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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hotfixes by Blizz Dec15 and How They Affect You

I am starting to wonder about Blizz and their [almost] daily patches/hotfixes. I could be wrong, but I dont remember this many issues ever before. They must have fired too many QA folks or programmers....or there is someone on the inside (my own personal conspiracy theory).

Anyways, here are a few things I gathered from the notes:

Stormforged Legguards item is now rare (blue) quality.
Check your AH, because when it's blue, its worth more, right? =)

Obisidum Ore now spawns slightly less frequently in Mount Hyjal.
If you farm there, you know this was gonna get hotfixed anyways. At least it lasted a day....did you gain? I did. =)

•The Blacksmithing Redsteel Shoulders item is now uncommon (green) quality.

Once again, I am sure there are more things that will affect us all that they didn't note, so keep an eye open as usual. It seems when they fix "code" for one thing, it jacks another area up. It is our job to find that.

Oh, and in case you are still asking for "The Openings", things are still doing good, but I slacked yesterday, only setting up one round of auctions, but still doing well...


Stede said... Reply To This Comment

You're killin me, Alto - I had a horrible sales day yesterday. Is all that profit? Those look to all be high-value items, too. I sold at least triple that may auctions, without even half the revenue.

Good to know about Hyjal, though - I'm sure I'll see that reflected in the price of Obsidium tonight. I like this series that you've got going on with the hotfixes - keep em coming!

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Yes and no. Farming, buying in Trade Chat, Cut gems, Glyphs, "vanilla" items (blues and epix), that basically covers it (most of my AH sales I talk about here on the blog, but as you know, it's the worst information out there, so use at your own risk....hahaha). As you can see from the 14K screenie, I sold 125 items (148 - 23) so that only averages like 115g or so, so really not high-value items. I do however with the prospected gems, certain mats only sell in stacks of at least 5 (250ish gold), but most are 10-20 stacks (1Kish), so that ups the price, and lowers single auctions.

There is alot more to be made right now, but I only have a gemmy and a scribe on this server that actually make goods (no smith, eng, alc, chanter- but of course one toon is miner and herbie) so my gold [should be] easily doubled if not tripled if I did have access those professions. (they are making a KILLING right now...I am jealous) Cata has brought out the millionaires in a fast way...Some clothies are selling made epix for 15K on the AH when the mats to make em are only 3K. 12 grand profit one sale. Sick... Or teh guys with the alc, ugh. So jealous. BIG Money.

I have slacked and only had one group of posting yesterday, and *gulp, zero today....I got a busy night ahead of me (I checked on the AH off the armory earlier, and only had 7.5K sales since last night, so I am slacking BAD)

Stede said... Reply To This Comment

ONLY, eh? lol -Makes me feel kinda small fry - what's your goal, in terms of gold?

I've just got a L84 miner/JC and a L43 Tailor/Scribe, so seeing the epic sets makes me feel left out, too.

I just moved my uncommon gems from 8 stacks of 1 to 4 stacks of 3 per posting - maybe posting the extra inventory will help me out. What's hit me hard the past few days is that I haven't been posting ore. Obsidium is worth a lot more prospected, and Elementium - I just got tired of farming TH.

Obsidium Ore did jump in price on my server last night, but it quickly fell back down since early this morning.

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