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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Herbalist's Gloves + Herbie Chant = Buko Bucks in AH before Cata

So, with everyone getting ready for Cata, once again I am thinking of new ways to make some coin...actually, I have been doing this for a while now, and the price keeps staying steady, if not climbing a little...

I hop on my leatherworker to make a few Herbalist's Gloves. Ok, not really a few, but alot. Then, off in the mail to my Enchanter to add the +5 Herbalism Enchant to them. Now, to my banker toon, then directly to the AH to sell mass quantities.
*ok, ok. I have a tab of these made a few weeks ago, and I don't have to do this anymore, but you get the point...

For those that are too lazy to link to it, here's the mats:

Herbalist's Gloves
8 Medium Leather
4 Kingsblood
2 Coarse Thread

Enchant Gloves- Advanced Herbalism
3 Vision Dust
3 Sungrass

For the last few weeks, I have been adding 10 at a time for 48 hours, running around 150-200g (mats barely cost me but a few gold each- they were in my banks..) and they are selling FAST! One or two spams on the trade, and they are gone. Quickly.

These will sell well into Cata, prices will change, of course, but another one of the fast gold making opportunities out there. Enjoy!


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