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Sunday, February 6, 2011

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While hanging around /2 this evening, I saw some interesting comments, along with some interesting names, and figured I would share them with here's you's go:


Believe it or not this cat was a level 60. I mean, what made him finially realize to change it?


  After reading this one, I laughed, actually out loud. Like not a lol. But really. And then I looked at his name. Not that it is really funny either, but for some reason, I laughed so hard that I stopped making noise. You know that laugh? Yeah, that one. BTW, did you know that Bud Light coming out of your nose feels like fire? Well, you do now....


I am not sure if this is a prayer, or if he thought he was typing this as an ad for eHarmony. The thing that bothers me is he posted this one a few times within a spam (err. I mean span) of a few minutes. That means he actually has this as a macro....


Now this one had nothing to do with /2, but I have some magnet on this toon when it comes to finding Blizzards errors.
 Take a glance to the left. Whaddya see?
You know what's coming next right? Yeah, it sold....

I got a feeling that my buyer didn't necessesarily look at the stats when he bought this. I do have a feeling that a blue ring with +0 stats does look better than a green one though... Amirite? =)


*If you happen to be one of these folks, leave a comment on this page (or send an in game mail from the character) and I will toss you some gold, since I couldn't really fuzz over, as this post would have been blank without you. Thank you......

By the way, the Faire is coming into town in a few, what does that mean to you? Do you have a game plan? Or don't really care, too worried about getting bets down on the Super Bowl?   


Jason said... Reply To This Comment

OMG. That is Hilarious! I laughed so hard at the second I scared the cat though...

As for the faire, I've never done a lot with it gold wise, however I may or may not be playing a little with the prices of inks on my server... it amazes me how many people don't check Black Fallow to Inferno Ink Prices, maybe some people think buying a port to Dal is too expensive/bothersome ? Wonder what the Faire after 4.06 will be like with more accessible Ink traders

Nev said... Reply To This Comment

It's the guild names that get me sometimes - I can't believe they get away with them unless people are so busy laughing they forget to report! My fav (well, it kinda would be, wouldn't it? lol) is 'Nine Inches Unbuffed' I mean, whaaaaa?

Sealskjaer said... Reply To This Comment

I've been making darkmoon cards like crazy on my scribe for the faire and so far have completed 8 full decks. Cha-ching!!

Vince said... Reply To This Comment

Faire started nice and early at midnight. I was the first one to put a DMC: Hurricane up, and decided I'd start the price wars at 50k. What happens next? Some guy puts up 3 at 20k each. Now I know that 50k is overpriced, but seriously, where's the sense of gouging? Where's the greedy goblin in him? I contemplated buying him out, but it might be a bit early in the week for that. So anyway, I have two Hurricane decks I managed to get for about 12k, and I'm really hoping to flip them into some serious cash.

As for the rest of the post, funny stuff again. I've seen that Jasper Ring bug too; not sure if it's just a display error from one of our many AH addons, or if the ring really doesn't give any additional stats.

Kammler said... Reply To This Comment

DMF has been good to me so far. Rather than trying to sell the decks I have been selling individual cards, 12 so far for just over 22k. I saved my Inferno Inks since last DMF. I also sold a Nobles Deck for about 1k and Inferno Ink for about 11k. So far 34k and counting.

Mastiff said... Reply To This Comment

I really enjoy reading your blog, I like how you get your information across, very easy to understand.

I just wanted to say thanks for turning me on to your gold guide! I just bought it this morning, and am already using some things I read about in there! Keep up the good work!

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

@ Syn,

I hear ya with the blackfallow, there are alot of folks that don't realize the flip there. I have a toon parked in dal for just that purpose. =)

@ Nev,
"Unbuffed"? lol...

how are they selling? there is all kinds of chat in trade about "200g to turn in your deck". Hmm.

@ Vince,
I can see his mindset, trying for a quick sale I imagine...Are they still on the AH? Did he sell them? Did you sell yours?

@ Kammler,
Great results! I am also selling the lesser decks for quite some profit, I had a post I made a few weeks back that I just realized I didn't post....oh well. I was getting the old cards for 5-40g each on the AH and stockpiling for just that reason. I have sold quite a few so far.... =)

@ Mastiff,
I try to do my best to keep my blog the "worst" out there! Glad you like it!

And thanks, but it isn't my gold guide! You can thank Markco at JMTC for that one.... I just picked up the Zygor leveling guide as well on my site, it has a cool "addon" for questing that is only available after purchase.

Sealskjaer said... Reply To This Comment

So far I've made 500g from selling turnins (2 @ 200g each, 1 @ 100g).
As for selling the actual cards, I'm having the same problem as Vince in that there are plenty of massive undercutters around looking for the quick sale. At this stage I'm gonna hold onto the cards for a bit as the price usually goes up after the faire ends and also look for other cheap cards on the ah to flip.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


Great to hear! Nothing like a bit of free money for ya! Did you sit in the Faire for peeps coming in or in Shatt?

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

The ring you sold simply removes its stats from the tooltip when you hover over it. The buyer gets the ring with appropriate stats, but WoW, for some reason, forgets stat allocation and item level budgeting on the random rings as soon as you no longer own the rings, even though it should be plainly obvious based on stat suffix and item level.

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