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Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Reflection on Gold Gone By....

For three months now I have talked about making gold. I wanted to make a post on spending it, and give you all an insight into how I got where I am today. Some folks get in the gold game because they want to buy BoE gear. Some folks are pet collectors. Some enjoy buying mounts. Some just want gold to hit the cap. I just wanted the ability to buy everything. Yeah, everything.....

*a cloud of dust appears around my head as I relive days of old....bear with me...

What got me into the gold game was not being able to have money when I wanted it. Scratch that. Needed it. Back in Vanilla, as I was leveling, I was around level 50'ish. I wanted (ok, needed) some blue gear outta the AH and could not afford it (sound familiar?). So I started farming. 

While farming Un'Goro Crater (for mining nodes and the skins of Dino's there), this cat whispered me wondering what I was doing there (he mentioned that he was amazed that I could do that at my level). After talking to him a bit, we got to be "in game" buddies. A few days later, I recieved a tell from him "i gotta get you to 60. Now". They needed a rogue for their raids, as the main DPS just quit playing. To make a long story short, he helped me level through to "cap" and start raiding. The issue I had was that I was undergeared. After quite a few runs in Blackrock Spire, I was powered enough to become a part of the "team".  Next thing I know, I am raiding three nights a week, 6-8 hours at a time.....

The main issue that I had was getting pots and food for the raids. It was at this time that I got into the gold game. Back then, there was little in the area of addons for goldmakers (that I knew of). So I did my homework, and started flipping items. Then flipping vendor items. I started rocking, as I was good at it. So while others were farming herbs for the raid pots, I was playing the AH and farming mobs.

After starting on AQ 40, there was a falling out in the guild. Half the folks left to start their own on another server, and out of the other half, a few quit, and a few stayed. At the time, I was involved with work, and was in the midst of a hiatus from the game. I didn't find this out until returning around two months later....The game started to get stagnant. But I then realized. I enjoyed the AH, and enjoyed the "solo" game.

I have to say, as a rogue, I had quite a few options...(a big one was for the crusader enchant, as that was a quick 300g in the AH. I had another that was to stealth in BRD for fiery enchant. Lord Incendius "stealth run" for the Ace of Elementals was another nice one...) Basically, I found out how to play alone. In a game that really isn't based on solo (at the time). Fast forward....not really sure, but I think around 10K was my worth nearing the end of vanilla.

BC was a blast. Once I was leveled, Hellfire Ramparts and Coilfang had a few chests that I could pick solo and get hella blues. Well, if you didn't count the lockout on 5 resets per hour....

Then there was farming the rare mobs for their respective drops. Another fun time. Once again, not 100% positive, but I know I was six digits going into......

Wrath. Well, I took quite a bit of time away from the game during this period, I think I played the first few weeks to a month, then off and on throughout. This was when the AH game took front and center, and became my priority. Receiving many a Glyphmas presents in my mailbox, selling the bullets and arrows for hella profit (no, I wasn't one of the hundred stack scammers, but I had stockpiled even back then on the mats, and had a bud make me a ton of them, for HUGE profits, as he was first one that had them on the server, and I offered him half my profits if he didn't make them for anyone else but me. Good deal. Really good deal..... =)

So now back to my first paragraph of this post. For some reason, I got rambling a bit, and kinda enjoyed reliving my "life" on WoW, thanks for listening...(if you are still reading).

Back to topic. I have a horrible habit of buying the "new, never seen" items that blizz tosses out to us. Now I am not talking about loot cards, that is different in my eyes. My addiction has always been the new "gold sinks" that blizzard releases to us:

Vanilla had the BoE drops from MC/ZG and the amazingly powerful "Twisting Never" (I mean nether)
BC added Haris Pilton Bags- Along with a premium to fly
Wrath Added Travelers Tundra Mammoth, Mechano Hogs-  and "cold weather" flight
Cata Introduced the Vial of the Sands- With a premium to fly once again

Did you fall into any of these traps? Or maybe the Kirin Tor rings? Or .......?

Now I am expecting to hear about your "gold sinks", as I can't imagine you haven't bought anything "fun". So lemme know!

*And for the record; please, please don't say Mysterious Fortune Cards . =)


Ven said... Reply To This Comment

For me it is just one item ,no pets i hate pets ,no companions ,no rings,armor, weapons, mammoths , just this one

I am that simple to please, and yes a have one ,and now i just need another to my new play thing my level 33 Warlock ,the problem will be to buy one maybe now nobody sell them .

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Sounds like a market you might want to check into....hows the mats on your server? =)

Nev said... Reply To This Comment

I've promised myself a chopper when I hit the old gold cap but other than two bits of epic gear on hitting 80 on my priest, I haven't spent any large amounts in game that weren't aimed at reselling for profit! Call me scrooge but my gold target is more important to me than those rare items that cost a fortune! If I've just spent a month (or 2 or 3) trying to hit a gold target, I'm not of the mind to blow a large chunk of it on something I don't need!

I do want the travelling mammoth with the vendors & the vial of the sands at some point - I do like my dragons, but that will be waiting while I gather mats & save for it.

Finger said... Reply To This Comment

Think it all started with all the gold i got from questing when tbc hit, i could afford the flying before alot of people did and after that i got pretty hooked on gold. Got 100 pets/mounts on my old main with chopper and all the mammoths. Retierd him and im now surfing a spectral tiger(old 40% but no real diffrence) and a Blazing Hippogryph and Tabard of the lightbringer on my new main. Golds good

Vince said... Reply To This Comment

Spent over 100k on BoE epics for both my Shaman's specs, got the Sandstone Drake too, and even the 310% flying! (I still think that's one of the dumbest gold sinks there is, 280% was good enough...) Now my rouge is 85, and I'm really really tempted to deck her out too. But I think I might PvP on my rouge, so that'll prevent me from dropping another 100k in Pve gear :) That's the majority of my gold sinks. As far as future ones go, I'm thinking of getting the Chopper for my Cow Spriest once he hits 40. I kinda like being flashy with my wealth sometime, and I think a lvl 40 with a Chopper epitomizes that. That might not be for a while though, and right now I'm just trying to work my way up to 500k. I'll probably splurge after that!

Vayaz said... Reply To This Comment

I'm rich, and in order to maintain that state, I'm not going to spend money on rather useless items that I don't need.

The only dream I'm going after is leveling a new character completely equipped in heirloom items (once they're released) and using Reigns of the Crimson Deathcharger on him the very moment he hits level 20. Then I'll ride all over the Barrens with that.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


I am a bit confused. First off you say that you would rather not spend on "useless" items, then in the next sentence you talk about buying the Crimson Deathcharger.

I wasn't aware there was a "use" for that..until now. It's for riding in the barrens. I used to think that all mounts worked there, but I am mistaken. Thanks for clearing that up! =)

iiimjiiim said... Reply To This Comment

I finally bought myself a chopper near the end of LK. I had been making quite a killing selling glyphs (back when 45 or 50g per glyph was high) and decided it was finally time to splurge.

To this day I don't regret it. That chopper is by far my favorite ground mound. (Shame we fly everywhere now because it hardly gets any use these days.)

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Spent around 400k+ on mounts and pets for gf and myself. That's the following multiplied by 2:
- Vial of sands
- Chopper
- Mammoths of all sorts
- rings, 24 bags, miriads of vanity pets and other rather useless stuff...


Admin said... Reply To This Comment


I feel you on the chopper. It gets more milage running back and forth from the AH to the bank to the JC daily then most folks use it in their lifetime. =)

For some reason, I like to jump it over everything. Ropes, rocks, steps, mobs, you name it. That by far is my favorite mount as well. Blizz did well on that one.


It's a good feeling when you don't have to worry about those purchases, huh?!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

For me I play the game primarily to raid, and play the AH only to help there. I did not play at all for the first few months of Cata... then when I had a few weeks off and decided to level I went from 5k gold to 30k gold, while buying every BoE for my class including a Hurricane card, Valor boots etc... for me once I have everything I want I loose all motivation to play the AH, though I figure I made about 70k in a few weeks while I did... maybe I'll go for the vile mount, we will see.

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