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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another Farming "Quick Spawn" in Hyjal- We are Talking Volatile Air

Hey all! I hope you had a chance to listen to JMTCs Vent this evening, there was some great information tossed around, and I am sure that Mageshadow is going to be putting out some great content from it.

Anyone that stuck around long enough won't soon forget the "Staying Alive" story. Wow. And then we found out the gold hero of the night is not only a "guru of gold", but also parlays as an amateur doctor. And has 5 Black Belts. And met Hayden Panetiere (sp). Two hero's, one night. Crazy. Anyways, back to my post....                           

                         Hyjal Again? What's up with that, Alto? There's gold in them thar hills!

The farm can be interesting here, as there are multiple reasons for competing in the area. Questing (Sweeping the Shelf),  Achievements Loremaster, and the random farmer/herbie/miner. You name it, they run through here. But if you are in the mood to do some solo farming, and my #1 Hyjal is busy, take a flight over yonder on the map and play around here a bit. Decent cloth drops, decent spawns (mainly due to questing in the "fresh" 80 zone), very low health mobs, and did I mention the Volatile Airs?


The Howling Riftdweller is what we will be focusing on. There are other mobs in the area, and if you feel the need, by all means go ahead and knock them out. I farmed this area quite a bit on my rogue, and have gotten many a Flame Scarred Junkbox from the Twilight Stormcallers in the area, but this location is a #2 farm compared to my other Hyjal spot that I posted about recently. The Riftdwellers drop a decent amount of Volatile Air, on an hour farm, I received 26 of them tonight, and I usually end up with around 120ish kills per hour (easy math there, my SnD refreshes up to the 30sec timer after a mob kill- same with Rejuv), I figure that wowhead's analysis is not so accurate, with a 9% rate drop of the Airs at a 1-2 per drop. I found that I was getting near a 15% droprate, and had two 3 Air drops. Go figure....Maybe luck was on my side......


Kammler said... Reply To This Comment

Your experience on Vol Air drop rate is very close to mine. I figured about 12% but after I logged, I realized I used the wrong clock--see, we have two clocks in the bedroom, one for the alarm (set 10 minutes fast) and the other is on the cable box--so I divided my drops by 60 instead of 50, so my rate was closer to yours.

TMI? sorry, didn't see any way around explaining away that I can't tell time.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Classic, I do the same thing. And still find time to hit the snooze button a few times....Great minds think alike Kammler!

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