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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Flippin' Recipies - No Noggenfogger for You! *And.....4.1.0 on PTR!

Just before posting this morning, Blizz just added patch 4.0.1 on the PTR. While this is both good and bad news for some, (especially those selling current epics). The positives are in the test realm, you need a i354 to queue for the new heroics, so I can see the crafted epics and BoE's to start selling a bit better as people want to be the first to get into there...even into the patch.

The bad is, well, they are only telling us a little bit so far. Now before you freak out about the return of ZA in heroic form, note that they announced you will not have a chance to grab any of the bears that dropped originally....ho hum.

For the PTR notes, feel free to check with wowhead, as there isn't enough out yet to utilize a full post!

This post is directly involved with my Coaching program that you see me advertise above this post and on a seperate page. You see, a few weeks ago, I had a customer that had used the program, as he was having issues making gold and couldn't find niche no matter how hard he tried, he would only make a few K's a week. He mentioned that since our appointment, he is sitting around 240K (the highest he has ever been) and it would be 360K yet he bought a Spectral Tiger...nice, huh? Well enough with the advertising there, lets get to the point. I keep in contact with these folks, as they know there is an open end on my side for further questions, so I get quite a few emails and skypes from them asking a question or two, or just updating me on what's up......

Earlier this evening, I saw my Skype pop up saying I had a message, and I thought I would share [with you] a brief conversation I had with him:

[8:05:21 PM] Hmm quick question, I made 4 BoE's for about 8-9k, I sold one for 4k, this guy said he'd give me 3k for a BoE chest? a bit low u think?
[8:06:26 PM] Altos Goldish Advice: yup. whats the AH price? How much did you spend on your mats for that one?
[8:07:11 PM] in AH its 4.5k. I said id go 4k, and he said 3k, the orbs were 300g a piece, so thats 900g there.
[8:07:23 PM] I farmed the fires, and bought like 20 of the airs around 15g a piece.
[8:07:41 PM] Altos Goldish Advice: tell him meet in the middle. 3.5K.
[8:07:45 PM] ok
[8:08:33 PM] Sold 2 wyrmhide pieces today, One for 1k and the other for 800 =]

[8:09:12 PM] Altos Goldish Advice: nice, things are rocking. those are selling faster than i thought! you get more up right away?
[8:09:22 PM] yeah, I relisted the ones that sold.
[8:10:05 PM] I've noticed the Corded Viper belt I get alot of whispers for that, I've sold around 4-5 of those so far I think.
[8:13:15 PM] I've got 39 arcanite crystals, I was thinking of turning those into arcanite bars. cus theres hardly any of those on the AH. But I think it might be hard to find a alchemist with that pattern.

[8:14:45 PM] Altos Goldish Advice: a unlimited recipe in tanaris....
[8:14:59 PM] The arcanite bars?
[8:15:23 PM] Altos Goldish Advice: the transmute
[8:15:35 PM] Yeah, i've asked like 3 xmute masters.. none of them had the formula.
[8:15:45 PM] Altos Goldish Advice: go buy it for them...
[8:16:02 PM] Altos Goldish Advice: they will appreciate it. they are cheap.
[8:16:09 PM] I never knew it was a recipe in tanaris.
[8:16:32 PM] Altos Goldish Advice: see, i am good for something once in a while
[8:16:38 PM] Altos Goldish Advice: haha
[8:16:41 PM]  lol =]
[8:20:35 PM] Altos Goldish Advice: btw, dont' forget to pick up a few on the AH and sell em. You just made my post for tomorrow... =)
[8:21:27 PM] Oh.. that might be smart, buying a few of those patternsposting them on AH, then ask for a xmute master to buy the pattern on the ah?
[8:21:30 PM] =]

[8:21:59 PM] Altos Goldish Advice: nah, if they are your buds, just toss em one for doing it for you. then gouge the AH for 100g.
[8:22:07 PM] Yeah
[8:22:11 PM] Altos Goldish Advice: you got the right idea!
[8:22:25 PM] How many would you suggest buying?
[8:23:08 PM] Altos Goldish Advice: I would buy 5 and toss up one at a time.

Now I hope you are understanding where this is going. Since Cata, and really since Wrath, there have been quite a few people that have "powerleveled" professions, and didn't take the time to get the un-needed recipies for their prof. And you can see from the conversation, he had checked with three of   them on his server, and none had the Recipe: Transmute Arcanite.

This reminded me to do the same. Tanaris has always been a hotspot (really any of the "neutral" AH locations are as well) but I am foucusing on Gadgetan.

Instead of saying, "go here, buy this, go there, buy that, bla, bla, bla, you are just gonna cruise around, and buy everything. Limited items pick up the one, and the other recipies/formula/patterns, grab a stack of five. Make sure that your bags are empty, as they add up quite fast...if they fill, there is a mailbox nest to the inn to utilize.


Jim had a great tip on grabbing vendor goods, there is an addon that's available called Recipe Profit, and as long as you are using Gathermate, it will show the limited supply vendor recipies to your mininmap. Thanks for the comment Jim!

Now there are others, I just didn't get all the screenshots, you know the drill. The main focus we have is the Transmute Arcanite. Now of course, you want to check your AH and see if they are up for sale, and I can basically say that unless you have die hard vendor snatchers, you will probably be rolling solo. Mark the price with what you feel fair (I just said a straight 100g, but do your bidding, you can choose is tought to go with too much more than that, just try to keep one listed at all times).

Oh, before I forget to tell you, don't you forget your Noggenfogger while you are there. Can't forget that. Don't forget that. Now that you have stock, go find the Time Lost Proto Drake..... =)


The Gold Queen said... Reply To This Comment

Oh Alto you rock, thanks for reminding us about them! I had wondered what would happen to the haliscan patterns after we lost steamwheedle port.

No blog from me today guys, I'm off to Gadgetzan!

Jim said... Reply To This Comment

Great tip. To go along with this, I'd recommend the RecipeProfit addon, which adds limited supply vendor recipes to your minimap tracking (requires GatherMate). Makes it so easy to pick up easy flips while you're just going about your normal routine.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

The new heroics drop 353 gear, but only require 346 to que. Your point is still valid, but the range between the required gear and the rewards is a little broader.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Glad I could help GQ!

Thank-you for the tip, I will update up top!

Thanks for updating Anony, I was still sleeping when I posted. =(

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