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Friday, January 7, 2011

Phasing Nodes/Underground Farmers- My Answer to Avoid Them and Still Profit

I know I am not the only frustrated one with this issue. I hear about it in /1. I have seen it myself (as have most of you), you stop to mine a node, you already hear someone and the "ting, ting, ting" of a miner's pic, yet all you see is a nameplate, with no body attached to it. Phasing? "Underground" mining? Whatever it is, hatred and frustration follows.

So what do I decide to do? /spit? send them a tell (most of the time, it's opposite faction, so that is out)? Open a ticket that will take four days to get a response? Nah, none of the above. I feel as if when I am cruising along at 70 on a 65mph road, and someone flies by me going you call the cops? They will be long gone by then. Bah. Speed up, knowing that they will get the ticket if we cruise by a copper? Nope. Not worth the risk. I take the next exit and see the scenic route....

With so many farming Cata content, many have forgot about the needs still out there for pre xpac. So what does that mean for you? Remember your go-to spots back a few months ago? Farming Adder's Tongue in Sholozar Basin? Picking up 20 stacks an hour? Back to Nagrand for Khorium Ore farming? Hit up your AH and see what the prices are and put on your farming cap (or gloves, for that matter) and relive past times.. in peace. With zero competition.

If you can find a niche market on a certain herb or ore (via the current AH price), you might even exceed what your farm toon has been pulling in cata. With no competition on nodes, you can farm close to 2X the amount that you can get "fighting" with others, and you will have the peace and serenity of days past.


Brouck said... Reply To This Comment

Fantastic post, might i add in this is a great time to level up another toon. Taking a scenic route, especially now, with all the new content out. When people get me going, or get too frustrating to deal with I escape to a little played alt (or even realm) for some downtime.

Shamaenei said... Reply To This Comment

The same has been happening with the cooking daily where you have to fish up 5 Gigantic Catfish on the alliance side. There's a barrel spawning on the pier so you don't actually have to fish them up but you're never quick enough to even catch it. On the topic of opening tickets, Yes I will be opening a ticket when I see a name just for the sake of that character getting a ban and needing to purchase a new account. If you do that a couple of times the chance they will return to do the same thing are getting smaller and smaller.

Nev said... Reply To This Comment

I would suggest checking the prices of Outland herbs if you are a herbalist - I moaned to my hubby about the prices & he had a herbalist out there at the time so took the scenic route for me - Once he saw the AH prices though, I lost a few stacks! He's promised himself a chopper when he hits 50k so I couldn't complain really :)

Kammler said... Reply To This Comment

@ Shamaenei: I'm not sure I understand your comment. The phasing issue in Cata zones is the culprit. You can't see the player on the node b/c he is in a different phase. And vice versa. And how many times when you farm the node does it disappear on me b/c I'm in a different phase? Not sure how to report that--though it would be nice if there was a fix to allow the node to exist in both phases so both players could farm it.

@Altolycus: Thanks for a great reminder about diversification. I'm still using what I gather in Cata herbs for both my Scribe and my Alchemist--both of whom are still leveling. Not much excess to list on the AH. But, I did take a 30 minute sojourn through Shalozar a couple days ago and got 6 stacks of Adder's Tongue, which all sold quickly at 40g/stack. 250g for 30 minutes--not the most lucrative, but better than other choices.

My biggest gripe is the node thieves. These are the players who hover above my node to see if I get caught in combat with a croc or other mob before I mine the herb. If I am in combat, they swoop in and grab it while I'm busy fighting. I wish there was a way to tag a node like you tag a mob.....Node thieves really piss me off.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for the great comments!

I always enjoy hearing positives on my posts, I try to write for everyone out there, glad you liked it!

I did end up opening a ticket yesterday, and the GM mentioned they would monitor the toon for 48 hours (surprised I got a quick answer!). You are right, maybe if we get enough complaints, they will start working on handing out bans.

You hit the nail on the head on that one. I have been farming herbs in Outland (I like Nagrand, but it seems that I am getting greater results in Terokkar on a GPH basis. The same for you guys? Check it out and let me know. The Ethereal Ink is selling 40+g each on my server atm, so I am clearing around 2K an hour herbing there depending on competition.

Uldum is good for the herb thieves, when hitting up the Whiptail next to the crocs (I am sure that is what you are talking about). When I am farming there, I always do a /bow to them or assist in the croc (after they tagged it) and hope they remember me in the future.
The thing that is getting me (and trying to be quick enough for a screenshot, but they are so quick, it's not allowing it...yet.) is that I am seeing the name and sometimes the top of the head and their swinging mining pic stealing the node from underneath me, so I know that in that case it is not phasing.

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