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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Alto's Readers Choice- Part I - Leveling, Drops, AH, And Noobish Mistakes

I am going to have to say, this is more of an undertaking than I thought. Don't get me wrong, I actually enjoyed the questline this time in Ebon Hold, and it's very well possible that I had skipped over some, or they have changed since I started my first DK.

While I was playing a shade here and there, I was thinking to myself all the things that people commented on. What they wanted to see, what they didn't and starting drawing up a gameplan in my head. Obviously, people didn't want to see me leveling. That is a given, as that is not what my blog is about. But that is part of the process, unless he is just going to flip items in the AH.

Now some of you might have rolled DK's before, so you are aware that you start with some gear (10c vendor if you were wondering the worth), a "blizz powerleveled" 55, and 20s. Not much in terms of cashflow. But we will get back to that soon enough.

My Ding at 58. Three levels in 2.5 hours. Could be better, but not too shabby.

 After finishing the questline in Ebon Hold and hitting 58, I turned my attention (and the quest wanted me to) go to Org through a portal. Once I got there, I was relieved, as I could then repair my gear (6g- it was red....near the end there is a questline that you smash some Scarlets in a big brawl, and due to my bad luck, I kept getting bounced back into the Scarlet Enclave and have a nice Skully demolish me in one hit. This happened five times. Noobish. I guess it could be my sleep deprived body, but I feel it was a glitch. So sue me....

So my first decision was to pick up two gathering professions to assist with my bankroll, so I hit up both the herb and the mining trainers. I needed a break, so afterwords, I hit the AH and run a quick scan while I BRB. I come back, the scan is done. I pull up Auctioneer to check on vendor items (you can see from the pic I am at 26g and change currently.

For those that aren't familiar with the vendor "snatch" function, it's very simple. First you go to the search tab on the bottom of the AH, then immediately go to the left side (under the auction goblin's picture), and there will be a tab for Searchers, and you will go down to where it says vendor and quick-click on it. Now you are wanting to type in a "Minimum Profit", and in this case, I did 20s.
Then go back to the left and see the red Search button? Hit it. To my surprise, three stacks of Eternal Water popped up on the screen. Profit 2g per stack, so a freebie 6 gold to Alto!

I had mentioned earlier that I am leveling up mining and herb at the same time to streamline my goldflow till I am able to work the market on the sever, then I will become more "crafting" profession oriented. When I first trained in Org, I ran out front (no, I didn't /duel anyone...) and started to level up.

I pick a herb, see another dot on my minimap, and go to the Copper it might be a bit hard to see in the picture, but yeah, I forgot to pick up a mining pic. Go freakin figure...I think througout this process thus far I am really getting dumber (I wasn't too sure that was humanly possible, but this is proof positive).

About 15 minutes later, I came to the conclusion that this project has made me a bit "dumberer" than I was previously, but no matter how stupid I get, I still have my memory... Takk's nest is nestled in the Upper Barrens, and last I was aware, it's a floater. Never in the same spot twice, and it used to be next to a "rare" spawn of a dinosaur. Basically, I used to run out Org's front step, roll around to near this area (see pic above for location) and circle around the mountain there, to look for the "off color" dinosaur.

Then Blizz changed the drop of the pet to an egg nest (which you can see in the pic of me looting). Basically all you need to do now is mouse over the "egg-nests" and if you see a little gold cogweel appear instead of your normal cursor, you found the spot. Now these pets I used to farm, so I will keep you updated on the locations as I level up my gathering profs. Back in Wrath, they were a 1K pet for quite some time, even hitting 2K at times, however since Cata, they are stumbling around 150-200g on most servers. So if you are leveling, it's a viable farm, but there are much better ways to gain at higher levels.

Till tomorrow folks!

Now I want to hear from this what you were expecting? Are you missing my gold posts yet? Remember, you guys are choosing what to do on these, so you gotta let me know:

Do you enjoy this style of post?
Do you want more information on what I had posted on the AH so far?
which I will update this post in the morning what has sold overnight
Or kill off this project, as you don't care for it, and get back to the Gold Posts?

My guess is you will hate one, think about the other, and make a mix of another. Did I guess right? Get them fingers clicking on your keyboard and help me help you!


Jason said... Reply To This Comment

So far so good alto. keep going imo. I look forward to see what you're doing with your "start-up" fund. :)

Dave said... Reply To This Comment

Good Job Alto. Makes me want to make my own DK and follow your steps.

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

I like it.

Nev said... Reply To This Comment

Even though I did something similar myself, it's still interesting for 2 reasons a) you've been playing a lot longer than me so I guess you've forgotten more than I even know & b) I've never seriously played horde so I'm curious to see how different your experience is from mine!

Keep going a bit longer at least! Don't forget you can do updates every few days rather than every day - that way you can keep gold posts coming & this project too, lol :)

Kammler said... Reply To This Comment

I like what you are doing. I'm sure I will learn some tricks. For example, I never knew about the Leaping Hatchling pet you wrote about.

As Nev said you can do both if you want to.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

My first move on MY DK was to take my 50G (maybe there WERE some quests you missed) on a vendor run through Thunder Bluff (where I like to bank), but I also had no intention of leveling or farming, so...different strokes.

I agree with the rest of the comments, though, I'm interested in reading more about this. Thanks, Alto.

Stede said... Reply To This Comment

As long as thing doesn't devolve into yet another "Look how I started with X gold and ended with Y gold on a low level toon just from flipping stuff on the AH" series, I'm going to enjoy the hell out of it.

^ Had my coffee before posting, but my personal bias against Auctioneer, it's preschool-clunky interface, and flipping in general is strong today.

Tip: Invest in Morton salt today - you're gonna need it if you plan to read my comments :)

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for the comments guys/gals!

Morton Salt? I must be missing something Stede....

Stede said... Reply To This Comment

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Takk himself still spawns, but he has a larger area that he spawns in and the times that I've found his nest he hasn't been anywhere close to it. I still hunt him down and kill him anyway since I know his path, but so far he hasn't been near it at all.

The increased spawn rate of vanilla rares also happened to the nests, so the pet is much more common than it used to be, so I'm selling it on Alliance toons thanks to an alt I have sitting in Ratchet that kills the six rare spawns between Ratchet and Takk's nest, sends the goods to my main and then logs out.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Nice psynister,

I haven't messed with the old rares as much as I used to. Are you seeing a lesser spawn time then? Or better loot? Or a bit of both? It would be nice to know...

Also, I used to use a rare finder addon (all is broken but BC mobs), are you utilizing it or just from memory? I am waiting for one for Cata, however I haven't really searched for one yet.

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