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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Over 13K from the AH- 1.5 hours- PERSONAL BEST!

The latest of "Screenshot or it Didn't Happen" Series....

Ok, Ok. I gotta get a few things clear here. This isn't for bragging rights, or anything of that nature. If you have been reading my blog for a while or it's your first time, you will/can be aware that I pride myself on being the "go to" guy for new WoW information, and I breeze through the other popular blogs to make sure I don't double post new things I see (since I prewrite some posts I have written, when I get time to actually finish the pre-read, other bloggers have posted the same info I was going's a fast paced WoW world out there for us writers). The main thing I am getting to here is that I prefer to keep you updated with actual screenshots of things I have seen/done in WoW, and not just "heard" or "read" somewhere else. Besides, who doesn't like pictures?

This is for all you that actually "looked" at the picture, I will pre-answer your questions:

Yes, this is one of my bank toons that I used to enjoy playing back in vanilla, he took a back seat after BC came out, due to I just loved his Molten Core gear, and didn't want to have to get rid of the set (due to level requirements..). But yeah, he will be 85 too, and will probably get back playing him soon, if not just for pickpocketing (coming soon with Cata pics, btw).

And yes, he does have the Achievement for "My Sack is Gigantique"...hahaha. Another gold sink. But anyways, when you make gold, you start running out of things to spend it on, so you kinda just get bored...(hint, hint, they key to the Hog on the taskbar, and the travelers tundra there as well. see? gold sinks. yeah, I am gullible...)

If you noticed the last few items sold in the chat bar, yup. Still selling glyphs too....and the new "delete dust". Not making a killing off them, but hey, a sale is a sale, right?

One more.... I imagine you looked at the gold in the bag. Since "The Shattering", I moved this toon's gold (so the 130K you see there has been made since) into one of the guild banks that I have on that server.. which totaled they are at 760K plus or minus a few coppers.

Looking back at my Pre-Cata posts, this is just another "screenshot or it didn't happen" type of thing to toss on my WoW resume (like it will ever help for a job application...haha). Also, it happens to be a personal best... (32K in a day was my highest sales- MERRY GLYPHMAS TO ME!!! This gold is AH only, btw, not hand to hand sales of the "rarer" items that I sell as well). We all know this won't last long, so enjoy the "goldflow" while it lasts!

Once again, good luck in your sales, and keep checking the site for new updates!


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