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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Alto vs. Alto - My 4.0.6 Predictions and Results

I looked back to last weeks post on Stockpiling for 4.0.6 and compared my pre-patch post to what really has happened. Who will win? PrePatch Alto or PostPatch Alto? I know who I bet on.....

"I only really recommend this if you are willing to pay an exorbitant price for the new formula's, as they will hit the AH, and I feel that 10-15K will be a starting price for these"

As you know, I picked up a meta cut yesterday, and tried to sell for an "exorbitant" amount. Didn't fly. I ended up learning it, and am doing okay, sold 11 to date (decent profits, so far 10K out of the 12 I paid for it, so I am confident that my decision to keep it was worth it) but the thought of a 100K flip just held me back for a few hours. Do you blame me? What if it was you? Would you have done different?

"You have heard me talk about stocking up on Shadowspirit Diamonds. Yup. I got a few, actually about 50K in them as well. These will be a big hitter for me come 4.0.6 drop."

I advised a few times to stock up on Shadowspirit Diamonds, and if you happened to be on my server, that was correct. Even more than I expected, they are floating around 140g over list pre-patch. Hows your server look? Did you follow my advice and profit? Or not?

"Now there are some out there that are Stockpiling Volatile Life. Not that I am against this, but I feel the prices are not going to move signifigantly enough to take up the space in my bank for this."

Now I wasn't a follower of the thoughts that Volatile Life would be a great investment, once again, those that did know their AH, so it was viable for them. I didn't. Bad mistake. Kinda. Yesterday, they hit 14g from a pre patch price of 8g. The thing was, I checked a few times throughout the day (no daughter yesterday, so I actually had time to WoW and blog it up!) and it seemed that the same sellers had the same amounts up, so very little movement (other than the bully I mentioned yesterday). A day after patch back to normal. Now with all the stock that's out there, I believe it will drop further.

How's your Volatile Lifes? Did you stock up? Did you not? Hows your prices looking now?

"Also, the new meta gems have a requirement of 3 red gems equipped, so stock up on the Inferno Ruby gems as well, as I see their sales to be consistent, and raise a bit in price when the patch hits"

This is a double edged sword. I took this screenie tonight, and by tomorrow night after raiding (and new gear is "found") the prices will rise by about 20%. They were last night, and that's a given on tues, thurs, and sat, as those are the raid nights on my server. Now by raising "a bit", I am right and wrong. As you can see, there is quite a few in the gem game, and I am not. Why? I didn't realize till just now actually. I didn't post any.

*Edit- Smudger at Warcraft Corner posted on his Inferno Ruby sales, it's nice to know that someone got some change out of these!

So I guess the good thing is my cuts sold, but now after I am done with this you know where I am heading....sometimes it gets hard trying to run multiple markets while only having a few minutes to log in and get mail, and repost (especially my "normal" routine is twice a day, once in morning, once in the evening). Now I might get lucky and hit a midday, and it usually makes the difference in my "openings".

Overall, my "edu-micated" guesses were a little better than I thought, spot on. Now you all know that this is obviously on my AH. And you know from reading my blog, thats what I talk about. Your server could be 180 degrees from this, and all my information I post for that matter. I try to be as relevant with the scoops I provide you as I can be, by talking more about things that aren't server specific (although my screenshot prices are), but as a "generic" how-to for you to take my advice and apply it to your prices you see daily.

So how is 4.0.6 working out for you? Any positives? Any negatives? How's the gold flowing? Or is it trickling?


Shamaenei said... Reply To This Comment

the funny bit here is that a lot of people already got the news about the alchemy trinkets so they took their own precautions. This was one of the reasons I wasn't stocking volatile life

Faid said... Reply To This Comment

A friend of mine bought all three meta cuts within 2 hours of the patch. (Luckily he'll cut them for me for free if I don't compete with him so I didn't have to pay the outrageous prices for mine! :D) He's been selling the cut gems for only 800g but has apparently raked in over 100k.

I myself had about 50 uncut metas from the mounds and mounds of green gems I transmuted mid-obsidium shuffle. They were selling for ~90g uncut on my server, sold several of them for 400g today. :D

Despite the Uldum Herbstravaganza and the fact that, as Shamaenei said, a lot of people pre-bought their trinket life, I've seen the prices go up quite a bit for life, going from 8-12g a piece to 20-25g a piece. Not dollar signs in eyes money but still a nice jump!

The Gold Queen said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Alto, I want to tell you just how much I appreciate this follow up post. Not only is it incredibly useful, but I really appreciate its honesty and the self critique is something I can certainly learn from!

warm wishes on a cold (here) day

Vince said... Reply To This Comment

Uncut metas don't seem to sell very well on my server, for some reason. I've tried a few time, but the cut ones just sell so much faster. And since the price discrepancy is only around 10g on the cuts I sell, it's really not worth it to sell them raw. As for the new metas, I've been SoL on those, but more and more people seem to be getting them... I set up alerts on TUJ for all 3, and only got one hit at 2am when I was asleep. So either everyone else is super fast on the trigger if they hit the AH, there are some really lucky JCs (I haven't seen any recipes sold in trade, only JCs barking that they're selling the cuts), or what may be more likely is they're getting them from guildies. I've solicited my guildmates a few times, no luck. So the new Metas might not be for me. But that's ok, since I've made an absolute killing the last two days on regular rare gem cuts.

As for volatile life, I stockpiled a decent amount of the cheap stuff, bought out a low priced / understocked AH shortly after the patch launched, and had a glorious few hours of dominating the market at ~17g per. Then someone came and posted 2k all at around 11g each, and now the market's back to ~8g each.

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

I have sold about 1000 Life yesterday all selling around the 18-20g mark .

So even with the market flooding that happen I was able to dump the ones i had stocked up on .


Admin said... Reply To This Comment

@ Shaemenei,

Nice reasononing on the Volatile Life. I just kept in mind that an hour of herbing on a bad day would net around 80-100, so the market would never get "flooded", as it already was. Boy was I wrong with that. Now with the the "slip" of herbing, whether intentional or not, I am actually hoping to stockpile them now if they drop low enough.. =)


I was hoping to be in that situation as well, but either I missed them in the AH (probably) or they dropped for the many raid/pvp guilds, because as of last night, all the cuts are on the AH. 100K would have been a nice boost.../drool. Anytime you can double your investment makes for a good investment. =)

@ The Gold Queen,
I thank you for that. I try to do with my blog what I would like to see, so the update was planned since my prediction post. Thanks for the thoughts! I appreciate them!

@ Vince,
That's too bad. I sell both quite a few cuts and the uncuts as well, if you remember a few posts back I posted a screenie of my bank with around 500 uncut Shadowspirit Diamonds, and during that post I was transmuting around 400 more. With that rotating stock, I have no choice but to be in both markets, and with a "cost" of about 80g per, even uncut I profit 150g on them (now about 250g or so).

Undercutters, you gotta love them.... =)

Nice, so was that a good profit margin? What were the prices before? I imagine those were "free" right? lol. I regrettably only farmed for about 3 hours since the patch, so I have a tiny stockpile of a few stacks.

As always, thanks for the comments guys/gals!

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

The prices on my Server are normally 12-15g but i have been receiving them from a farmer at 10g each so I made about 8 g per life .

Prncesspwn said... Reply To This Comment

I stocked up on shadowspirit diamonds,(About 100), I stalked the AH all day Tuesday and was able to get the Agile pattern for 220g!!! I started selling them at 1k gold, and made 8k within 5m of me saying something in trade. I was the only person tht had the pattern until today (Thursday) and am now getting undercut by 200g, but still only down to about 800g ish. I did not stock up on volatile life, but there has been a slight (5ish gold) increase, as well about a 50g increase on red gems...

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

@ Prncess,

Nice! The Agile is crazy on my server, and it's selling! I saw a few cuts while I was checking earlier. 3500g. Wow. I think that one is the lowest droprate from what I have read.

Thanks for the update! I appreciate it!

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