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Thursday, February 10, 2011

4.0.6 Herbalism After Hotfix - Update on Whiptail in Uldum

*Edit- Big Jimm over at P3P just hit on an article, with us both posting the exact same time (ok, within a few minutes or so). Go over and read his post, you can click anywhere in this article for the link. This is just my opinion, but I think his is a better read than mine... Go check it out! And Jimm, if you read this, thanks for the link love! I will try my best to do better so I can get on your blogroll too..I promise.

On my post from yesterday, there was a comment left by Anonymous saying:

 "Must have been a software burp that took time to catch cause it's nerfed now... back to normal. "

Anon, I have to agree to disagree on that. After completing an hour "run", There were a few things that I noticed. For one,  out of the 19 nodes throughout my "spot" (ok, there are 20, but one has a three mob "timewaster" on it, so I only count my 19), four nodes did not show up. Not once. All the others once again fluctuated on a 6 to 12 minute timer on average, with a few "proccing" on a 2-3 minute and once again, a few that hit "instant" spawns (4 times within the hour, I counted this time...).

So to go further into what I see as a difference, Blizz more or less "nerfed" the spawn locations versus the actual spawn "procs". So basically, a 20% nerf. So once again, you get another screenie for an explaination. Pre-nerf, I had 241 Whiptail and 144 Volatile Life. Post-nerf, 347 and 125.

 *Ok, I just noticed my math was WAY off on my post yesterday. My screenie even shows 441, and I wrote 241. What a slacker this Alto guy is. How does he even profit on the AH? There are plenty of Grammar Police, where is teh Math Police? See what happens when I don't have an addon to do stuff for me? Hahaha.

So using the corrected number, (using a calc now...) I am figuring that the "nerf" lost on Whiptail is about 22%, and the change on Volatile Life is around 14%, so my previous guess is correct, that blizz just nerfed the locations, not the "proc" rates.

Ok bloggers, who else is an herbie and is gonna check the Heartblossom? Faid, did you farm since the recent hotfix? Did you have any changes? Believe me folks, if I had the time, I would update those locations too, but family always comes first. You guys are a close second though. Alright, maybe third. Ok, Ok, at least top ten. =)

So, in conclusion, I am still getting more Whiptail than previous to 4.0.6 in this location. So to me, it is still a viable place to "waste" my time, as 4K is still good GPH, and it gets me away from my normal PvP.

Are you guys tired of hearing about 4.0.6 yet? Am I leaving anything out that you want to know? Holler, let me know. I will do my best to get some scoops for ya. Now I did hear that there is a dungeon that seems to have a droprate for one of the new enchants, but I need to find out for sure before I tell ya....I guess I just kinda did. Well, did you hear anything? Tonight, I might try (note I said try) to solo. Ugh. Fun stuff.....


Bigjimm said... Reply To This Comment

Nice post! You did all the math that I try to avoid posting about. To answer your question, I kind of like 4.0.6- I think it will make for a few more niches. However, I reserve the right to come back here and complain about it in a few days.

Also, I published something on P3P about whiptail at almost exactly the same time as you did (about 3 mins behind). Crazy, eh?

GL! /bow


Admin said... Reply To This Comment

@ BigJimm

Nice to know you are a reader, I wasn't aware. I am blushing right now..

Great minds think alike, huh? Just updated my post for link love your way too.

iiimjiiim said... Reply To This Comment

As of this morning it seems the spot you tipped me off about near the dam in Uldum (and which I made a quick video of yesterday) is respawning just as fast as it was yesterday. Either there was no hotfix or it was small. I'm still raking in the Whiptail.

I love your updates when they show up on my blog's roll. If you have a spot on your blog roll I'd love to be added.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Just added ya Flux.

Now one hour isn't enough (in my eyes) for a "test" as my first one was two hours. I did have a Drood fly by and grab 5 nodes (that I counted) from me, so in all reality, my numbers might be off. But I do know that there were the four that didn't spawn once. Are you seeing that too? US or EU?

Smudger said... Reply To This Comment

The question is why would they up the spawn rate.

Not sure about this being a permanent change and I guess it will be nerfed if its found to be more than it was pre patch as the spawn rate wasnt at all bad back then.

See what happens in the hotfixes over the coming days.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

@ Smudger,

"The question is why would they up the spawn rate"

My guess is that on the WoW forums, people have been hating and hating saying it needs fixed, that we need more spawns, and spawn quicker, bla, bla, bla. Blizz needs to keep people paying every month, so they "fix" alot of things out there for just that fact.

Next time there is a hotfix (or even yesterdays), search on in the forums, and see how many posts show up for their recent changes. Blizz follows the masses quite often.

No doubt that this won't be permanent, so my best advice is "gets em's while the gettin's good" if and when they do change it.

And while you are at it, you might as well check your AH on the herb prices, ore prices, volatile life and inks during this "freerun" we are currently on.

Ven said... Reply To This Comment

What about the "normal" herbs,the low level herbs they still drop the same amount right they just messed whit the "high" end herbs right?
Just checking because i am still very far away of those places.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Not sure Al, check em and give us an update!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Now with tons of farmers until they actually make a "good" hotfix the prices will just plummit. Would it be better to actually save all your herbs for when it shoots up again?

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


And this is what we like to see. If your Blackfallow and Inferno Inks are priced accordingly vs. the price of whiptail, then I would say buy it all, sell it, buy it, sell it. Keep doing that. Not necessarily stockpile, but take while the taking is there (pending prices once again).

If you were used to Whiptail going for 100g per stack, and now it's 80g, not a really "great" flip if they nerf. Yeah, 20g per stack, but then 10% AH fee, if you get undercut, lose auction fees, etc. But if you see it drop to 50g, then I would personally stockpile, but not the herb itself, milled and inked.

Now if you can't mill them, and looking to just "flip" them in the AH later on, I would have to say that it all depends on how much room you have in your banks, and if they are worth keeping them in stock. If this doesn't get nerfed, then you have a chance on losing out, and I feel the "normal" price for herbs will be half of prepatch price, it's still up in the air, as Blizz knows they are respawning different (wow forums posts by people).

We can only guess. If they nerf, it will be within a week. After next Tuesday "downtime", we should know for sure.

Hope that helped.

Kammler said... Reply To This Comment

What addon are you using to show the drop rates of the herbs? At the top of your post? Never seen that data before.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

@ Kammler,

It's from a "pack" that my bud made for me, I will holler back when I know for sure.

Jabarj said... Reply To This Comment

"Now I did hear that there is a dungeon that seems to have a droprate for one of the new enchants, but I need to find out for sure before I tell ya...."

Not even a Teaser on the kind of cata dungeon? If it's on normal or heroic or the zone where the dungeon is located?

Ven said... Reply To This Comment

The normal herbs drop 3 units of the herb,don't remember if its normal or not,but only got 3x no more no less.An the fishing cursor is different now , instead of a fish is now a fishing hook.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

@ Kammler,

It's a gatherer function.

@ Jabarj,

I tossed that out there to see if anyone else heard of it. I didn't have a chance to verify it yet, I will hopefully test it today, and believe me, when I know, you guys will too! Sorry, but I don't want to give out false information till I know 100%. I will update later on for you.

Thanks for the update! That seems the same, no difference there. Did you see any "double" spawns?

Ven said... Reply To This Comment

No double spots at least, i didn't saw any but checking again later.

Vayaz said... Reply To This Comment

Now is there more evidence whether or not the increased spawn rates are fixed? Sadly, my herbalist cannot enter Uldum right now, so I can't check it out.

All I know is that Whiptail prices are down to 6g on my server, but that's still 120g a stack and doesn't feel "cheap" at all.

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