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Monday, February 28, 2011

I am Tired of Sherbert, Give Me Vanilla Please!

After I reposted my auctions in Org yesterday, I decided to check out some old "new" content, do some soul searching in the game, attempt on queueing up for a few randoms in the process.

I was thinking about doing one of my good ol' recipe/vendor runs, so I hit the FP with a destination unknown. Now since "The Shattering", they have moved a few things around, and I wanted to check on my ol route that I used to use for picking up and "flipping" items. This is a taste of the first part of my recipe snatch route:

So I start at Winterspring, and I noticed very few changes. It's as if Blizzard forgot about it. There are a few mobs in the area that are new, but nothing too major. Blah. So I go into town, and pick up a few recipies there (no, not the hammer):

After grabbing them, I go off searching for anything new (again). I go to my farm spot for Icy Chill Enchant (which I believe they took out of the game) and see a few new mobs there, do a quick wowhead check, and see they are nothing special, so I move on...As I work my way across the frozen plains, I happen to see yet another Silverbound Treasure Chest tucked away under a tree.....

Nothing major inside, but an easy 150g worth of sales, so notta sosa badda..

After opening the chest, I decide to get back to town and re-up the limited recipies, then take the FP to Moonglade, as that is Stop II.. The Formula: Runed Arcanite is a "blocker" when leveling up Enchanting, so it's a defitnite pick. And if you have no competition, an easy 100+ gold profit. =)

Right across the room, there is a little purple haired queenie selling her wares, and once again, you can make a bit of coin by conning her out of her limited items she carries:

Now this has been a seller since back in the original WoW for me. Geenia will carry a limited either "green" or "red" Hanbok, and basically all these sell around the 20ish gold price. Yeah, that means don't buy the "royal", as you will be lucky to get your funds back (and for that matter, I won't buy the Dark Green either). For quick sales, you might go with the 10-15g means with the White Hanbok, but the limited red or green will be a more consitent sale, as it is a more "rare" item.

If you haven't already, go out and getcha Vanilla Cone, and enjoy the profits!


Vayaz said... Reply To This Comment

Even though wowhead still lists the Icy Chill recipe (0.4% chance), I too think that it has become quite rare.
Good for me that I stocked up on them before the Cataclysm hit! *sigh of relief*

Ven said... Reply To This Comment


The Mysales report wend the way of the cuco,wend the new patch arrived but i sold some of those babys during the Festival,during that time the travel to there was fast ,shame i didn't go more .

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


I am wondering if it's still dropping there. I think they pulled that recipe out of the game...


I must have missed that one, but I still would have done this post anyways....If you feel the need to link when there is a similar topic, you go right ahead. I wrote this post as a part of a topic, not that by itself. So here is my Erm back... =)

Alto vs. WoW Blogs

Ven said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Alto sorry for the shameless link ,it was just to show that sometimes even i have good ideas , Didn't want to be rude or anything similar :).
I take my ERm back and please post at will ,i love all you posts^^.
Sometimes i post so fast i do not even think about what the hell i am doing :).

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Its' all good brother! No harm, no foul!

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