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Friday, January 28, 2011

The Retirement of our "King of Gold" Markco


What you have done to the WoW community as a whole is undescribable. You have helped tons of folks not only learn how to make a buttload (for lack of a better term) of gold, but you have also brought this "hobby" [albeit a business for some] of gold making in WoW to the masses. Whether it was through your blog at JMTC or your 20K Gold Guide, you have helped us all!

I found out about your site almost 2 years ago (give or take a few hours). I started reading the articles and enjoyed hearing "insider information" on goldmaking. At the time, I wasn't aware there was even blogs, or what they were for that matter. For some little known reason, I thought that you were some type of Blizzard worker that was giving behind the scenes ideas on how to play wow, and believe it or not, I figured I was only one of a few people reading it (haha, yeah, I know), because everything you hit on, I was making a killing.

I even got a three day suspension back in the day for "manipulating the economy" I believe is how it was put. From playing the AH. Not from playing a character, not from "botting", not from speed hacks or honor farming. From the AH. Doing nothing other than what you talked about, but on a mass scale. This was due to the one week of making 35K. Back then, that would be like hitting 200K now. God I was pissed at you for making me lose my account. In the middle of this, I did start feeling guilty that I took your advice (and still thinking that you were a blizz employee gone rogue) and figured my lesson learned. So after a bit of emails and phone calls back and forth with Blizz, I got my account back. Funny, I know......

To make a long story short, I just wanted to thank you for your time and skillz for helping us all become what we are today. Good luck in your new edeavors and I am sure that you will succeed in anything that you get your grubby little hands on.

Thanks Brother,
AKA Alto

Now for all you readers of JMTC, the site is not leaving or shutting down, Mageshadow (formerly of The Gnomish Coin blog) has taken over and is doing a great job, so keep reading up on the articles, as they are still full of great information!

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Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

It will be sad to see him go! He has contributed so much to the WOW blogosphere and the gold-making community.

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