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Sunday, January 16, 2011

High Society Top Hat - Cata Rogue Pickpocket- Polished Bronze Rivet Farming

While I was pickpocketing with my Rogue in Hyjal (yes, I frequent Hyjal quite a bit), I found a few new items. Now this was a few weeks ago, but I have been making this a regular rotation for him since I saw what is dropping. Here's the location that I have been hitting (Now if you are not a Rogue, keep reading as you are going to want to add an item to your Snatch list in the AH):

You all know that there is a very limited chance of getting epics from picking the Flame Scarred Junkboxes:

Krol Decapitator, Spinerender, and the Twilight Blade. But there are quite a few other items that can be picked as well:

The Loaded Gnomish Dice has been a decent seller, going for 30-50g in the AH. For some reason, people are buying these, I guess due to the fact that "I have it, so it's cool" type of thing. Next thing you know, they will figure out how to gamble with these.....

Rogues are the ONLY way to get Polished Bronze Rivet for this High Society Top Hat, and you know everyone with the gold are going to want this for their banker (that means you, and basically anyone that decks out their bank alts)....

Edit: They do drop at another spot, by the Twilight Abductor, but at a rate of "epics", 1 per thousand'ish (so says Wowhead), so we are really the only farm for this item. And once the recipe gets on your server, the price will be extremely high, I will not go under 2K each for the Rivets, as I am seeing around three per two hours picking. I have 10 of them with 6 hours invested in the area, and I feel my time is worthy of 2K'ish per hour.

The mobs you will be pickpocketing here are the Twilight Scorchlords. They are easy to spot, they have a Flamewalker next to them, adn there is a little town that you go through in the area that has the NPC's killing them if they get to close. (FYI- you can still pick their pockets if they are in combat with them, or another character). 

Here's what the Scorchlords look like:

Now, if you just want to run around and pickpockets and not kill any mobs (which I recommend if you are ONLY going there for the drops, as their spawn times are not the greatest....i.e. the more pockets picked, the better the drops for you), you can start at the far West side of the "town" and go through to the East side. After picking everyone on either side of the "road", and you get to the end (there will be two buildings on the left side), mount up, and fly back to the West to your starting point, the mobs will have new items in their pockets (respawned). Back to the killing part....I have noticed that if you smoke the mobs after picking thier pockets, you have a two to three minute wait for respawns, and if you are only here for an hour, thats about a third of the time waiting. You decide which you prefer.

Now there are other locations for picking these, Twilight, Uldum, etc, but your best bang for the buck will be here. I have tried the other areas, with little to no difference in droprates, mainly due to the respawn issues and wait times to "refresh". And in my opinion, this is the spot for farming.

For those that do not have a rogue (or access to one), or just hate to farm, I would reccommend putting a Snatch on the Polished Bronze Rivet (server dependant price, but I am snatching at 100g currently, and only seen one on the AH since Cata, as I imagine alot of rogues are just vendoring and are not aware of it's worth).

Now, to watch the Bears destroy the Seahawks.


Azuriel said... Reply To This Comment

Dear Sir/Madam,

I came expecting to read the worst WoW blog ever, as advertised, and yet I continue to be disappointed with unique, valuable gold posts in an enjoyable format. Plz fix, kthxbye.


Liam said... Reply To This Comment

nice post, you should farm them till you get an epic and calculate the Gph :P

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for pointing that out Azuriel. In response, I have enclosed a letter with a brief explaination....

Dear Everyone,

I am truly sorry to disappoint you in the content that I provide, as I am now aware that I am advertising one thing, and delivering another. I regret to inform you that I will still do my best to provide you will the same style of information that you have come to expect. I hope that does not bother you and you can understand my predicament.

Yours Truly,

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

@ Anaalius,

Ugh. I hope you aren't serious....I have spent probably around 20-25ish hours since cata picking (with around 1000 boxes looted- haven't counted though) and have not received one. I finially saw one a few days back (a rogue on the server got one), so I know they are out there. But as far as I am concerned, they should be labeled like the Drake....Time-Lost.

But now that there is a challenge....

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

The only problem with the rivets, is that the top hat isn't in the live game yet. I found this out while perusing wowhead a while back. Here is the screenshot posted over there where a GM confirms.

Kreaton said... Reply To This Comment

Wow, thanks for the tip! I don't have high level rogues, but I'm going to check in the AH now, and I'll put these rivets in my snatch list!

You really deliver great info :-)

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

@ Iain,

First off, thanks for the comment. I always enjoy reading what my peeps have to say. But one thing that stuck out is the "problem".

In my eyes, I do not see that as an issue, but more as a undefined market to get prepared for. I feel it's my job to keep my readers updated on what I see, what I find, what I do in WoW. This is something I am doing, and because the recipe (might or might not be) live yet, the mat is, and the market is as well. =)

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks Kreaton, I appreciate it!

Nev said... Reply To This Comment

OOOh Finally! Something I can do with my rogue! I've never quite got a handle on how to play her well so usually she just picks flowers for me when I need a bit of mindless playtime. Now she can pick a pocket or two as well :)

Stede said... Reply To This Comment

Macro for PickPocket, lifted from wowhead comments:

#showtooltip Pick Pocket
/console targetNearestDistance 5
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/cast Pick Pocket

Nev said... Reply To This Comment

I went & tried this & only got 1 rivet in about an hour but got loads of the rogue potion which is nice :) Since then, I've managed to pick up another 2 from the AH at 20g each! wooooo hoooo! Now to hope they sell like hotcakes when the recipe hits the live servers :)

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

i did get the krol decap on my combat rogue so it does drop lol

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