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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Morning Mail- "The OPENING"- Still Gold To Be Made, and ALOT of it!

How good does it feel to open mail? 8900g good. Still selling as I am writing this. As you all know from my last post, Blizz hotfixed the herbs and ore spawn rates in my two favorite zones, but there are still two spots I am heavily farming, just breaking from them to get a new post out to ya'll....

Alot of my profits are being made from milling the new herbs (twillight mostly, due to the crazy spawn rate) and selling the ink, but alot more has been made on prospecting ores. From the greens to the blues, they will continue to be hot sellers (however the green prospects have went from 250+ gold yesterday to around 30ish each, but still a killer profit). What I am recommending ya'll to do right now is check your AH (which I hope you have already been doing) and go with the flow. Check the prices of ores, herbs, and other mats for professions and buy, buy, buy for the "weekend warriors". With Blizz changing the spawn rates, the mats are only going to go up in price for the upcoming weekend.

If you are going prospecting crazy with all your looted (or bought) ores, the blues are going to be 200-300g once people get enough marks from the dailies to level their jewelcrafting past the 500 and on mark (although blue recipe "rewards" from the daily turn ins start around 465), right now, and by the weekend, the EPIC gem recipies will be out there, and the new "rainbow ore" Pyrite (the funny thing is that in the real world is the name for fools gold...hahaha) will be soon selling FAST. Either jump on the bandwagon and make gold, or not.

Up to you. Either you do it, or someone else will. Remember, "If you aren't first, you're last!" (famous quote by some famous guy from some famous movie)

Till we see each other again, Happy Hunting!


Greyback said... Reply To This Comment

Hey Alt,

Where do you seem to be having luck? I used to farm TH then since nerf its hardly even worth it. I found that uldum had a decent supply but its not comparable to TH.


Admin said... Reply To This Comment

First off, thanks for posting.

No, no area will be similar to the rush that we saw there. However, midday they hotfixed it today, so they are back to "regular" spawns. Alot of people have not returned, but I advise you to recheck it out, as all the farmers have looked elsewhere.

Ok, you got it outta me. There is a tiny little spot in Deepholm I am farming herbs (search around, they spawn on 4 minute intervals), and you know that spot you have been going to in uldum for mining? yeah, go to the other side of the map. Not many over there. You have less pyrite, but more "rich" nodes.
Hope this helps....without giving too much away.

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