, I wanted something special).....wondering how rare it really is now.

I logged back in, and decided to hit Uldum to get some straight numbers for GPH for you guys to rate. I went to the southern tip (where Faid was farming) and I now know that everyone and their Tauren know about that place. It was a madhouse. I didn't get anywhere but frustrated. So I worked my way North to just below the damn. And hit the goldmine..

See all them little green circles? Yeah, nodes. A few of them it registered I hit 28 times. In two hours. Crazy? Loved every minute of it!

If you aren't familiar with where I am talking, it's smack dab in the middle'ish of Uldum. Everyone is hitting the upper "lanes" and the lower marsh, I figured I would hit the middle. And boy was I right. No one. A "once in a while" flyby was all I saw. Now this is when I enjoy farming. Plenty of herbs. No more Taurens! A few feet away from the node these buggers were already picking. I am tempted to spend $25 just to flip my herbie/ore toon to a tauren.

But even without the "Quickie Pickie" racial herbalism, I was still able to pull in 241 Whiptail and 144 Volatile Life in an hour. Total value on my server? 4100g. Not too shabby. In fact, I haven't seen that on a "simple" farm since the first two days of Cata release.

Now is where the whole Volatile Life stockpile comes into question. You know from reading my past posts, that is one thing that was around the blogosphere that I didn't fall into, but on my server that proved wrong, as the average price went from 8g pre-patch to 14 all afternoon (I did watch here and there, and it seemed that very few were selling, and after further investigation, it looked like a "bully" was buying out anything below him- keeping the price where he wanted it. Good job! Nice to see that!). 

Before logging off, it was rolling around 12g each, due to the fact that the farmers are dumping the AH (and the "bully" wasn't logged on to help it). I am hoping by midday it will be back below 10g, and when the rates get nerfed by Blizz on their hotfix (I believe as early as today), we will see them steadily rise, but I don't see them hitting 14 again. But I could be wrong. Again.

How did you all make out? My shadowspirit diamonds gained about 50g overnight, so that will help, and it's killing me not knowing what to do with that meta recipe. Still no horde has it, as none are in the AH. What do ya'll think?


Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

great post! I was wondering where your mob farming was in uldum so I can take advantage of the boost these treasure potions offer and of course the recipe drops! fyi I used one of the treasure finding pots and in one hour I managed to get 15 chests in hyjal!

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

scratch that I have been up all night! :) I meant hyjal not uldum... but I think I figured out the spot you were talking about! thanks for all you do the info is great and dead on!

Faid said... Reply To This Comment

I was mostly camping around there until some damn Tauren Druid came ninjaing my nodes. Q_Q

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks sergio!

Glad you found it! As I forgot that was a guest post I did at JMTC:

Alto’s Guest Post on JMTC

Alto’s Update on Guest Post Hyjal Location

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Awesome tip. Read it at work and came home and farmed till my herb bags burst with it. At my server's current rates I was doing 5K per hour.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Glad to hear it Anonymous, if that is your real name....are you a tauren with the "Quickie Herbie"? I know they are getting quite a bit more than us lonely folks that don't have that advantage.

The Gold Queen said... Reply To This Comment

So great, I sent my readers here to find out about it!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Must have been a software burp that took time to catch cause it's nerfed now... back to normal.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


You had to say that, huh? Damn. We all knew it was too good to be true....Well, you made me write a fresh post for today, so go check the update!

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

@ The Gold Queen.

Thanks! A little link love is always appreciated! You might want to add another or change the link to todays post, I just finished an update on it.

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