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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Alicite and Jasper- How To Beat The AH

Now that the competition has lessened in the AH, and the Cata market is being overrun with uncut gems from prospecting, lowering the prices to almost single digits for Alicite (11g each) and Jasper (14g each), I will be focusing this post on crafting two items, Jasper Ring and Alicite Pendant.....Not to sell as "greens", but we are looking for the procced "blues" that I am seeing around a 10-15% droprate on. The blues are level 300, which sell rather quickly, as I put them on the AH for a 24h auction and rarely have to relist them (they are selling consistantly for 200-350g each). A few examples:

After listing my blues, I then head to the Mailbox to send out the greens to my Enchanter for disenchanting for quicker sales than if I was to attempt to sell them in the AH. I am receiving either 1-4 Hypnotic Dust or 1-3 Lesser Celestial Essence per item:

Ok. Now to the point. Profit Margins. Here you go:

40 Alicite @ 11g = 440g
20 Jeweler's Settings= 36g (20 @ 1g30s from vendor)

Upon crafting these, I received 4 Blue Procs, so let's say on the low end 200g each= 800g

16 Greens to D/E gave me:
Hypnotic Dust- 14 @ 8g50s= 119g
Lesser Celestial Essence- 18 @ 24g25s= 436g50s

Total Profit= 1355g50s minus the 476g materials cost= 879g50s (not bad for a whole 10 minutes worth of time)

AH Cost-20 Jasper @ 14g each= 280g
20 Jeweler's Settings= 36g (20 @ 1g30s from vendor)
Total Materials= 316g

Upon crafting these, I received 3 Blue Procs, so let's say on the low end 200g each= 600g

17 Greens to D/E gave me:
Hypnotic Dust- 18 @ 8g50s= 153g
Lesser Celestial Essence- 22 @ 24g25s= 533g50s

Total Profit= 1286g50s minus the 316g materials cost= 970g50s

So what I am trying to get at here is when something worked for you before, it will work again. The profits now are not what they were a few weeks ago, but they are still there. I have also noticed that either way you sell the Essences, they are basically the same profit, so I split them up and make a few of each. For those that don't want to mess with math, you can just figure that if Hypnotic Dust goes for above 6g, and the Essences are over 36g, then the price point is more profitable than the cut and vendor. Easy peasy.

What have you done in the past that this post reminded you of? Don't be hesitant, shout out in Comments!


Vince said... Reply To This Comment

I've been crafting and DEing Jasper Rings since the start of cata, and it was excellent money at first. Since the prices have dropped, I've been slowing down on them (often is faster / less risky to prospect and sell on the AH). Another thing I've been crafting and disenchanting with great success are Carnelian Spikes. They average a little over 2 Greater Celestial Essences per disenchant (factoring in the occasional dust), and only cost 3 Carnelian & settings to make! Carnelian is at around 20g per, and GCE hover between 40-50g, so the profits are quite nice.

But with that said, I never really looked into selling the blue procs! I've just been disenchanting to get the small shards! I tried selling a few at the beginning of Cata, but they didn't move fast enough and I wanted the shards to help with my enchanting. I'm definitely going to go try this out now, thanks Alto!

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Vince, I feel your pain there. But that is the reason for the post, that there are so many prospectors on my server (including myself) that pushed the prices down so low [on uncut gems] that this came back into play (where as a few weeks ago, the uncut greens were 50-110g each, so little to no profit in this).

As for the Carnelian's, that is a real nice profit there, however I have been slacking on leveling my enchanter and she can only d/e up to lvl82 items at 460 chanting (she's lvl 69), so that isn't a viable option for me.

I am glad you learned something from the post, keep me updated on how they sell for you!

Brouck said... Reply To This Comment

The blues on my server simply do not move like they do on yours. I wish that they did. I do exactly what you do with your Alcite, and it has helped me in the leveling of my enchanter. Jasper however, I suggest waiting on. While it regularly sells for under 20g a pop on my server (heck I bought some for 8g 45s last night) when it is Jasper JC daily day, they sell for 50+g each. I simply hold on to them until then.

Nev said... Reply To This Comment

I did a post about prospecting today :) I forgot to mention that I was selling my blue rings & pendants although the Carnelian Spikes are selling really well as is - I didn't try d/e'ing them because the carnelian cost is so much higher but I also didn't realise they d/e to the greater essence - time to make some more spikes methinks! lol

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Nev, link your site and your post!

Stede said... Reply To This Comment

I haven't really tried moving the blues, but rather just DE'd them into Small Heavenly Shards. I might give it a shot next time though.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

I am not sure what you are getting for your shards, but I am only seeing 35ish gold per small (and 84 when you combine 3), so it's quite a drop in gold if you are disenchanting instead of selling outright. Give it a shot, it's a few hundred gold per.

Nev said... Reply To This Comment
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nev said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for letting me post a link Alto - wasn't 100% sure of the etiqette :) My Obsidium post is at but I don't know how to make a clickable link directly to the post! lol Still got a lot to learn about this blogging lark!

Shamaenei said... Reply To This Comment

Disenchanting the rings in not profitable at all since they disenchant into small heavenly shards instead of normal heavenly shards :S PS If you guys are looking for a nice professions sheet have a look on my blog.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

@ Nev,
I have no problem with people posting links in comments! We are all related on this blogoshpere, so by all means!

@ Shamaenei,
Go ahead and toss up a link to your blog! And I agree with you. Kinda. In all reality, if you figure in the mats cost, even selling as shards you still make 10-20ish gold per from the original mats cost. So it still is profitable (but to a lesser extent), but as I mentioned in my comment above, you want to sell the blues and make 200g instead of 35g.
If you look at what Stede said, he mentioned he hadn't really tried moving the blues, he would just D/E them. And that is what I was trying to do with this post, is remind people that the blues do in fact have a market, and not to forget about them... =)

@ Brouck,
Great point! I didn't mention the daily as I wasn't even thinking about it when I wrote the post! And with the blues, don't forget about them completely, keep them available, and when you do your AH scan or the like, remember, they only cost you 20ish gold (or less) in mats, so even if you list for 100g, you still have made a decent profit.

Kreaton said... Reply To This Comment

I'll try again to sell the blue proc, but in my server they move so slow that they actually just stay still... I never managed to sell one, but it could have changed... And if I can't sell them, I can disenchant them later.
This was the situation some months ago, anyway... At the time I also did a post on my blog ( you're asking for links, so I won't feel ashamed in linking ^_^ thanks) complaining that the blue proc were actually a bad think, since the small heavenly shard were less profitable than the other mats.
I hope this has changed... The price of the dusts in my server is dropping near those of uncut Alicite, so for me it's not profitable anymore to craft Alicite Pendants just to disenchant.

Kreaton said... Reply To This Comment

I'm also adding you to my blogroll.

Shamaenei said... Reply To This Comment

Here's the post with the professions sheet!
I'd love some feedback on it :)

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