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Sunday, February 13, 2011

4.0.6 Update: Tiny Treasure Chest Droprate

I have some new droprate information for you all since the patch and recent hotfixes, as I am sure that you have been wondering if it's worth spending 250g on a Potion of Treasure Finding or not. I went to my time honored mob spot (Hyjal) and I timed an hour (ok, 1 sec short on my last loot) and here are the results:

122g 54s 29c: Gold Looted
52g 78s 40c : Random Greys, vendored
85g 38s 83c : (10) Random Greens, vendored
356g : Kilt of Elemental Mending (only blue looted- AH price)
396g : 18 Volatile Fire
96g : 32 Embersilk Cloth
77 Lovely Charms

12 Tiny Treasure Chests:
225g : (75) Embersilk Cloth
24g : (2) Pyrite Ore
28g : (7) Elementium Ore
72g : (3) Volatile Water
198g : (9) Volatile Fire
44g : (4) Volatile Life
90g : (6) Volatile Earth
27g : (1) Volatile Air

Total Gold= 1816'ish
Minus 150g for Potion= 1666g

The 12 Tiny Treasure Chests more than covered the "average" cost of the Potion on the AH, so I believe that it is still viable to use for solo mob farming. Obviously, you can factor in the numbers to make them better or worse by crafting items, fluctuating AH prices, AH fees, etc. It does seem that the "patch change" to the chests have no significant difference from before.

And as an update, I received some in game mail, I seemed to have sold a 5K card to one happy customer! Have you sold one? Have you got one? Are the cards even selling anymore on your server?


Faid said... Reply To This Comment

I have considered taking some potions out to the area above the Glop cave with tons of fungalmancers, see what I can eek out aoe farming. :) I go up there with my tailor sometimes to cloth scavenge, multitask farming would be great!

I was only in the Mysterious Fortune Card business for about 4 days before the profit margin sunk low enough I didn't feel it was worth it. During that time I had reports from three buyers that received a 5k card, though I never saw it personally. This was just a few days after the craze hit; so before the buff people are thinking may have happened.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Nice. Double trouble, pop the pot, get the tailor freebie drop, sounds like a legit plan! I am wondering if it's a major difference having that buff. 10% more? Have you tested it out?

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

I have sold one 5k card to someone who contacted me about my buyback on it, no one else at least that has let me know. Also wanted to thank you for this info on the potions, as I wanted to wait to see how much the buff had changed it before i started farming with it. Also Thanks for all the good advice, from constantly broke to 60k+ gold since I started reading the JMTC group of blogs.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Good to hear Ian! Keep it up! Alot more to come!

Nigel said... Reply To This Comment

Lucky man. I did the fungal guys in deepholme for a 30 min run with potion active (went around and tried elementals in Hyjal, jaspertip (yes I know it was nerfed but thought I'd check again since the flash patch - never know). Got all of -1- tiny chest. Not happy with that one. Past (pre-nerf/patches) mad it worth while at the time but that's the past.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Nigel. Try that spot from this post (the link is up in the first paragraph for the map) but don't pop the potion till you get there and see you aren't competing with someone else.They have a quick repawn, I am getting around 180 mobs in an hours time, and that is with a rogue. Not really a great AoE spot, more of a one-on-one farming spot. But try a pot there if you enjoy the farming thing, it's one of the best I have found in cata.

The trick I have found is you gotta get a ton of mobs to make the potion work, as at times, I will knock out 50 before I get chest, then I end up one every other for a few, then 40 with none, then a few in a row.

I still think the RNG is way jacked on these..I would rather see a higher percentage of drops with less loot personally, but who's gonna listen to that?

Zathanos Synn`Malache said... Reply To This Comment

I'm able to run this spot with my DK, and with the spawn rate, i find that I end up with no more than five seconds of downtime between any of the respawns. I usually hit spawn points where I'm pulling in three to five mobs at once and can drop Death and Decay and just watch them drop. :)

My drop rate on tine chests hasn't been too great, but I haven't actively tried to calculate it. I'll try to do so tonight and bring the info to the JMTC chat this evening.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Nice to hear Zath! I am still amazed they haven't changed the spawn times here, I think due to the egg quests in the area, Blizz likes the idea of a few mobs covering them so the quest isn't so guess is until they change the quest (doubt it), this will continue to be a great spot!

Looking forward to hearing about it tonight!

Fientje-Aggramar said... Reply To This Comment

I farmed at this spot for an hour (tailoring so extra cloth for me):
33g: 11 volatile fire
350g: 96 embersilk cloth
91g: 15 green items
65g: vendortrash
120g: loot

I also got 12 tiny treasure chests containing:
40g: loot
11g: 11 volatile earth
3g: 1 volatile life
48g: 8 volatile water
112g: 8 volatile air
218g: 60 embersilk cloth

Totals for 1081g.
Minus 99 for treasure potion is 982g profit for me :)

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