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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Alto vs. World of Warcraft Blogging

Patch day. What I normally do today is when I have a minute, I read through my blogroll, leave a few comments here and there, click on a few ads to help some bloggers when I like their topics (my way of saying thanks!) and write a fresh topic (not like I don't have a few backups, but this one will be posted live).

I am not posting a gold topic today, as I got extremely frustrated reading comments left on a fellow blogger's Guest Post on an extremely popular blog. I left a comment there, but decided to go a bit further with it, and felt that here is a great spot to do it. I might offend some of my readers, I might not, but I need to get this out there:

The Reasons I Started

One of the reasons I started blogging was after reading some top blogs out there, I felt that they were missing something. Me (I know, that sounds like I am being conceded, but I will add on this later). I started at the beginning with my favorite farming spots, then got more into the AH game, what to look for, what to buy/sell, and finially I decided on just writing about what I do daily: if I look at patch/hotfix notes, if I farm mobs somewhere, if I am doing a new style of an old AH trick, you name it, if I do it, I write it.

So in other words, you get a taste of how I am where I am (one server, just shy of cap, spread on three toons, net worth fluctuates, but around 1.3m currently, with 900K liquid). Now I am not a writer by any means, and make quite a few errors, but I feel I get my main point across to you folks, and that is my goal.

My Take on Blogs- Others and My Own

As I wrote in my comment earlier, Bloggers are like newscasters. In wow, there are only so many things you can do. You start to see overlaps of the same processes. How about the Obsidium Shuffle? I think every blog hit on that. Or 4.0.6? Shit, when it was first talked about a month ago, I wrote on it, and I hope that you folks take the time to look back on them, but I haven't wrote a blog dedicated to them since. Why is that? Because I didn't read it. Not in my daily ritual. See where I am going? Some people prefer FOX news for their viewing pleasure, some like CNN, ABC, NBC, etc.

They all cover the same information, but some cover it differently. You might have one taking from a desk, very educated I might add, talking with a picture adding to his/her commentary. There is another that uses video. And yet another interviewing folks on the street. Then you have what I feel my blog is, "in the field". I am out there. I am doing it. I screen shot to explain my process. And why did I decide to do it that way? Because that's what I was looking for in a blog about WoW. And didn't find one. Hence the "me" above. I wasn't being conceted by any means, but even though I write all my posts, belive it or not, I still go back on my own and read them. Call it forgetful memory, or stupidity, but I read them and don't even really register that I wrote it. That might not make sense to you, but it does to me.

My Take on Comments

This is what made me write this today. Back to what I hit on earlier, I was reading comments on JMTC, a fellow blogger Kammler had a guest post on JMTC. Well written. I was going through the comments and everyone had their two cents on the post. Some were hating, some were loving, others hated on Mage. Now reading these, I agreed on some, disagreed on others:

*   One bashed his grammar. Grammar Police. I get it. When I was reading his post, I didn't think about that. I was reading his take on the topic of the article. Notice I said "his" take. But, that is what they saw in the post. This bothers some, others can give a shit...

*   A few of them bashed his thought process. What he felt the topic meant to him. That is a thing us bloggers deal with. People have different viewpoints on EVERYTHING. "Well, I do it this way, so it's right, and everyone else is wrong". I fall into that trap sometimes, because when I do something and it works, I say to do it that way. If someone comments to do it another way, well, that what works on their server. No hating, just a different view on the same topic. CNN vs. Fox.

*   There was a bash towards Mage not reading other blogs before posting on his (Markco's) blog, that this post has been out in the blogosphere three times already. Now I feel I keep up on other blogs, but somehow I missed the three post part. That would bother me too, if I was expecting fresh information from JMTC, and I got hit with something like that. But, I wouldn't comment about it, just not how I am. On the flipside of this, I haven't seen this article yet. If it wasn't for JMTC, I wouldn't have seen it, and had a chance to read it's content. JMTC has an easy 5-10K (probably more, just guessing here) reads a day, and Kammler's blog has a small percentage of that (once again, just a guess). I feel that I am correct when I say that's why Markco does that, he wants other blogs to be known by his readers too (I get almost 50% of my readers referred from JMTC- so I know this and have thanked him often for that.).

*   Another comment said something I love, they were basically asking for Markco's "two copper" on the post. The reason I started reading JMTC was for the fact that I loved the way Markco supplied his information to me. Great insight, great writing, well thought out. I would enjoy seeing his comments on guest posts. So Markco, if you read this, know there is one more vote for you to do that.

Learning from Comments

Quite a few times, when you folks leave comments, I learn from them. Many times, if a comment is viable and works, I will *edit my post to add that information, so the masses that don't read comments can see this great tidbit of information (that I either left out, or that is new to me- I never claimed to have the "best" wow information, as you know from the title of my blog). In a perfect world, everyone that reads my posts would write a comment. Now there is my goal. Too bad I have zero control on that one.....

Double Posts with No "Link Love"

Once again, another pet peeve of mine. I will write a post, and a few hours later see someone cover the exact same topic. At times, word for word. Like they took mine, copy and pasted, and added a few other things. I read it, get pissed, and soon get over it. If they don't have something to cover and have to "steal" my post, at least give me a link to my page. Fuckers. Excuse that if you are offended. This just really pisses me off to no end....
Now on the flipside of this, I have been guilty of my own pet peeve. Now I do my best to view my WHOLE blogrolls posts, there are times when I miss things. Just last week I did a post (OreCrusher) and there were two different bloggers that already posted this information, one I knew about (so I gave the link love), and one I didn't remember where I saw it (and added an update after they commented). I hope I didn't bother anyone, but that "for instance" falls back on my comparing ABC to NBC to Fox News. Three different viewpoints. And due to my style, I don't think I caused hate by anyone, as all my posts are my viewpoints, using my own screen shots, with my own information inside.


Ok, a few other things here. One, bloggers that are against the "ads" that are used. So if you don't have ads on your page you are better than those that do? Cmon. Ok, I agree. You are better than me for that. Happy? I have ads on my page. I will always have them. Cmon, 21 bucks for a 60day gametime card? Yeah, Amazon baby. I buy em, do you? Cheapness. Once again, something I saw that I am showing the masses. Buy gold here? Nah, google adwords, you are wrong. My readers dont want a diamond ring. They want wow gold, and they want to make it themselves, not buying it from you and getting the banstick....

Last one, I promise....Those that think blogging is a popularity contest. Hating on other blogs, while promoting others. Really, I don't care one bit which "club" you are in, if you are an "elite" member somewhere, and "brag" about it constantly. If that is what makes you happy, by all means, be proud of it. But don't lose readers because you talk about it almost every post. Or do lose them. It's up to you.


So overall, the whole Alto vs. WoW blogging got canceled. No fight card. We are buddies. And will continue to be. I am sure I didn't cover some scoops on blogs, and overcovered others. It happens (probably due to ADHD and Adderall- or just the fact that this post was written in two hours, when in all reality with no distractions would have been 30 minutes).

I do want to reiterate my "sorry" to all my readers that were expecting a gold'ish post from me. I guarantee you will get some "hot of the press" scoops on the patch today later this evening. I will make up for this rambling I had this morning. Promise. Pinkie swear. Oh, speaking of swearing, I used a bit of profanity, and sorry if that bothered you, but sometimes I don't have a better word for it.....

Now it's your turn. Comments. 3........2.........1.........GO!


nimn said... Reply To This Comment

Alto, I don't generally post comments (nor actually visit most sites due to rss) but I clicked through to this one, and clicked on some of your ads as well. The reason is because I've seen this type of post before, generally preceding a 'farewell' type of post. I really enjoy reading your blog, and compare what I'm doing in game to what you do. Your thoughts about stuff makes me reconsider what, and why, I'm doing what I'm doing, and leads me to examine other ways that I could adapt strategies to something else that I'm not currently trying.

I guess this is just a 'kudos, keep up the awesome work' type of post, for whatever that's worth. But I really hope you do.

Stede said... Reply To This Comment

Ah, Alto... Last week I got flamed for my guest post at JMTC because it had already been posted on my blog for just under a week.

I got the same comment on my blog and on the guest post at JMTC. I deleted the one on my blog, and I've turned on comment moderation.

I directly addressed the comment on JTMC. People have different ways of doing things. I'm wrong fairly often on my blog, and I appreciate when other folks let me know - I acknowledge my mistake, their contribution, and make the correction. But I don't take BS.

Double posts and no link love happens. My frustrations with this have caused me to step away from my blog for a break more than a few times. Sometimes, hot topics will just get a lot of press, and the first to publish a post on them doesn't deserve a link to a wider, public discussion. Other times, particularly with guides, spreadsheets, in-depth analyses, etc - it's tough to see no credit given.

While we're talking about it - I remember there was a comment you left on my blog back when we were all hopping on the Obsidium Shuffle / DE gravy train. I hadn't been trying to deprive you of a link or anything - that post was just off the top of my head. I'd honestly been looking very closely at the shuffle for awhile. I hope there's no issue there. You know that you're always welcome to post a link to any related articles you have in the comments at Venture LLT.

In other news, bloggers are people, too. Good luck with your post later today, man - I haven't felt like I've had much to contribute lately. The blogosphere has 4.0.6 pretty well smothered.

Faid said... Reply To This Comment

Yes, I'm commenting about your comment about a comment. o.O

Just going to toss this out there about the "grammar police." I usually hate seeing people nitpick, and I'm not sure exactly what post you're talking about so I'm only speaking in general terms here. Mageshadow's grammar and spelling are awful; I read through JMTC posts lately and think "Wow, spellcheck only takes one button." Mispelling a word or two? It happens; I myself am prone to horrid typos at times. But mispelling words in your titles? Using wrong versions of homophones, wrong words altogether, etc. I'm not saying "he's stupid" or anything of the sort, it's just . . . it comes off as very unprofessional. Everyone has their own writing style, surely. I started a sentence here with the word "but," which I'm pretty sure is a no-no. But blatant spelling errors in headlines?

That said, I don't comment about it and haven't brought it up before today because, regardless of the typos and errors, the information's still good, why nitpick? But understand people may be less the trade-trollish grammar Nazi's you may be used to if your server is like mine, and more annoyed at how unpolished JMTC looks lately.

That said, I agree with pretty much everything else put in here. I wish there were more link-love to common topics (Please, if you see me lacking link love of your posts, lemme know!) because it would also give more takes, as you've said, on the same topic as well as just seem nice. =]

Also, I'm not sure if the ad thing was a jab at my post from a while back, but regardless, I'll say this: I'm pretty much like you on the issue. I'm happy with the way I design my blog, be it with ads or without, and that's my prerogative just as your ads are yours. I just want to thank you for having relatively relevant and . . . "proper" ads. On a few sites I've seen there's what I assume are randomly assigned adsense ads that DO want people to buy WoW gold and likely then get their accounts hacked. THAT is what irks me about ads; that at least a few blogs I've often found with advertisements inviting their users to violate the ToS, ya know?

Jason said... Reply To This Comment

Well said Alto! (profanity and all, I tend to curb mine because I swear like a sailor.). I find too many people already being skeptical of "gold makers" and gold bloggers doesn't help either. I mean having a gold blog like mine, or yours is pretty much the anti-thesis of our whole process, we play the ah, farm, utilize patches to our gold advantage, and then we give it away for "free" on our blogs. Perhaps people are looking for a reason to shoot holes in our methods or what have you, because of some messed up need to be better than the "pro's"

Truth is we might not all be CNN, I'm more local access, the difference for the bastards that look down on us because of how we write is simple : we might not be the best, we might not be a major network, but unlike a lot of the haters, we put it in words. we have a blog that is PROOF we're not afraid to get it out there and let you rip it apart.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

@ nimn,

Thanks! I appreciate it! And in no way am I gonna stop blogging anytime soon. Just had a few things to get off my chest after seeing the haters on that JMTC post. The comments section on all blogs will have that, so that's something we live with. I personally enjoy both hate and love on mine. But when someone else gets blasted it gets my goat for some reason...Don't worry, not going anywhere. I got too many readers relying on me! Thanks again!

@ Stede,

Once again, I missed another article. I did see it on your LLT, but I missed the post on JMTC. Good thing I already read it! =)
That follows one of my points up above, you are like Kammler, me and a slew of other bloggers that don't get near the viewers that JMTC does, so what does it hurt? Nothing. Sweat off your brow I imagine. You do a great job with your posts (very time consuming, probably one of the top "detailed" bloggers out there), don't let one putz jack you up. Keep posting. MORE OFTEN!!!

@ Faid,

You put it in words better than I did. I am disappointed as well, but I think only because there are getting to be so many more great blogs, we now have more to compare to. I think Mage had a huge undertaking by "owning" JMTC.

I also think Markco might have stepped away too quickly, and needs a bit more input. After all, I think he said he is still like the "CEO" or something. Right? Yeah, he is doing great things like the coaching program, other blogs, his guide, but if JMTC falls behind, they will too.

No, I wasn't jabbing at you (I am not even sure what you are relating to), as I have seen quite a few folks mention about the ads on their site. Truthfully, you can't make money off WoW blogs. Not enough to quit a day job at least (unless you are Markco). Since my start in Oct/Nov, I have made around $150, and if you figure all the time I put into it, god, I made maybe $1 per hour. Maybe. But by helping out folks, maybe they click an ad here and there to get me a few pennies, and keep me extra motivated to post consistently. Free money is good, and when it's from doing something you enjoy, even better!

As for my ads, I try to keep them relevant, but most adsense ads go off of keywords, so I have no power over picking and choosing. I have blocked 5 websites so far about buying gold, and I am sure I will have plenty more. Thanks for your comment, I appreciate you taking the time to write it!

HAHAHA! local access. Classic. I think I am like the neighbor a few houses down that has a "conspiracy theory" AM radio station (that only reaches our subdivision), I don't even qualify as local access, but maybe someday I will reach the masses. Until then, I will continue to give you the "worst" wow information I can provide!

Thanks everyone for your comments, I was hoping I would get some good ones, and it worked!

*For my last two cents before I kill out 4.0.6, I want to say we have a great group of bloggers out there, and I don't want anyone to see it as we are competing, but look that we are all partners in a big corportation.

Whether we hang out by the watercooler and bullshit, or we are all in the conference room, we need to stick together. Am I wrong to think that? I don't think so.

If I read your blog, you are going on my blogroll, and I expect the same in return. Or is that greedy of me? I think not. I check my traffic daily, and if I see a new blog on there (happens quite a bit) that tossed me a reader, you are going on my blogroll (32 and counting- in case you don't know, if you don't see your blog, it's been too long since your last post. If you don't see your blog on there, toss me an email or link in comments!). =)

Good luck to all of you and lets' keep pumping the info out, whether you are the first or the last to hit on it, take your time, make the read worthwhile, show me screenshots, and don't forget the link love!



Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

I Came looking for a Fight and got none :p

I Think i agree with all of what you have said but where to start

Ads - yea I don't have them on my blog( well google ads ) as It didn't fit into the cosmetics but I have blended them in on my new site . But i agree we should if we can .

Grammar/spelling - Ok mine is probably the worst here yet people read i have received a few comments and mails about it :)

Double posting - Yea This bugs me too you spend ages on a post then someone else does it with no mention or not even saying I read this somewhere else - So cheers about orecrusher

Style - We all have different styles at the moment Seems i have fallen into the Guide writing style and I am hoping to get back to other stuff again soon

Comments - Yea sometimes there hash and there really not needed I have had a few . But just remember that your not blogging for them its your story your record for ever one that is negative how many are unspoken that you have helped or impacted on .

Guest Posts : I Generally Like to write a introduction when I am lucky enough to have a gust on my blog , just makes sense to me .

Well nice post and Wonder how bad my grammar was above


Admin said... Reply To This Comment


Sorry about that, I just figured it went along with my previous "vs" fight night posts, hope I didn't "bait and switch" ya!

If I hit a post and see that others have too, I do my best to link love them unless it's the "cut and paste" type of thing. I will still post, because once again, a different viewpoint. But that's how I roll. (see how ganksta I am?) lol.

Wooop, Wooop! *thats the cops in your rearview....hahaha! Don't worry, I am already pulled over by another ahead of you. Maybe our court dates will be the same day and we can get em tossed out!

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

I just wanted to say thanks for the news analogy. I had never thought of blogging in theat context before.

Kammler said... Reply To This Comment

@ Alto: I know you are using my post as a springboard into the larger ocean of blog commentary. Still, it was nice to get the feedback from you. I like props, and I’m glad you liked the article.

I don't find blogging to be a formal writing effort--sorry, just my take. Therefore, typical conventions like 'don't start a sentence with a conjunction' shouldn't apply. ((To be fair I think an argument can be made that it is acceptable to do so, but that is irrelevant.))

Blogging is more like speaking with a friend—informal conversation. Friends say “you can do this” instead of “one can do this”. Unless one lives in Hyannis.

I find misspellings and grammar errors particularly annoying when I write them. The misspelling in the title was unforgivable. I made corrections to the article but for whatever reason never corrected the title. And Mageshadow didn’t give me a ‘head’s up, I’m posting your “Arthur” thing Monday’. It just went up. I would have triple checked it otherwise. Still, no excuse. (<<<fragment, lol).

@ Stede: love your content. I don’t find double posts that annoying myself. I regularly see the JMTC Carnival posts on the authors’ site as well as the Carnival site. No biggie. Like you, I appreciate having an error pointed out. I’m happy to fix it. And if I don’t give link love let me know. I surely try.

@ Faid: love your content too. I addressed the grammar and spelling already above. I don’t know if you are generally saying ‘homophones are an issue’ and ‘wrong words are an issue’, or if you found something objectionable in my post. If so, let me know. ‘Their’ and ‘there’ errors are a pet peeve of mine. As far as ads go, I prefer not to use them. Just a preference—and to your point, a symptom of being perhaps less professional than you. (<<<fragment)

@ Syn: nice comment. Well said. I agree completely. Love a good brawl.

@ Zoxy: no worries, love the content and appreciate the link love. Thanks for the support.

@ all: I blog because I enjoy writing on various topics. It means infinitely more to me that fellow bloggers found my content good than what “Anonymous” had to say. Ekg., if one of you commented “dude, you were off base and really out of sync, your examples suck and btw, your grammar is very 4th grade” I would have been upset, but would have respected my peer (is it fair to consider myself a peer?) for having said something.

I could give a rat’s ass about criticism of my style. But let’s discuss the content.

Imo there has been insufficient discussion about opportunity cost and how that affects pricing. I tried to fill that void and wanted to do so in a way that clearly illustrated the principle. Yeah, I may have failed with an analogy that really didn’t fit. But did it make people continue reading? If so, then bad choice, good result. (<<<fragment).

I don’t post a lot of info but I do read your blogs and comment when I feel so moved. I like the community and enjoy it for what it is—a group of people writing about a game, willing to stick out a chin and risk a punch in the mouth by fail-trolls. You guys are the backbone—Kammler is more like the little toe. Remove me, no one notices. Actually, your socks may fit better.

Faid said... Reply To This Comment

@Alto: Indeed, when I first wrote this post which a lot of people gave me crap for there was another paragraph at the end railing about advertisements. I guess I must have decided against putting it in the finished bit, so that explains why you don't know what post I was referring to! It didn't exist! :D

Ven said... Reply To This Comment

Man,i didn't saw any of that hate you talk about,holly crap,but one thing i do know ,i like your blog,i like the way you write and i like all the other blogs in my blog roll,and i will still read all i can,wend ever i can.

Every day i complain to my self,WOW what great blogs are there and wow so many good posts, i wish i could do that like they do ,but you know what i cant i don't know how i don't have you guys experience in making gold ,blogging and so on,maybe one day but not now,and whit so many topic all so good written, what the hell do a write about?

Whit so many good blogs out there that talk pretty much about everything,what do i write about?
I write wend i can, about what i know,that is my point of view,my daily routine me ,me and me.Even if they are bad post, to a professional blogger standards.
I wish i could get money of blogging, at least to pay my wow monthly fee^^.Who wouldn't?

And to quote a expression i eared somewhere
"opinions are like ass hole,everyone have one".

Last but not least ,if you complain about my writing ,try to write a blog in "Portuguese" which is my native language and then we talk.
This is not to insult anyone or pointed to anyone its just the answer i would say if someone asked me, why do you write so bad?

Smudger said... Reply To This Comment

/agree with Alto.

My rage is incoming about the new coaching system scam...I mean program. Something just isnt cosha. I know a few of you guys have signed up for it but my moral spidey sense is tingling.

Nice post Alto and I love the link love if its relevant of course. One of my posts was promising never to rehash other people posts so I shafted myself there anyway :D

Google, Clickbank and Chitika Ads are active on my site and with some fiddling you can block some gold ads but the ads change depending on where you you login.

Faid said... Reply To This Comment

@ Smudger: You mean I'm not the only one that was like "Whaa-- I don't even --" when I saw that coaching thing? xD

The Gold Queen said... Reply To This Comment

well excuse me but the vast majority of us do this for free. So what if there are a few affiliate links? If anyone has a problem with a blogger posting ads with their blogs, then they should offer to pay to remove them. Or just scroll past and take their head back out their backside.

I didn't like seeing the bad spelling mistake, but you do a mini-tut and keep reading, because the content is compelling. Anyone here even read trade chat recently? lol. just lol.

Double posted
not in the slightest bit bothered. If I read a book I enjoy then I keep it, and read it again. That's what bookshelves are for. If you don't like it, jog on / scroll forwards.

Good stuff. I'll say that again just to make sure it sounds important and helps comfort you a little: Good Stuff. thank you.

You can't do it? You just did, go read your comment again! Just post that. I want to read about newcomers as well as the old hands.

I'm a bit nervy now, looking at the group of us with knives out, staring around for an Evil Commenter to stab, but lets get this straight:

We do this for fun/love/enjoyment/pleasure and we're not competing against each other. It's bloody fantastic to know there is a group of supporting WoW bloggers out there who know the ropes better than I do.

awwww group hug!

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

@Smudger and Faid,
Believe me, I was hesitant at first, but after two appointments (cash in pocket) and a few scheduled, I have already more than made my money back. We will see how long it will last. Now if you don't get customers, and if the site still looks like it was made in the 90s, then I will probably look at it differently. Until then, I will roll with it. Ponzi scam or not. Wait, what?

@ The Gold Queen,
No need to excuse, you do what you do, I do what I do. Truthfully, I don't notice who does and who doesn't. My post was directed at the people who boast "who art holier than thou" because they don't have ads. If you have said something like that, then yeah, it's directed at you. If you didn't, then brush it off.

My point wasn't to start wars (or fights) on this post, it was more meant to bring the bloggers together, and quit the hating on each other. I can't make things all hunkie dorie, but it was worth a shot.

Nev said... Reply To This Comment

The way I see it, we're all pretty much grown-ups playing the same game but in our own way & blogging in our own ways. As long as no-one points fingers & calls names, we should be able to have our own opinions & to comment on them.

After all, I write from my own experience & from what I've read (& I try to link where I can remember) so if I get something wrong, I would hope someone would point it out. The thing is to point it out gently, in a civilised, non-confrontational manner.

I'd like to quote The Gold Queen "We do this for fun/love/enjoyment/pleasure and we're not competing against each other. It's bloody fantastic to know there is a group of supporting WoW bloggers out there who know the ropes better than I do." and say hear hear!

(although I wish I'd thought of that name! grrr, lol)

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Well put Nev.

In my eyes, I write for my readers (other than this post, it was for my fellow bloggers), and if they have an opinion on something I write, more power to them (and I enjoy reading what they say). If I didn't want to see comments, I would block them or have a "pending review" on my blog (not bashing folks that have that, btw, just my opinion).

This post covered me venting about how I have seen the blogosphere since I started. I pointed out a few complaints, a few props, and my overall opinion of blogger relations. If it offended some, so be it. If you liked it, so be it.

If there was a comment that you read and thought "damn, what a prick, I do that" or "Thats cool, I appreciate he said that", then this post did what I set out for it to do.

Just like all my other posts, I do my best to make people think (and not just go off my thoughts), and I am pretty sure that this post accomplished that. =)

Markco said... Reply To This Comment

Mage is trying his best, I have spoken with him about editing his content more often several times.

He does however, have a knack for supplying easy to follow advice on making gold. His methods are often super simple yet incredibly effective. I expect him to grow and mature over time.

Regarding your blogs, keep doing what you're doing already. I will continue to do my best to help you grow.

The coaching program is just a way for you to earn money, it will never make more than a few dozen $$ per month for me, but for a coach it can make a few hundred per month depending on the number of clients he or she coaches.

If it gets to the point where it actually earns some money, then I will invest in creating a nicer looking website for it.

GrayzBDF said... Reply To This Comment

Classic post! Had it saved in a Firefox tab so that I could read it later. My motive to create a blog was identical. I thought “I make gold and have done for years, it keeps adding up and I can bring another PoV compared to most gold bloggers”. A bold statement, but I stand by it. Whether the readers agree or not is none of my concern. I’m doing tis for me and for those that think alike, the rest are unimportant.

At the current state of my blogging I don't read much blogs at all since I stopped caring about gold the way I used to. Now with that said, I won't hesitate a second to show support if I read something that I enjoy.

Since some JMTC meeting with the patch 4.1 panic I remember you staying calm and having a view on things that was very similar to mine. You even gave me some ideas. Ie. buying the cheap ore can't ever go bad IF you know what you're doing. Since I disagreed with most people at the meeting and their vendor-vision I took your idea and ran with it a 100% and never looked back.

Back on track. Words aren't enough, but this post is an important one and even the part about having ads had me thinking. I will set that up when I feel like it (and when adsense accepts my blog).

Keep on being Alto, Alto!

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