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Thursday, January 27, 2011

I am a Junkie for Junkies, are You?

Hey folks, did you have a chance to get over to see the new show at Auction House Junkies? A few of my favorite bloggers  (Wes and Cold- in no particular order) just posted their second podcast, talking about all things gold related.

I am definitely a loyal subscriber, are you?

There's something about listening to this....I really enjoy two peeps chatting about what they have been working on lately in the WoW world, especially by professionals. It's basically a blog post, more in depth and more descriptive, as you have a few points of view going on. So go there, hit play on the tab, and do your AH'ing, D/E'ing, Milling, Crafting, etc. It makes the time go by quicker, and to top it off, you have access to your AH when they start ripping out what items they are selling and what they are doing, you can check prices and get on the bandwagon quickly!

They covered (of course) the Mysterious Fortune Cards (which kills me, as no matter when, they are only 15ish gold on my server) and the pile of gold being made off them, and they hit quite a bit on the Obsidium Ore shuffle, that has also come and gone for me (once again, competition).

What did impress me was the detail in Blacksmithing. I do not have one, but it made me think of a few old "shuffles" that I used to do, as well as when the Enchanting mats [supply and demand] was spoke about too. Great information once again folks, I am waiting to hear what the next topic is......

And for those that want more detail on what was talked about, go direct to the cast, Auction House Junkies.

Till next time.....


Cold said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for the nice review Alto!

Don't forget to try for the contest and win that great WoW Programming Book.

Auction House Junkies Podcast

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

No problem Cold! It's the least I can do for you!

Done and done.

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